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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Joel_Moon
Owner: km_ross
Breed: Wocky

About Joel_Moon:

The Story of Joel_Moon and "WonderBoy":

A rather young Wocky slowly pads over to you and sits down at your feet. A small smile on his kitty-like lips. The smile was just wide enough to show off his sparkling teeth... Covered by silver braces.

"Hello... My name is Joel_Moon. But you can just call me Joel if you would like. I suppose you want to know why people call me WonderBoy? Well, I am fourteen years old. In human years, that is. I am in Neo-High School now and I don't really like it, but what Neopet does?"

He pauses and then jumps up onto the pic-nic table you are sitting on. Just so that he was about the same height as you are when sitting down.Wide brown eyes blink and the Wocky sighs softly. His cheeks just a little pink. It was now obvious that he was nervous about meeting new people He then continues his story,

"All through my consolidated years of school, the more popular pets teased and picked on me... Because I liked, and still do like, anime cartoons and computers. They used to call me horrid names because I had crooked teeth... But not anymore!"

He smiles widely to show off his braces... But then his smile fades once again.

"Now they just pick on me because I have braces and have the guts to be different.... I never get a break. Oh well, you came to find out why I am called WonderBoy, not to hear about my aches and pains. So here it goes!"

Joel takes a deep breath and then begins his story,

"It was about three weeks ago today that I was walking down the hallway in the Neo-High School I go to. I am considered invisible... No one really pays attention to me unless they want to say I am smelly or ugly just to be rude arrogant creatures. I don't know why my owner doesn't just buy me an invisible paint brush. Anyway, I was minding my own business and getting my books out of my locker when I heard the familiar sound of someone in pain.... I am usually an extremely passive person, but I remembered the times when I was picked on and something in me just snapped... I turned to my left and there they were. The two most feared NeoBullies in the High School. Jon the Gelert and Randy the Jetsam. I gasped and completely choked up..."

The young Wockie's head is lowered and his frown deepens. His brown eyes close.

"It wasn't just any Neopet that the bullies were hurting, it was my best friend babyethan27! I watched as they gave him a wedgie and threw punches at him. My Uni friend had a bloody nose... I was scared, but I looked into my almost empty locker and gathered some confidence. I reached into my locker and pulled out a bandana that I would never wear and grabbed some scissors. Then I cut out two eye holes into the bandana and tied the red bandana around my head. Then I grabbed my Vampire cape that I wore for halloween that October and put it on... I know, you must think I looked pretty weird, but I thought I looked good."

He smiles once again and then puts his nose in the air, he was proud.

"So then I slammed my locker shut and gathered as much bravery as I could... Which wasnt much, mind you. I walked over to Jon and Randy. Then with a deep breath I tapped Randy the Jetsam on the shoulder just as he was about to deliver another blow to my best friend's face. The Jetsam stopped dead in his tracks and turned around, narrowing his pupiless eyes at me. I looked at Jon and the locker that they were going to stuff babyethan27 into and then shook my head, with a growling voice I asked 'Why are you hurting that Neopet?' the two bullies looked at eachother and in a voice of mockery repeated what I asked. Then cracked up into laughter. So I looked at babyethan27 and got the confidence to show these bullies who was boss!"

The Wocky laughs a little bit, watching you as you intently listen to what he has to say. Joel lays down on the chair and grins from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat.

"So I grabbed the Jetsam's flipper and pushed him head first into the locker that they were going to put babyethan27 into. I slammed the locker door shut and then locked it. With an air of confidence I turned and glared at Jon, the Gelert. The Gelert stared in bewilderment. Little did I know that the lunchbell had already rang and all of the pets had started toward their classes only to catch me stuffing Randy into the locker and saving babyethan27's behind! A crowd of Neopets stood there also staring as Jon, who was now embarassed and bright red in color took off down the hallway. I helped babyethan27 to his feet and got a kleenex for his bloody nose out of my locker. I gave it to him and then turned around only to face a crowd of Neopets that were applauding. The whole group of Neopet's were clapping and cheering for me. No one knew it was me, invisible Joel_moon, and they still don't know just who WonderBoy is... They just know that if someone is getting bullied all they have to do is call for WonderBoy and he will be there in a flash to help save the day!"

The Wocky jumps off of the chair and turns to face you.

"Well... That is the story of how I got my nickname WonderBoy. Just remember, if you are ever getting picked on or teased for just being yourself... I will be there to put an end to the bullying. Everyone is different and no one should be picked on just because they have long hair, glasses, or braces.... I will be there for anyone and everyone. Thanks for listening to my story... and see you around.... and happy Wocky Day to all of the Wockie's out there... Today is your day to shine!"

The Wocky winks a beautiful brown orb and then smiles wide enough to show off his silver braces once more before turning around and running toward the sounds of a Neopet in trouble. You sit on the pic-nic table puzzled and confused.... But warmed by the fourteen year old Wockie's words.

The End.

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