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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Kimnai
Owner: kattygirlclone3
Breed: Wocky

About Kimnai:

"Hello, fool. "

Sitting on the ground in the middle of a Krawk Island jungle was a brown Wocky equipped with a pair of golden hoop earrings, short, braided hair, and a grin that was unmatched in brightness. Her bright green eyes looked right into yours with utmost mischief and wit. She got onto her paws, and walked up towards you, swishing her tail behind her quickly.

"What are you doing here?" she asked quickly with a slight pirate accent, baring her teeth slightly while moving her face only inches from your leg. Her ears pinned back slightly while her fur fuzzed out, making her look larger than she really was. "No one comes near me without some kind of payment. You got some?" Immediately, she circled you, running her eyes up and down your clothes, jewellery, shoes, and hair, looking for anything of any value. She eyed your watch on your left wrist slightly, but didn't make any move towards it. . . yet. She really wanted that watch. . . and to get it, she would have to win it over. Her quick thinking mind jumped to the edge and forced her to speak to you again with a bit of a smoother and nicer tone than before.

"Ok buddy. " she said while smiling sweetly. "Why don't I tell you about myself. My name is Kimnai, and I'm a land pirate. Usually, when you hear the word pirate, you think of an "arrrrr matey" kind of stereotype that resides on a ship all day while raiding other ships and finding hidden treasure. . . " she cackled brightly, whipping her fluffy tail softly against your legs. "I, stranger, am not like that. It would hurt me far too much to join such a horrid band of mongrels. "

"I don't ride ships. I prefer my paws on land, thank you very much. Being a land pirate, I steal and raid things that are scattered on the dry Neopian ground. I don't see why people feel they can get rich quickly by stealing treasure at sea. Why, all you need to do is find some old person on the street down town and steal her necklace. . . or perhaps you can rob a bank. It's easy! Well. . . then again, it's easy for -me-, since Im a very stealthy Wocky. " She held her head up high, puffing out her mane, obviously a bit too obnoxious about who she was. Honestly. . . who could be so egotistical?

"Now. . . let me tell you a bit about my life!" she said brightly, giving another shifty glance to your watch. "I live in the jungles of Krawk Island, obviously. I wake up every morning for some breakfast (which is very easily obtained by raiding the Golden Dubloon. I mean. . . that place is so busy, no one notices when their plate of hot sausages are missing!). After that, I wander like the cute little Wocky I am through the towns and ports, looking for something valuable to steal. I often walk up purring to someone with some expensive looking rings on, acting all cute and stuff. . . BUT, once they get too close, those rings are MINE. Bwahahahaha!" she cackled out loud, showing off her rows of shiny, white teeth. This girl is so insane. . . o_O

"Now, what do I do with the stuff I steal? I pawn them off, of course! Once I get the neopoints, I spend it on myself. People call me greedy and selfish, but it isn't so when I rely on this money to survive! What do I buy specifically? . . . . grog. Lots and lots of it. Every night, I stop by the Golden Dubloon for a fresh few (few?) pints of grog. My favorite flavors are Grunion and Thornberry Fruit Grog! I just blow it ALL on that stuff! It's so good, and it makes me very focused. A land pirate needs her focus, I assure you!"

"Heh. . . now, I want to warn you of something. " she stops, and leans closer to you. "I want you to watch out for a Peophin named "Cazalcido". He's a rival of mine. He's annoying, deceiving, and very annoying. Did I say annoying twice? Whoooops. " she falsely moved her paw to her forehead in fake exasperation. "He's a sea pirate. Although he lives on his ship most of the time, he often comes onto the shore to play Bilge Dice or something. I confront him then and only then. " With a bit of a growl, she shook her fur again, and looked up to you with determined eyes. "What -really- makes me unhappy is how he won PET SPOTLIGHT. Now honestly. . . if -he- can win pet spotlight, SO CAN I. "

She looked around slightly, and then back up to you. ". . . . Maybe I will. Maybe, I'll be cool enough to win pet spotlight. I mean, I'm obviously so much cooler than him. Both in piracy and in wit! He'll see. . . oh yes, he'll see. " She cackled afterwards, and rushed away into the jungle, leaving you stand there. She didn't even say goodbye. . . how rude. Was she in that much of a hurry?

I don't know. . . but your left wrist looks a little bare right now. . .

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