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Pet Name: Demtiri
Owner: roseofhyrule
Breed: Tonu

About Demtiri:

"Hey there!" says a small baby Tonu as he plops down at your feet. "I'm Demtiri and I'm here to tell you a little bit about myself. That's why you're here isn't it??"

He smiles brightly and continues, "Well, what would you like to know? I'm a baby (not even 200 days old yet!), my favorite color is blue and my nickname is 'Tiri'. My favorite pastime of all is reading and telling scary stories." He looks up at you and assures you, "Don't worry, I promise not to scare you. None of my stories are that scary. I have a lot of them too! Ones about the Monocerous, the Swamp Ghoul, the Ghost Lupe, and best of all, Count von Roo."

"Count von Roo is my favorite spooky guy ever! Every night before I go to bed my sister, Lani and I tell each other scary stories and every night I ask her for one about von Roo. But she always tells me not to take them to heart von Roo is a real guy and he's really bad. And if he and I were to ever meet, he might do something terrible."

"But I love scary stories... I really like them a lot!! Lani's always warning me not to go out chasing bad guys, but I can't help it... curiosity gets the best of me. You know how it is." He winks at you before he continues.

"One night after Rose and Lani had gone to bed, I snuck out of our Neohome and headed off for Count von Roo's place. On the far corner of Roo Island, there's a spooky graveyard... it's got fog and mist everywhere and it's so dark that you can barely see your paw in front of your face! Von Roo's coffin was in the back of the graveyard, surrounded by a black cast-iron fence. It was made of an eerie stone color and sealed tightly. At first I was afraid that he might have already gone out for the night. I was disappointed and ready to leave when I heard a really scary sound of stone sliding on stone. The coffin was opening!!"

"I ducked behind a bush and watched as the lid slid off of the coffin and he sat up. There he was in real life (or death?), Count von Roo!! I could hardly hide my excitement and jumped out of the bushes to see him better. Unfortunately, he could see me better too..."

"'Who's there?' he roared, 'Who dare disturb my slumber?!' I started to get shaky, but I wasn't scared. 'I just came to see you' I said nervously, 'I've heard a lot about you and I think you're really great!' He rolled his eyes and glared at me, 'Look, kid. I've got work to do. Why don't you go back home where you're safe. This really isn't the place to be so late at night.' But I stood firm, I wasn't ready to go just yet, 'But but what about. What about' I couldn't think of anything to say!"

"'What about your dice game!? Don't you play dice with Neopets who come out to visit you at night?' Vonroo looked a little shocked and impressed that I had remembered. 'I normally don't play dice with kids if I do, will you go home and leave me alone?' I was really excited now, "Yes!! Yeah, I'll go home!'"

"'Fine." He said as he got out two gold dice and handed one to me. 'If you win, I'll raise your level and then you need to go away. If I win...' he looked at me and grinned evilly. 'You lose two levels and clean my coffin for a week.' I thought this was a little odd... weren't the stakes usually on one level only? But I still wanted to play, so I nodded and took a dice from him."

"Eyeing each other closely, we both shook the dice and let them roll. We both watched as they bounced to a stop, both displaying the number four. 'Well... What now?' I asked as von Roo growled and tossed one of them back at me. 'Roll again. We double the stakes.' I tossed the dice the same time he did and they came to another stop, this time both with a two. I looked up at him and offered a weak smile."

"'ARGH!' he said as he once again handed the dice to me. 'The game is not supposed to go like this! Roll again!' Being scared not to do what he wanted, we both rolled again. But this time, his dice came up one shorter than mine. 'Five and six!' I read, 'I won!'"

"My victory was short-lived, though. I never thought I would see von Roo so angry. He just glared and his fangs shone in the moonlight. 'Get out.' he said as a wave of his hand blessed me with five levels. 'What are you waiting for?? GET OUT!!' I stumbled backwards and raced out of there as fast as I could. Before I knew it, I was back at home, safe in my bed."

"Since then, I've been afraid to go back to Roo Island and challenge the Count at dice. Who knows what would happen if I won again!"

Tiri smiles at you. "If you want to try it, go ahead! But beware he has a horrible temper!" he stands on all four legs and turns around with his back facing you and his head peaking over his shoulder. "Well, thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my story. Don't take it lightly though! I learned my lesson!"

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