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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Giano_Jones
Owner: liktra
Breed: Pteri

About Giano_Jones:


Giano_Jones - Yellow Pteri
Haliaeetus - Horus
Fiskul - Green Pteri

Giano_Jones and his Petpet Haliaeetus are in the library studying books on lost artifacts in Sutek's Scrolls in the Lost Desert.

Giano: Heres one, the Good Luck Ankh.
Haliaeetus: No, I saw that in the battle shop the other day. How about the Black Osiris Plate?
Giano: Thats still being sold in the pottery shop, Shorty.
Haliaeetus: That gets very annoying you know. If you keep that up then I won't bother telling Fiskul to stop calling you 'Junior'.
Giano: Okay, how about I call you Hali.
Haliaeetus: That sounds like a girls name and I'm not a girl. Its your fault for giving me such a long name. If you want to give me a nickname, then how about calling me Hal.
Giano: Suits me. [pause] Whats this?

Giano knocks the bookshelf over. The Librarian gets mad.

Giano: Theres writing on the wall.
Hal: Looks like hieroglyphics to me.
Giano: Lets says, 'At the origin of the sand is the mouth. Follow the head, the neck, and the fly. Navigate the water, the lasso, and the cobrall. At the opposite of a pebble, make the light go faster. Where all are the alike and different at the same time is where to find the color.' I have no idea what that means.
Hal: Could the 'origin of the sands' be referring to the mountains?
Giano: It could, and it could also be referring to the sea.
Fiskul: Or it could be referring to the center of a circle.
Giano: Wow, Fiskul, you startled me. What are you doing here?
Fiskul: I'm just here to see how your doing, Junior.
Giano: Don't call me Junior!
Hal: What did you mean 'the center of a circle'?
Fiskul: The center of a circle is sometimes called the origin.
Giano: But what does that have to do with 'origin of the sands'?
Fiskul: Well, I don't know. It could mean that its the mountains, the sea, or the middle of the desert.
Giano: Did you say the middle of the desert?
Fiskul: Ya.
Giano: Hey, Shorty, wheres that map of the Lost Desert?
Hal: Its right here. And...
Giano: Ya, ya, I know, but you didn't get after Fiskul when he called me you-know-what.
Hal: Okay, you win this time.
Giano: Alrighty then, the middle of the Lost Desert where this river is pretty much.
Hal: Whats the next part?
Giano: 'At the origin of the sand is the mouth.' The word 'mouth' often refers to the entrance of a cave.
Hal: Oh boy, if the 'origin of the sands' is referring to the center of the Lost Desert and the 'mouth' is referring to a cave and the middle of the desert is on or right next to water, then this cave entrance could be submerged.
Giano: [Looks to Fiskul] Got any scuba gear?
Fiskul: No, and I think I should leave before you guys pull me further into this.
Gaino: Okay, bye.
Hal: See ya.

Fiskul leaves.

Giano: Okay, lets rock and roll!
Hal: I didn't know you liked Rock and roll.
Giano: I don't; I like John Williams. Anyway I wasn't referring to the music.

Giano_Jones and Haliaeetus leave the library and go to the river around the center of the desert.

Hal: Are you sure this is the middle?
Giano: No, we can measure to make sure, but that would take too long and I bet the desert isn't the same as it use to be. Lets see if the hole is underwater.

Giano jumps into the water and dives. He comes up a few seconds later.

Giano: I can't see anything down there. The waters too murky.
Hal: Wheres a Koi when you need one.

Giano comes out of the water.

Hal: Didn't the wall say 'Navigate the water'?
Giano: Ya, but that was after the second part of the message.
Hal: This is getting very boring, and I'm getting hot. Lets go get a slushie.
Giano: Later, I want to figure this out first.
Hal: You and your obsession with finding a Lost Desert Paint Brush.

The ground drops out from under them.

Giano: Ouch, what just happened?
Hal: We fell. Well, it looks like you found your cave. Now lets go get that slushie.
Giano: Fat chance, Hal, I'm just getting started.

They light a torch and advance along the tunnel.

Hal: Great, now which way? Left, right, or straight? I opt to go back.
Giano: Suit yourself, but I'm not. Or at least not yet. [Mumbles] Follow the Anubis to the left, the Khnum to the right, or the Horus up ahead?
Hal: Did you say Horus?
Giano: Yes, I did. See here, on the walls there are different Petpets: the Anubis, the Khnum, and the Horus. Each of them lead down a different way.
Hal: I say go straight then.
Giano: Wait a minute, we don't want to go to far ahead of ourselves. Remember what the wall in the library said, 'Follow the head, the neck, and the fly'.
Hal: Well, all of them have heads, all of them have necks, but only the Horus can fly. So lets go straight.
Giano: Good point, but I think you're still wrong. I bet this is the first of three similar passageways. First we follow the head, then the neck, then the fly. And the one with the most noticeable head is the...
Hal: Anubis?
Giano: No, thats the neck. See the Anubis is wearing a collar.
Hal: Oh, I see now. And the Khnum is wearing a headdress.
Giano: Correct, so we go right.

They follow the Khnum to the right, then the Anubis to the left, and then the Horus straight ahead.

Giano: Oh boy, this is going to be a tight fit.
Hal: It doesn't look tight to me.
Giano: Thats cause you are smaller than I am.
Hal: Good point. I'll lead this time.
Giano: Okay, but if I get stuck, then you will have to help me get unstuck.
Hal: Why is that?
Giano: Cause I think this is the only way in or out, so if I get stuck and you are ahead of me, then you are stuck in there.
Hal: Okay, but I still go first.

Hal advances; Giano follows...slowly.

Hal: Up we go...down...up...down...up...down...up...down...up...down...up...down...up...down...thats the end.
Giano: [Warily] How many was that?
Hal: ups and downs.
Giano: I never thought I could get seasick when theres no water is sight.

Giano reaches the other side.

Hal: Next...the path goes up.
Giano: I think it will be best if we fly over this one.
Hal: I was hoping you would say that.

They fly up, over, and down.

Giano: Good thing I said fly. Cause if I just used my whip, we might have ended up in that pit at the bottom.
Hal: I'm getting thirsty. Do you think there is any water down there?
Giano: [Tosses a pebble down and hears it hit the ground many seconds later] Nope, just a big pit I doubt I could fly out of.
Hal: Giano, how are we going to get past this one?
Giano: Can't jump across with those turns, and can't fly across with those spikes. I say its whip time! Jump on.

Hal climbs onto Giano as he swings expertly from spike to spike. They come out in a big cavern with many passageways leading off in many directions.

Hal: Whats the next part that the wall said?
Giano: 'Navigate the water'?
Hal: Did that. Remember you got seasick.
Giano: Oh, and I thought there was no water there. 'The lasso'?
Hal: Fly over pit at the bottom.
Giano: 'The cobrall'?
Hal: Thats what we just came through. Whats next?
Giano: Um...oh...uh, I forgot.
Hal: Didn't you write it down?
Giano: No, I thought I could remember it.
Hal: Then remember better next time. I think it had something to do with a pebble.
Giano: Oh, now I remember. 'At the opposite of a pebble, make the light go faster.'
Hal: I don't get that. What is 'the opposite of a pebble'?
Giano: Pebbles are small, so what we are looking for is big. See any big rocks?
Hal: Only the one we are standing in.
Giano: Wow, Shorty, you're a genius!...Sorry, my tongue slipped...'The opposite of a pebble' is the inside of a big cavern!
Hal: Okay, I get it now. Go East.
Giano: Why East?
Hal: The Sun raises in the East and sets in the West. If we go West, the Sun goes slow; East and it goes faster.
Giano: Oh, okay. So which way is East?
Hal: Didn't you bring a compass?
Giano: Ya, but I don't think it works underground.
Hal: How shallow can you be? Only when there are minerals in the surrounding rocks that effect magnetism does a compass not work. Try it.
Giano: Okay. [Takes out compass] Wow, it works! This way.

They pass through the correct tunnel and come out in a chamber.

Giano: Haliaeetus! Thats it, thats it, the Lost Desert Paint Brush!
Hal: Wow, this place is full of surprises.
Giano: No! It can't be!
Hal: What?
Giano: I hate snakes.
Hal: [Chuckles] While you sorrow over you fear, I'll check out these Desert Neopet Paintings.
Giano: Laugh it up feather ball.
Hal: Hey, thats from the wrong movie.

Hal looks and the wall paintings while Giano studies his target.

Giano: Stand back. This might get tricky.

Hal backs away as Giano takes out his whip and sends it out to grab the paint brush. It hits, it holds, and Giano, with a quick tug, pulls the paint brush free and catches it. The Cobrall, Magtile, Reptillior, and Wadjet hiss at him.

Giano: I think its time to go get that slushie now.
Hal: Good move. I'll lead.
Giano: Hey, I wanna lead.
Hal: [Calling over his shoulder] First come, first served!

Giano_Jones and Haliaeetus exit the cave without much trouble and head for the nearest slushie stand.

Hal: I'll have a Cloud Slushie, please.
Giano: And I'll have a Mystery Berry Slushie. I'm paying.

After they get their slushies, they sit down and revel over what they found.

Giano: I spent so long looking for this that I never took the time to figure out how I was going to act once I got it.
Hal: Takes the dream away doesn't it?
Giano: Ya, well now is as good of time as any.

Giano takes off his cloths and paints himself with the Lost Desert Paint Brush and become a Desert Pteri. A few minutes later Fiskul flies in.

Fiskul: Excuse me, but have you seen a Yellow Pteri wearing a hat and whip and has a Horus with him?
Giano: He just left a few minutes ago.
Fiskul: Great, where did he go?
Giano: Right here. [Puts on his hat]

Giano wakes up.

Giano: No! Don't tell me that was all just a dream!
Haliaeetus: [Yawns] What are you talking about?
Giano: Oh, nothing, Shorty. Go back to sleep.
Haliaeetus: Whatever you say.

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