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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 62 > Continuing Series > My Capture, My Escape: Part Three

My Capture, My Escape: Part Three

by gentle_lil_queen

Ahead of me, was the light faerie. She looked over me frowning all the way. Then she gave me a bag of water. I put it in the purse. She opened her mouth to speak.

     "My name is Aurelia," she began. "That water is for helping you in battles. The berries knock others out. Throw the water at the opponent and something will happen. Here is some real food and water." She handed me some bread and a bottle of water.

     I tried to speak, but nothing came out of my mouth so Aurelia continued. "I am one to trust. I gave you that note. Though I cannot say anymore, I can say this. I put the berries near you to help you. They were not for eating, that is for you anyway. That is why your friends became unconscious."

     I stared at her blankly.

     "One more thing. Once you use the tainted water, you may not use it again. Oh, and by the way, the pterodactyl is somewhere near."

     Before I could give her a look about the sword in the Monoceraptor, she disappeared and I was in reality again. Misintris, Seroff, and Emichi were waking up.

     They all groaned. "What happened?"

     "You became unconscious after you ate the berries," I told them. "I saved the berries for later."

     "Why?" Misintris asked.

     "They may be useful later."

     "How?" Seroff asked.

     "You'll see."

     "When?" Emichi asked.

     Emichi asked?

     We all looked at Emichi. Then I shrugged. "Never mind."

     We went left when I suddenly stopped. I had heard a screech. The screech of a pterodactyl. Then, a shadow of a pterodactyl flew in. Then it came into view. Emichi screamed, Seroff screamed, I screamed, Misintris didn't. In fact, she was smiling an evil smile. Then I saw rays heading toward Misintris. It was brainwashing Misintris! I had to stop the pterodactyl before it was too late! But how? I had to save Misintris! But how? I had to distract the pterodactyl! But how?

     Misintris suddenly faced me with an evil grin. The rays were still coming toward her. She was being temporarily controlled, but if the rays completely got to her, it would be too late. Then, Misintris lunged at me. I dodged but in a second, she would lunge again. Soon she would be completely controlled, not able to rest, and not able to get tired. If she kept on doing that, she would surely get me!

     Then I remembered the berries. I hoped Misintris won't remember. I laid two berries on the ground. They grinned evilly at it. Misintris and the pterodactyl grabbed one and ate it. A moment later, they both became unconscious. The rays were returning toward the pterodactyl.

     "Let's get out of here before it's too late!" I told Seroff and Emichi. They nodded and I picked up Misintris. Then we ran. Far away from there. They would regain consciousness soon so we had to hurry. We ran and ran and ran until we were far away from the pterodactyl's sight. Then Misintris regained consciousness.

     "What happened?" she asked. "Did I eat the berries again?"

     Seroff and I looked at each other. We would not let her know she became tainted so easily. She probably didn't want to know that.

     "I don't think you want to know," Seroff said.

     "Yes I do!" Misintris shouted.

     "No really. You REALLY don't!"


     We continued down the hallway of the cave like everything was normal. Then, we saw an intersection. One to the left, one to the right, and one in the middle.

     "Which way should we go?" Seroff asked.

     "Hmmm," I said to myself, "Eni Meenie Minie Moe, catch a Kougra by its toe, if he hollers let him go, Eni Meenie Minie... what the?"

     Before I could finish the rhyming, the ground in the hallway to the left started to shatter. Soon, it was gone.

     "This doesn't take a genius to figure which way to go now," I said to myself as we started down the middle hallway. Then...

     "I'm hungry."

     "Me too."

     I don't know who said what, but we were becoming hungry. Luckily I had the bread and water. I took it out of my backpack and broke off bits of the bread to everyone. As I held the bottle of water to my lips, the cave started to darken even more, even though the cave was already dark! I took a quick sip of water and then put it away.

     I said, "I have a strange feeling that something bad is about to..."

     Before I could finish my sentence, I heard a scream.

     "What was that?" Misintris asked.

     "I don't know!" Seroff exclaimed.

     "I do," Emichi said.

     I ignored the fact that Emichi talked. "What is it?" I asked him.

     "Someone is approaching the cave and is being held unconscious right now. Soon, he/she will be a slave of the cave, just like we were."

     Just then, a shadow crossed the room. It was a picture of a Lupe carrying a... what was it? I sighed. "I really need to catch up on new pets."

     The Lupe put down the creature and he regained consciousness. The creature backed toward the wall.

     And who are you my slave Ixi?

     Ixi? I thought. What was an Ixi?

     "You don't need to know my name!" the so-called green Ixi replied.

     "All right. Then I will force it out of you!" The Lupe called.

     I don't know why, but I felt like defending the Ixi. The Ixi didn't deserve slavery. He was just lying there. Helpless. I couldn't take it. I couldn't let the green Ixi tell his name. I couldn't help what I was about to say next.

     "Leave him alone!" I yelled at the almost invisible Lupe Seroff, Emichi, and Misintris looked at me like I was crazy. What was I doing? Why was I not caring about myself? My heart didn't care. I lunged for the Lupe, only to be sprawling toward the ground. The Lupe had dodged. I landed on the ground.

     I gasped for air. What was I doing? Why was I not trying to escape? What was going on? Either way, I have to get out of this mess.

     "Slave! Back to work! You're not allowed in these areas!" The Lupe shouted at me.

     "No!" I exclaimed. "I never wanted to! I never wanted to be in here in the first place! If it weren't for you, I'd be at home right now with friends! I'd be winning the Neopian Lottery! I'd be famous! I'd be what I had three years ago, but you took that away from me! Now my tattered clothing and my life is the only thing I have left! I've had it!"

     "And exactly what are you going to do about it?" the Lupe asked.

     "I'm giving you a choice. You can free every prisoner right now and don't do any evil again and have a happy life, or..." I faced him. "You will be reported. You will live a life of jail. Either that or the freeze sentence. I wouldn't need to think twice about this."

     The Lupe stared a look at me. Then laughed. "How about none of the above? How about I make YOU the slave and I rule Neopia?"

     "No deal."

     "All right then," He said. "I will force..."

     "I think we know what you are going to say."

     "I'm going to say it anyway. I will force you!!!"

     Just then, he lunged at me. I dodged. He lunged at me again. I dodged. That repeated for five times until he actually caught me. I was pinned to the ground.

     "Soon," he said, "the pterodactyl will arrive and will brainwash everyone in this room. Then I will rule Neopia And you will be the first to feel my wrath!"

     "Not if I can help it!" shouted the Ixi as he lunged toward the Lupe He was supposed to hit solid skin hurting the Lupe, but he went right through him. Then I remembered that the Lupe was transparent.

     "At least tell me your name," I thought.

     As if the Lupe read my mind, he said, "Oh, and before I forget, my name is Xorzon."

     I stared at him blankly

     "Blame the author for my name," Xorzon said.

     Then I remembered the bag of water. I reached for it and pulled it out. Immediately, the Lupe stopped pinning me and backed toward a wall.

     "No!" Xorzon gasped. "This cannot be! The bag can only be held by dark faeries! NO!"

     I looked at the bag. It just looked like regular water. Then I remembered what the light faerie told me. "Throw the water at the opponent and something will happen." But what? What will happen? There was no time to think about this now. I raised it in the air.

     "No!" Xorxon yelled. "Don't throw it!"

     "Give me one reason why I shouldn't throw it," I said to him.

     "I-I can give you gold! Lots and lots of gold!"

     "Is there any use for gold to escape this cave?"

     "Um, I can give you your robbed things back!"

     "I can retrieve that throwing this bag of water or not." I didn't know if that was true or not.

     "All right," Xorzon snarled. "Then I will force you to not throw it!"

     He came up to me again. He held up his paw to strike. I dodged. He held up his paw again. BAM! This time he got me. If he had an owner before, he/she must have had a lot of codestones and dubloons. It was a pretty strong strike. One more and I would not survive. He held up his paw for the final strike. I had to think fast if I were to escape! I held up the bag of water in front of me just as he was about to strike. I closed to eyes tightly. I did not want to see what was going to happen next.

     Or did I?

     "AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Xorzon suddenly screeched. I peeked open an eye. There was a beam all around him. The air inside the beam seemed to be attacking him with all possible attacks.

     "AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!" He suddenly dropped. He was unconscious, but not dead. Badly hurt, but not a goner.

     "Let's get out of here before he regains consciousness!" the Ixi yelled.

     The Ixi, Misintris, Seroff holding Emichi, and I ran forward. We didn't know when the Lupe would regain consciousness. I was not in the mood to find out. We suddenly exited the darkness. We found a rope heading downward. We climbed down. We went down the hallway. Then, we saw something. Something I had never seen for three years. Fresh air. Blue sky. Tyrannia. Freedom. We had made it. We had made it out of the cave. Three years of slavery. Three years of helplessness. Two days of escaping. All behind me. But what I needed to do was not done.

     "Thanks. My name is Mike we need to report this to the Neopian Authorities!" Mike said to us.

     We started down the hill. We looked ahead of us. I expected a time machine. None was there.

     "I guess that Doglefox fixed the time machine," I said. Mike looked at me like I was crazy. I shrugged. "Let's just get nearby help. And I know exactly where to go." I looked at the Tyrannian Arena clock. Twenty minutes till 4:00. "Spread the word of this evil that stalks Neopia," I ordered. "We'll meet at the Giant Omelette in twenty minutes."

     Mike headed his way toward a Tyrannian home to borrow some type of communication. Seroff and Emichi headed their way toward the Tyrannian Arena. Misintris I headed toward the village.

     We went our way toward the village. I looked to my left. No campfires. I looked to the middle. No campfires. I looked to the right. There was a campfire with people gathered around telling stories. Perfect. We gathered around the campfire as the storyteller was finishing his story.

     "... But the world wants to see the beautiful faces of Misintris and Christina again..."

     "Then you're in luck!" I said to the storyteller.

     The storyteller faced toward me and Misintris. He smiled.

     "They have escaped!" the storyteller said to the villagers.

     All the villagers gasped. Then they smiled. A rich and kind Neopian came up to me. She handed us a bag of stuff.

     "You left these at the hotel three years ago. I managed to capture it from the beast, and got some scars," she said.

     I looked down at the bag. Sure enough, there was all my stuff. I looked up to thank the girl, but she was gone. I didn't know why. I decided to thank the air.

Twenty minutes later...

     We spread the word to as many people as we could. Now it was time to return to the omelette. We followed some pets that were making their way toward the omelette. We soon arrived. Mike, Seroff, and Emichi were waiting.

     "I called the Neopian Authorities," Mike said.

"We warned the people at the Tyrannian Arena. We had to take five minutes from Chomby and the Fungus Balls however," Seroff said.

     "We warned the Tyrannian village. I also ran into this girl who had all my stuff. She politely took it from the beast of the cave and gave it to me. I tried to thank her, but by the time I looked up, she was... gone," I said.

     Misintris looked at me like I was crazy. "What are you talking about? You found that bag on the ground!"

     "Not again," I said to myself.

     But then Emichi smiled at me. "You ran into the Tyrannian Faerie."

     Suddenly, a creature that looked like a Gelert with wings and a Pteri flew up to us.

     "Christina! You made it!" They exclaimed to me. I then recognised them.

     "Hannah! Tenisha! You're still alive!" I said to them. I smiled. "Tenisha, you look... different."

     "They changed the look of the Gelert," Tenisha said. "I also got painted faerie!"

     I told Hannah and Tenisha the whole story and they grouped with us to tell everyone. Adam put it on the news soon after. Soon, everybody knew. The two police Chias attempted to jail Xorzon, but they never returned until three days later in dirty clothing.

     All right. So no one could arrest Xorzon because he was too powerful and they couldn't block the entrance because there was some mystical force that prevented that. So... days later... a mysterious figure that left of a yellow glow which is possibly Aurelia magically put up a sign.


The End

Author's note: All names in this story that are not Neopet names are names of people I know (except for Xorzon). Christina is my middle name. Every character except for the Monoceraptor and the Pterodactyl are made up. I hope you enjoyed this story! Feel free to compliment me.
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