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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: OctoberGale
Owner: oily106
Breed: Shoyru

About OctoberGale:

A Shoyru steps onto the stage and adjusts the microphone. You notice her strangely coloured coat - black with fire coloured stars on - and settle down into your seat. Another story to be told, a piece of fiction about how she gained her coat. No doubt, Faeries would be involved somewhere.

The Shoyru looks up and you notice her eyes - deep chocolate brown and, unusually for this particular Shoyru, serious. You sense this may not be another life story after all. She begins to speak.

"All of my life I've been swimming against the tide. Maybe its time I learnt the tide is sometimes right.

I'm a Fire Stars Shoyru and my story is unique. I've always prided myself on being different and you'd pick me out anywhere. I've gone through sorrow and difficulties and overcome it all. I have an owner and siblings and we all have stories to tell. I've felt I deserved Pet Spotlight to show the world how wonderful being different is - I wanted to stand up and say that no matter the abuse, no matter who hates you for not being part of the crowd...that being unique is important. That you should tell your story to whoever will listen. But I'm here now to tell a different tale.

Too many pets are "different" now. I've only got to walk down the street to see a new variety of unique colours or even species. At first, I was happy but I became more and more disheartened. It was not jealousy - I was not trying to stop others being different so I stood out more nor was I annoyed because everyone was becoming "unique." I didn't become my colour because it was the latest trend. But I realized that pets are the same inside, always. Everyone is unique inside - what does the outside matter?

A lot of my stereotypes I've overcome - I do not cringe at mutants or think painted pets are better than others. I do not think Grarrls are mean or Usuls sweet. I've being retraining even my basic nature to think differently. But, until recently, I still thought originality was on the outside. I've always loved those with stories to tell but I should have learnt that stories come from the heart. An adventure can happen to a Blue Shoyru or a Snow Faerie Aisha. Both are of equal importance.

I used to revel in my Fire Stars coat. I loved the stares and took the abuse...and the few compliments. But I've finally learnt. Now, I single out those whose true colours show in their eyes - those with an imagination or a story. I look in the heart now and see what's there. I would be happy being an ordinary colour now. For to swim against the tide, the strength comes from inside. Colour does not matter.

I've also learnt something else - be proud to be part of a crowd. One pet can change the world, but a group does it quicker. Don't like something just because no one else does; don't be something you're not. Be yourself, whoever you are. Don't be afraid to swim with the tide or ride the wave out because whom you are will show, whether you sink or swim.

But there is a time for story telling and, in life, that time is precious. But I'd rather inspire a young pet with a few choice words in my short time in the Spotlight than blabber on about myself - for you can hear a story from any street corner. And I'll tell my story from the street corner. Just stop for a moment and listen. It might change your life..."

The Shoyru trails off and pauses. She bows her head to the silent audience and walks back off stage. You are left to think over her words. Words have the power to change a life - have they changed yours.

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