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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 79 > Short Stories > The Manicure at Mutant High

The Manicure at Mutant High

by smarties65

Fluffina was just like all the other stereotype bunnies, pretty, popular and spoilt. Cybunnies were a rare pet and when an owner had one, well you could make sure they would be spoilt rotten. Thus the poor pet turned out selfish, rude and a bully! That was Fluffina all right. She had many friends of course, all pretty pets were popular. Especially if they were Faerie coloured! But her 'friends' only liked her because they wanted to be her and everyone knew her name at school because she was the bully but hey... who was going to stand up to Fluffina? She was the most feared pet of the school. Most of the boys thought she was 'something out of this world' but of course Fluffina only went for the best looking and they usually turned out as selfish as her!

     It was a normal day in Neopia and Fluffina was walking with her best friends, Lulu a rainbow Uni and Paddy a Faerie Kougra, both were just as vain as Fluffina and both were just as unkind and selfish. "Oh my gosh, I don't think I told you this guys but like I saw the most hideous thing in like the whole of Neopia!" said Lulu looking disgusted.

     "Was it a Uni without manicured hooves?" asked Paddy looking shocked.

     "Oh no, it was like much worse then that! It was just so ugly and eww I nearly puked at the sight of it. It was one of like those mutants, a Cybunny mutant and it had some mutant friends too!"

     "A Cybunny mutant? Gross! How could anyone let themselves get that ugly!" said Fluffina "It actually had friends?"

     "Yeah! They were totally mutated too, I think one was a mutant Moehog and the other a mutant Kougra!" said Lulu catching Paddy as she fainted at the sound of a mutant Kougra!

     At last the trio got to school, both were totally disgusted about the news they had heard, it was worse enough not being painted but come on, a mutant? That was just gross!

     Suddenly there was a flash of light. Fluffina was blinded for a moment but then it was gone... and so were her friends! In fact all the pets in the playground had gone too but the school still remained exactly how it was! All of a sudden a bell rang and pets started to flow out the doors everywhere, Fluffina sighed she was probably late and it was break time. But the pets that came out of the school were not normal... they were mutants! Fluffina screamed, she looked at the school sign.

     "Mutant High School"

     Fluffina didn't have time to stand and stare, she didn't have time to break down into tears and she didn't have time to scream hysterically because all the mutants were staring at her, whispering and nudging each other. Pointing at her... Fluffina! She should be pointing at them not the other way round! A particular ugly looking mutant stepped forward. She was a mutant Moehog, a mutant smile wrinkled at Fluffina but her eyes remained cold.

     "What have we here? A 'normal' pet? Now what would a normal pet be doing here unless... of course you must have been making fun of us mutants aye? Well that's just not on, is it guys?" said the Moehog looking around at her fellow mutants, each and everyone were looking at Fluffina in disgust.

     'So this is what its like then, to be bullied. I never knew it could hurt so much' thought Fluffina. But her thoughts came out as words!

     "Yes," said the Moehog "Bullying hurts, it makes you feel worthless like you have nothing to live for! It makes you miserable, it makes you a totally different person because you're hurting so much! That's what we mutant have to put up with from your kind!" continued the Moehog as a tear slid down her cheek. A mutant Cybunny stepped forward and patted the Moehog kindly. Fluffina gasped.

     "Bet you've never seen a mutant Cybunny before have you? I'm surprised you haven't fainted, that's what I get from the others that see me. 'How could a Cybunny get in to such a state, I thought they were meant to be beautiful' mimicked the Cybunny

     By now most of the mutants were standing silently, reflecting on what had happened to them in the past. The whispers, the pointing, the staring and the nasty comments.

     Fluffina stood in the middle of the crowd. She'd had no idea the effect she'd had on other pets but she knew how it felt and it was the worst feeling in the world. These other pets were normal, they looked a little different but they acted in the same way as the normal pets, why hadn't she seen who they were? How could she be so shallow?

     The Moehog smiled. "I see your starting to see your faults, Fluffina we know you are a good Cybunny at heart otherwise you wouldn't have been brought here to be shown your more 'ugly' ways. You just need to know that bullying is not right and it can destroy people. Just because we make look ugly it doesn't mean we are ugly, in fact we feel that bullies are the ugly ones. Please just take a look inside, I think you will find all you need is a bit of a manicure," said the Moehog smiling a smile that lit up her whole face, making her in Fluffina's eyes the prettiest Moehog she'd ever seen...

     Suddenly there was a whirl and a blinding flash of light. Fluffina was standing at the entrance of a school, her school. Beside her were Lulu and Paddy, each looking normal as ever and talking about mutants. Fluffina shook her head thinking about what happened. She looked at the sign.

     'Neopet High School'

     "Are you all right Fluffina, you've been pretty quiet," said Lulu but she suddenly stopped.

     "Ahhhh it's a... a... mutant!" screamed Lulu. A Moehog was walking their way, smiling. Lulu and Paddy started screaming but Fluffina smiled.

     "Hey, I'm Fluffina are you new here?" Lulu and Paddy stopped screaming and stared at her.


     "Oh sorry guys did I forget you mention, I've had a manicure haven't you noticed? May I suggest you two get one too?" said Fluffina smiling and turning back to the Moehog

     Lulu and Paddy just stared at Fluffina as she walked away with her new friend.

     From then on Fluffina was a new Cybunny, she became best friends with Kayla the Moehog and she made friends with the other mutants at school. She lost her reputation as a bully and everyone liked her for who she was. As for Lulu and Paddy they never recovered from that day and still walk around school with their mouths open and their eyes wide with shock. Maybe they will get a manicure at Mutant High School? Who knows?

The End

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