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Pet Name: shinkei_yasha
Owner: nervous_neurone
Breed: Aisha

About shinkei_yasha:

My owner, nervous_neurone calls herself a Neopian Genetic Engeneer. I guess I even take after her, in a way. Well, anyway, she did many experements on DNA. I suppose you might like to know what this is. Here is a quick summary of what nervous_neurone and I have found out.

DNA stands for Dissimilar Neopets Attributes. What it is, #visitor asks? It is a 'factor' in each neopet has that makes them have unique attributes, and makes the biology of a neopet function. Every single neopet has different DNA.

You butt in and say "Hang on! The word DNA is familiar from my word, called Reality. Um, I think it does the same thing. It codes for all our human functions. At makes us unique. And, and, I swear we inherit it from our parents, and that's why I look like my mother and father! Yes, and lots of them make up genes, and each gene, yes, it codes for one thing in the human body! Yep, but I think DNA stands for something else... like Diolo, no deox, deoxyriba, ribo...."

Ahh, float back down to virtual Reality. Neopets DNA is different. It's no deoxyribonucleic acid of Planet Reality, but Dissimilar Neopets Attributes, which is quiet different. Not much is known about DNA, because only a few of us have been researching it.' The world of Neopia is a lot diferent from the world of Reality. In Reality, you have mothers and fathers. None of that here. Well, not in the same sense. Here, in neopia, we have either a mother or father, but we call them 'Owners' for some strange reason. 'Pets' are 'Created' by owners. We still do not know much about this 'Creation' process, only that it happens. I am a 'pet'. A big difference in Reality DNA and Neopia DNA is that Neopia DNA is not inherited from the owner, and we will look very different from our owners. That's why it is called Dissimilar Neopets Attributes . When the owner is creating us, our Attributes are made. These include our stats, our looks and our species. Owners claim to choose this for us. Our personality is formed as we live in Neopia. There is still a lot more to be found out about DNA, but the main point is that it controls and maintains out attribues.

Back To Me:

So, anyways, this is what my owner liked to experement on. Before I was born, nervous_neurone spent many an hour in this very lab we are both standing in.
*Shinkei_Yasha points to a frame on the wall, which is slowly being covered with dust.*
*pic of featheralley*
This is Featheralley, the STRONGEST aisha in neopia! She was admired by my owner, for she was well, the strongest, and was good friends with majal_kita, the strongest pet in neopia! One sun shining day, nervous_neurone decided that she was going to clone Featheralley, so she could have her battle smarts in her very own pet. What she had to do was find a few ingredients to complete the experement. They are:

  • Featheralley's DNA
  • A pet about to be born. Any.
  • Magic Potion
  • Firestorm Bottle
  • Pressurised Water
  • Aisha Transmogrification Potion

    What she had to do is mix up the last four ingredience, to form one potion. In that, she had to input Featheralley's DNA (Don't ask me how she got that!). She put this potion into a suringe. The Transmogrification Potion was a mutageon. This means that it has the ability to change the DNA of any neopet, changing it's atributes. What nervous_neurone hoped to acieve, is to get a potion that will change a developing neopet's atributes into Featheralley's, so she will have a pet that will look and battle like Featheralley, without using the lab ray! But, this is far from what happened....

    Nervous_neurone injected this potion into a neopet which was being created, who was non other than....! Shinkei_yasha.
    You must be wondering why I don't look like Featheralley in that picture. That is because the experement failed. Nervous_neurone did not know enough anout DNA, and instead of cloning, nervous_neurone had produced something remarkable different. A blue furred, one eyed, three mouthed, spike tailed aisha that you see before you at this moment. Nervous_neurone had mutated my DNA.
    My first memory....
    ...I look towards a tall human girl with curly light brown hair. The look on her face was one of confusion, but it burst into a look of pure joy. She gave me a warm hug, and welcomed me into neopia as her pet Mutant Aisha. She took me for walks around the worlds, and introduced me to her friends. I liked being a neopet, and I still like it today.

    Nervous_neurone told me that story, of how I was created. She had no shame in telling me. I was puzzled. I asked her why she treated me so kindly, instead of abandoning me, instead of continuing with her experements.

    She told me that when she saw me, she had thought that she failed. She did not manage to clone Lisha. She said that when I gave her that look of uncoditional love, she realised that she did not fail at all, but achieved far more than she ever dreamed. She no longer wanted a robotic copy of Featheralley (no pun intended), but someone who would like her for who she was, and to be her friend when she wants to escape Reality.
    "A friend is not someone who you can create, but someone who you can earn, " is what nervous_neurone told me once, and I agreed. Since then, me and nervous_neurone have been best buds and had fun in Neopia!

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