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Pet Name: Darvetal
Owner: infinidi
Breed: Uni

About Darvetal:

-You enter a small room with 2 chairs. In one, a fire stallion sits. This uni looks rather odd. It has flames on its front legs and wings, a tail, and mane that appear to be made of actual fire! And in the other a small skinny man with cat eye glasses and a clipboard is sitting.-
"Hello! I'm Darvetal! I take it, your the one who wants to interview me?"
-you stand and watch- "Yep, thats me. er...whats that smell? Is something burning?"
-the horse looks down- "NOT AGAIN!" -the chair was bursting in flames. Darvetal stamped and jumped on it until the flames were out.-
"I can just stand..." -she smiled apologetically-
"Well, er...lets...begin.. Whats your name?"
"I'm Darvetal."
"Do you have any siblings?"
"Yup! -she smiles- I have one sister named Raeniian, she's a kougra."
"Do you like being a Uni?"
"Whats it like being a walking disaster?"
x_X "Well, I guess you get straight to the point.... Well, I suppose you want to hear all about my life and my -glares at him- hazardous fire."
"Yes, I want to know it all."
-She rolls her eyes.-
"Well, I was born this way, there is no explanation why I have fire wings and hair. When I was a egg, Amber (my owner) found me and took care of me until I hatched. When I did disaster broke out. I was excited and curious and constantly accidentaly lit fires. -the man wrote down something on his paper. Darvetal gave him a suspiscious look- Well, anyway...She found ways to prevent the fires from starting. She fireproofed the house by covering the furniture with some material that apparently couldn't burn. And she had the Fire Department on speed dial. -the man scribbled more down, Darvetal ignored it.- So all I had to do was not drag my tail on the floor, flap my wings, or touch anything without the fire resistant material. Thats about it for my young childhood."
"What about after that?"
"If you must know...I tried to attend Neoschool. But they didn't expect anything like me showing up. I lit a total of 7 fires on my first day. Completly destroying a classroom. I was allowed to stay the week and try to improve, they didn't want to expell me for something I didn't do on purpose. But after the next two days they decided to permanently suspend me. (I guess they thought it sounded nicer than expelling) And--"
"Did you have any relationship with any of the other students?"
-Darvetal loudly cleared her throat.- "AS I WAS SAYING...None of the other students wanted to talk to me, they thought I was dangerous... -the man mumled somthing like: "well you are..." and Darvetal snorted- Anyway, I never made many friends because of my danger to others. So I lived my life as more of a loner and learned to enjoy being alone. I like to fly around in the sky, walk through the haunted woods, and visit other places where people don't usually go."
"Ah...I see, not much of a social butterfly are you?" -he chuckled to himself and Darvetal gave a disgusted look.-
"So, you mentioned your sister. What is she like?"
"Raen is my little sister. She is still young, and is very curious. She looks up to me, I can tell. She trys to copy things I do, and it doesn't bother me. I like watching her grow up. Seeing her face as she sees Faerieland for the first time. Watching her expression as she smells a new flower. Hearing her laughter as she chases a butterfly or bird. It's good knowing that my sister will have an easier time growing up than me."
-the man looked blankly at her- " there anything interesting about her?"
"Well, she's fun to be around and isn't like most other kougras I've met..."
"But you probably haven't met many other kougras, have you? So you wouldn't know."
-Darvetal looked deeply insulted, and faught herself from attacking the man.-
"So, do you have any goals? Dreams?"
"Yes, actually I do. I want to be a great battler. Amber is still saving up for the Lab Ray, since it will be easier to train with that. I want to become a great Defender of Neopia. But I can't right now. I still need lots of training."
"So your weak?"
"I never said that..."
"But your not that good?
"Why do you care so much?!"
"Its an interview, I can ask questions."
"But why would you care if I'm strong or weak?"
"I have my reasons."
-she watched him scribble more things down. He had an evil look of triumph on his face.-
"Well, I've concluded everything thats needed. Now I have to go type this up and send it to the newspaper..."
"Oh, I must have forgotten to mention that detail...I'm writing an article about freaky creatures in the world of Neopia. You'll be a very nice addition."
"You still want to know how strong I am?"
BOOM! -Darvetal had kicked him with all her might and he went flying out the window. Darvetal looked at all his notes on her and other unsuspecting pets. She wiped them with her tail, lighting them on fire. And, with satisfaction, she trotted out the door.-

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