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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 116 > Editorial


Why cant I play Count Von Roo's Deady Dice?? it was released on Halloween but now i cant play it. Why is that? - darkmagician2121
You can only play it on Halloween or at midnight NST.

Quite a few of you have mentioned that you see underlined links on wierd words when you are browsing the site.
This is not a feature of our site. I recommend you install and run Ad-aware as you have a nasty program on your computer that is creating those links. Ad-aware is free and is a very useful little program. You can download it - Here.

The Neopets Team have been visiting a few different places to do signings etc, and each one has been hugely popular. Are you planning on doing any more, and if you are can you give us some hints of their locations? :P - Spike_3003
Actually myself, and a lot of the Neopets Team will be heading over to Singapore around the 21st of November for an event at Isetan, Scotts Road. I am sure there will be something happening in the USA nearer the holidays too although I don't have any details as yet. I know there will not be anything happening in Australia this year (sorry guys), and unless you randomly bump into Adam or me when we are visiting our family there is nothing happening in the UK either.

Will you be getting The Two Towers Extended Edition on the day it comes out? (The 18th) - Jessiea2002
Hehe, you bet, we pre-ordered it months ago!

What were the names of the robot pet pets released on october 6? - Matgol27
They are called - Beepallite, Rotoblur 4000 and Zoomik.

Did you happen to get more plays on the Whack-A-Staff-Member game during the Mystery Island mystery? - Badgirl2086
Hehe, actually we didn't check but I am sure we did.

Why, in "Chemistry for Beginners", does the symbol for Krawkite change? On the side bar where all the combinations are listed, it says "CH" on the light purple star. On the bottom bar, and on the gameboard, it says "KR" on the light purple star. Why is that? - Rediguana
Ahh... that would be because someone made a mistake. It has been fixed now.

When is Roo Island going to be updated, as in terms of more stuff to do on it? Kiko Lake already has more stuff on it then Roo Island and R.I. has been around longer then K.L.! - Canaryrider101248
Hopefully next week.

Does Boochi and the other random events that change your pets colour only affect your active pet? I was just wondering because I'd get mad if any of my pets besides my lab pet (which is always my active pet) were zapped by Boochi and turned into a baby... - Artsy_frog
We aren't THAT mean, Boochi will only zap your active pet.

You write, "We start a story and you have to write the next paragraph..." However, the additions you have chosen for the current contest range from six to fourteen paragraphs. Could you clarify your desire? Is there a word limit? Do you subdivide paragraphs to ease reading? Thanks from a confused writer. - Highwayman21
I will update the text at the beginning. The main thing is to get a few paragraphs that add something interesting to the story whilst keeping the story as a whole flowing. There is no official limit to how many paragraphs, generally between 4 and 6 is good.

I always put forth my best effort in the art I sent in for the Art Gallery, but none of them show up! Is there a certain pixel size and/or file size we should keep our images within that might help? - Steph_san
Here are a few general pointers, we do get a lot of entries though so sadly not everyone that sends in a good piece will be chosen.

  • Make your picture a Neopet, petpet or character from the site. This may sound silly but you would be surprised how many family photos or wierder things we receive.
  • Keep it around 500 by 500 pixels in size or smaller. That way the filesize isn't HUGE but you have a lot of room to work with.
  • Make sure your picture is your own. Submitting one of our pictures or someone elses will just get your account frozen.
  • Don't include copyright symbols. Legally we cannot accept any copyrighted artwork into our gallery.
  • Keep trying, if you dont get in the first time, try again a week later.
  • Look at the Neopian calendar, if a pet day or special event is coming up, chances are there will be a special for it.

When you click on the Neowardrobe game, it says "This is a very simple version and we are still working on it" when are you finishing it? I have been waiting for it forever! - Bad_monkey01
Oh wow! We totally forgot about that game. It is not going to be worked on, everything in it is so out of date, we have removed it now so it won't confuse anyone else.

Are you allowed to play games or do quests on multiple accounts to gain avatars? - Noober400
The rules for creating multiple accounts are stated clearly in our terms and conditions. I believe you are allowed other accounts if you want more pets or a gallery. You cannot play the once a day freebies and I really do not see the advantage of creating multiple accounts to get avatars. Those avatars would be on your other accounts, not you main one.

My petpet is a Scado and whenever I talk to it, it says something wierd like "Merog Garg!". What Is my petpet saying? - Xox_littoang3l_xox
Petpets are like cats, dogs, guinea pigs etc. They make freaky noises and don't actually talk.

My JubJub is desperately waiting to become a Coconut JubJub, but how on earth do I make him into one? There isn't a Coconut Paint Brush. At least, not yet. Can we expect to see one soon or is there another, more secret method to making your JubJub into a coconut? - Thehtmlgenius
The only way that I am aware of to get a Coconut JubJub is via the Lab Ray.

After two weeks, I know lots at the Trading Post are deleted. Does this mean that the items in them are returned to our inventory, or completly deleted and we don't get them back? - Punk0rock0queen
Your items will be returned to your inventory, although this means they will be available for the Pant Devil to steal or for Dr Sloth to sludge.

If a neopian has an ultra-rare item (like a Ghostkersword) and they get frozen what happends to the rare item? - Gohan11967
Exactly the same thing that happens to their pets, they just sit there in limbo.

You said that General Kass is now the leader of the Darigan Citadel, so he would be evil. However, General Kass is also a TCG card, and on the card it says he's a hero. - Mr_game_and_watch667
Just becuase he is the new leader of the Darigan Citadel, it doesn't mean he is an evil person. Lord Darigan was a good, strong leader before the orb corrupted him. To the people of Darigan maybe General Kass is a hero as somebody needed to restore order after Darigan's defeat.

Why can't we equip tomatoes and rotten fruit to our neopets for the battledome? I know a rotten ummagine would be *my* weapon of choice in a fight... - Serennig
That is an amazingly good point. I will get some new suitably rancid vegetables and fruits added to the battledome next week.

On the Flotsam Ice Cream Sundae, its description says: Vanilla Ice Cream topped with hundreds and thousands and a chocolate Flotsam. Hundreds and thousands of WHAT? - Melbert93
Of hundreds and thousands. They are a type of sweet and pastry topping in the UK.

Which pets can be painted with the glass paint brush? - ellie_2502
None, that is why the description of the paintbrush is - This Paint Brush is retired and cannot be used any more. Sorry!

I heard that some paint brushes were retired. Does that mean that you can't paint your pet that colour even if you have the paint brush or that there won't be any more of that kind being released? - darkdreamstar
With the exception of the glass and stone paintbrushes you can still paint your Neopet with a retired paint brush. Jacko just won't be giving out that paint brush anymore.

Is there a list of ALL the petpets? - windoow
No, but there is a list of the most common ones - here.

I know that there is a christmas paint brush and petpet paint brush but why isn't there one for Chanukah?? Do you think that there will ever be one? - Xxxneopestsxxx
In all honesty no. We do not want any religious items on the site. Christmas in the UK isn't a big religious thing, and that is why we created the Christmas paint brush. It is more about giving presents, snow and having a fun time with friends and family. With hindsight it may have been better to choose another word to call it but it honestly has absolutely nothing to do with christianity. We wont be adding anymore items that have anything to do with christianity and we may even remove all instances of the word Christmas and replace it with Happy Valley or something like that.

Is it true that you can get a Halloween Paint Brush from a Trick or Treat Bag? - mien_boi
No, but you could get a Halloween Petpet Paint Brush if you were very, very lucky.

You say that retired items are not given out anywhere anymore but the Gnome Shroom is retired and it is still given out by Jhudora. - Crisk41
Good point, it is no longer retired.

Does supersize only work on wockys - Tazzaler
No, it works on all Neopets. Species specific items always have the species in their name.

When I looked on it said there would be a book coming soon is that true? - kimi0330
Ahh.. you must be referring to the To tell the truth we only found out about it from Amazon too. It is totally unofficial and we know absolutely nothing about it.

Who's better for Aragorn Arwen or Eowyn? - awren406

Will you PLEASE make it able so we can trade each other's avatars in the trading post? I really want them all but its too late for some of them I would be willing to pay 100K! - millionz4u
No, this will never happen. That would devalue the whole point of avatars. I am afraid there are some things that money just can't buy.

In Adam's deck it said something about the "base set", does this mean that there are other sets? - Marco13184
Yes, there is an expansion coming out in January that will add a lot more concepts into the set and make the game more strategic. We are working on the third set now which is going to be totally awesome and really change some of the combos. There is some more info about the expansion Battle for Meridell on New Features.

Could you please make an announcement that a no0b IS NOT a newbie, but rather a person who spams and is rather annoying. A Newb is a newbie, but a no0b can be someone with a two year old account! - Guitarryter
Haha.... Well I'm not an expert on the matter but as far as I know the main difference is that newbie is used to describe someone who has recently started something and is not insulting. Noob on the other hand is used to insult someone to suggest they are acting like a total beginner when in actual fact they are not.

I can't find poogle solitaire any more, was it taken off site ? why? - Moxiemom
There was no point keeping it up anymore. People weren't actually playing the game they were just going to the gamesroom and going through the motions to win as part of their daily routine. It was treated more as a chore than something fun to do.

I think I know what the next neopet species is... Is it the snow beast on Grundo Snowthrow? - Megacoatl_zero
I'm afraid not. This is something totally and utterly new.

Will you ever have the site be translate to French like you have done with Japanese and Chinese? - Fluffywhitesheep
Yes, in fact I believe it is due to happen either later on this year or early next.

How long has neopets been running? - jmf145
On November the 15th Neopets will have been launched for four whole years!

Was that Donna that was dressed up as Illusens for halloween, on the neocam; Or was it another staff member? - Htmiexpert4hire
Nope, that was Soupfaerie from the TCG tournament. Donna was busy sewing her Dark Faerie outfit at that point.

For Dr. Sloth's random event, the news said that he takes away 20% of our NPs. Does it get taken away from our bank acct or from what we are carrying? I think everyone on here would like to know. - Vyung1997
Oooh you didn't really think we would be THAT mean did you? Dr Sloth only steals from the NP you are carrying. He may be a criminal mastermind, but even Dr Sloth has limits.

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