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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: freetzie37
Owner: andrea2666
Breed: Buzz

About freetzie37:

Ring Riing.

You ran to anwser your doorbell, throwing the door open enthusiastically.

"Hello! I have a package for you here"

The Chia courier stood outside your front doorstep with a large package behind him "Thanks" you tell him,signing for the package quickly then picking up the exceptionally heavy package and dropping inside the living room of your neohome.

You begin tearing open the package with glee, expecting it to be the order of 100 watermellon flavoured muffins with chocolate sprinkles.

"ARGH!" you yelp as you find a groggy looking christmas buzz sitting inside your package eating your muffins!

"AIEEE!" The Buzz shreiks, standinng up and falling over backwards.

You quickly shout out "Who are you and why are you eating my muffins?"

The Buzz brushes the muffins crumbs off her before replying "I'm Zie"

"Why are you in my Muffin order?" You ask a second later.

A wild crazy look came over to Buzz's face and she gave a lopsided grin " T'was Sloth's fault!I was innocently walking down the pathways of Jelly World when he-" You quickly cut Zies explanation off by shouting "Jelly World doesn't exsist!"

"Yes it does!" Zie shouted back looking offended.

"Does not"

"Does too"

"Does not"

"Does too"

"Does not"

"Does too"

"Does to- I mean NOT!"

"Ha Ha! You said it does! I win!"

Zie sat there in your living room floor covered in muffin crumbs with a triumphant grin on her face.

"Aww' You mumble sticking your tounge out at her.

"Any way,"Zie continues with her story,"As I was saying while I was walking down the pathways of Jelly World Sloth popped up and shot me with his evil ray gun of doom!"

You give an apprecitive shudder, for this was a frightening story!

"Suddenly I was in the cooking pot on Mystry Island! I was being roasted alive!"

You give a loud gasp and Zie grinned proudly.

"Then Jhuidah the Is;and faerie appeared with her giant cooking spoon of ultimate power!"

Zie's face was not contorted into a grimace as she recalled these momentous events.

"And by twenty flying mynci's was she angry! She huffed and puffed and cast an ancient spell on me!"

You squealed in horror and anticipation.

"What did you do then?" You asked with saucer sized eyes.

"I climbed out of the cooking pot and ran to the Training School, trying to figure out what the faerie had done to me!"

"And low and behold! I discovered that I had been turned into a girl!" Zie said, making pukeing motions with her hands while standing up and inspecting your living room with intrest.

"I desperately sought the help of that wise old geezer who runs the training school who immediately told me that the only way to reverse the spell was to eat as many muffins as I could. "

You nodded dumbly, hugging a cushion in utter horror and fright.

"Seeing nearby a bunch of watermellon flavoured muffins with choclate chips being loaded into a box I quickly smuggled myself into the box so I could eat the muffins and thus be turned back into a BOY!"

She said dramtically, waving her arms around in what one could hope was a dramatic effect.

"I understand now!" You say, scampering to to stand up and running quickly to your kitchen to find every muffin you pocessed to give to this poor gender-changed Buzz!

A minute later the Buzz was stumbling out of your house, loaded with strawberry, mellon, watermellon, orange carrot, cheese, pasta, asparagus and several other flavoured muffins.

"Thanks!" Zie shouted out, staggering wildly down the road

under the weight of the muffins.

"Happy Buzz day!" you shout out, sniffing in sympathy for Zie.

"Keh. . That lab ray had better change my gender back tommorrow!" Zie mumbled, munching on a muffin with a evil grin latched on her face.

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