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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Kanoroku, Tioraushi, and Saiorono
Owner: HakuAme
Breed: Lupe, Gelert, Shoyru

About Kanoroku, Tioraushi, Saiorono:

Three Neopets and their Petpets stand on the stage. There is a yellow Gelert with a cheerful Polarchuck sitting on his head, a green Shoyru with a Snowbunny, and a blue Lupe with an Angelpuss who is wearing a little wooden mask and shouting "Boo!" at the Gelert. The Pet Spotlight judge clears his throat, and all the pets turn their attention to him, except for the masked Angelpuss, who is placing his paws over the mouth of his mask and stifling a high-pitched giggle. "Yes, so let us continue," the judge says into his microphone. The Gelert moves away from the Angelpuss, who rolls on the floor, laughing. "May I please get your attention?"

"Sorry," the Lupe murmured. "My name is Kanoroku, and this is my...uh, as you would call it, 'family.' The yellow Gelert who is cowering in the Angelpuss's presence is Tioraushi. The Angelpuss is Kaiyanu, and he doesn't behave like an angel." Pausing for a moment, Kanoroku nudges Kaiyanu with his elbow, and he stops scaring Tioraushi and begins to pay attention to the judge. "Saiorono is the Shoyru, the calm one out of all of us. The Snowbunny who is perched on his head is little Yuraku. And the Polarchuck is Timba." Growling, the obviously annoyed Lupe bites Tioraushi's tail, bringing the Gelert to attention.

The Krawk judge bites his lower lip and clears his throat again. "Can each of you please say something about yourselves?"

"Sure! I like to fly with my best friend, Yuraku. I get along well here, although I don't really consider myself as a 'pet.' But I'm more of a pet than Kanoroku is. You can never make that Lupe stay in one place." Kanoroku curls his lips back and snarls softly at Saiorono, then looks back at the judge. "I'm shy, but I'm very calm, although I do like to zip around the house once in a while."

"Once in a while?! You zip around the house all the time! You're always crashing into me! Or is that Yuraku who slams into my head every time you two come in the house? I can't tell the difference between you two speedy pets," Kanoroku interrupts. "Of course, I'm Kanoroku, as you already know, and if I had a best friend, it would be Kaiyanu. Since I believe that casting spells is wizardry, and that wizardry is evil, I use a Moon Staff, which wins me most of my battles with its powerful beams of light. If I don't win a battle with the Moon Staff, I use my teeth and claws; I've never been defeated before. And don't bother challenging me. I don't do two-player battles because of that stupid Chia Flour."

This time, Tioraushi steps forward. "I'm Tioraushi, a yellow Gelert who is kind of afraid of Angelpi." Kanoroku laughs.

"Kind of afraid? You shake like a leaf when you see Kaiyanu! You shake when you even smell him, you wimp!" snaps the Lupe. Blushing out of sheer embarrassment, the Gelert continues.

"Kanoroku is right about his Moon Staff being powerful. It freaks me out, but at least it glows in the dark. And no, I'm not afraid of the dark, it's just cool to see a Moon Staff lighting up a darkened area of a house. Anyway, my best bud is Timba." Tioraushi points to the Polarchuck who is sitting on his head, a few sparks dancing on his red cheeks. "He's got an electric personality. Literally. He zaps people all the time, just for the fun of it."

Kaiyanu pounces on Kanoroku's whipping tail, but when the Lupe growls at him, he lets go. "And I'm Kaiyanu, Tioraushi's worst nightmare. I like to bite his ears when he's sleeping, and if that doesn't give him a heart attack, I lurk in his dreams..." Adding a bit of "spookiness" to his story, Kaiyanu raises his front paws in the air and wiggles his fingers like a ghost. But Kanoroku cuts the Angelpuss's story short.

"Save that for the Petpet Spotlight, Kaiyanu. Well, we'd better be going now, it's not like we're going to win the Pet Spotlight with you striking terror into the hearts of Neopians," Kanoroku says mockingly to the Angelpuss. "Goodbye, and if by some miracle we do win, thanks," the Lupe says, waving his paw at the judge as he walks his family off the stage.

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