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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 62 > Short Stories > Cybil and Ginny

Cybil and Ginny

by al_the_chia

A Long Time Ago...
     Ginny R. Antigoni was a joyful yellow Cybunny who never stopped smiling as long as her older sister, Cybil P. Antigoni, knew her.

     She had big, round blue eyes and short blonde pigtails, and was always curious about the world around her, almost more so than her astute parents and sister. Because of her curiosity, she immensely loved books, and whenever Cybil, finished one of her creepy horror novels, Ginny would immediately pounce on it. She was surprisingly brave, and it seemed the only thing that scared her was the prospect of taking a bath.

     Ginny usually got very muddy from playing all day, and followed around her little sister like a baby mallard. She looked up to her in every way, even imitating the way she talked and walked.

     Although Cybil could sometimes be annoyed by her little sister's antics, she loved her very much, and she loved her in return.

     But something happened on that dark, starry night. Years ago, the denizens of the Purple Planet, the infamous Alien Lupes, decided they needed new Neopets to test their latest inventions...


"Cybil, my feet are getting tired..." Ginny whined, struggling to keep up with her lanky sister. "How long are we going to keep hopping?"

     "Just a minute longer..." Cybil was around 15 years old, and Ginny just had one more day to go before she turned ten. But that didn't mean Ginny was getting any more mature.

     "Cybuuuuuuuuuul..." she whined. "Why are we here? I wanna go home..."

     "Well, I want to show you something. I thought I told you that..."

     She smiled as they finally reached the top of the large hill. The purple grass and violet trees looked even darker and more mysterious from the top of the hill. The moon shone down on a large observatory, with a gleaming telescope and a wonderful glass dome for a roof. And, most incredible of all was the sky. Cloudless, clear, and stunningly beautiful. Ginny gasped in awe, suddenly finding the strength to surge ahead of her older sister and gaze at the large telescope. She pointed to it with a tiny paw, her face a mask of amazement.

     "Wow, that what you wanted to show me? It's really pretty!"

     "No, silly, it's in the can see almost ALL the stars from here. There's not another spot like this one for miles!"

     Cybil hopped a little faster and propped her little sister up on her shoulders so that she could get a better view.

     "Wow, this is amazing!!"

     "See? You know all the constellations, right?"

     "Yup. There's the Big Dippaw and the Little Dippaw, and over there is the White Uni..."

     Ginny went on to describe all the constellations with amazing detail. All the stars twinkled as merrily as Cybil's own eyes as she admired her sister's knowledge.

     "That's very good!! You should be an Astronomer someday!"

     "That would be fun!!" Ginny giggled, pulling on her sister's hair.

     Suddenly, her smile turned into a frown. Her paw flew up to point once again.

     "Big sis...what's that?"

     "Oh, that? It's just a shooting star, I think..."

     "But it's too big..." The little Cybunny tugged on her sister's hair three more times, looking slightly panicked. "Can we go now? I suddenly don't feel so good..."

     "What, are you sick?"

     "No, I don't think so, I just think something bad is going to happen..."

     Cybil looked a little more carefully at the fiery object in the sky. It DID seem a little large. But for some reason, Cybil couldn't move. Like her little sister, her curiosity got the better of her, and she simply stood, her mouth slightly open, as it finally became clear.

     "Oh no..." She gasped. "It's heading straight for us!"


     Ginny paused. The moonlight was now blocked, and everything seemed a little darker. Her big blue eyes darted around for a moment before focusing back up onto the sky.

     "I think it's a UFO..."

     And there it was. Hanging miles above their heads in the middle of the sky, blocking out the moon and the stars, was a large, undeniable UFO. It was shaped, oddly enough, like a gigantic Lupe, with multiple ears sticking out of it's head and a long, gleaming purple body.

     Suddenly, a glaring purple light shot from above, paralysing both Neopets They could hear a loud voice echoing in their ears from way up above. It was snooty, uncaring, drawling, and overall disturbing to both timid Cybunnies, but they could make no move to cover their ears.

     "This is a ship from the Royal Fleet of King Meerkadoodadhorfadorfapaw! We have come to take a sample! Prepare to ascend!!"

     A long, metallic paw shot from the ship and clamped around Ginny. She still didn't speak, it seemed like she was in a trance as she rapidly shot back towards the ship. Cybil still couldn't react; she was still frozen by the odd purple light. Ginny shot higher and higher, faster and faster, until she finally reached the bottom of the large ship.

     A small hole appeared under the Lupe UFO's chin, and Ginny was pulled through, being carefully placed onto the ground. The ship was dimly lit with the same eerie purple lights that had dazed Ginny a while ago, and while she was still too frightened to speak, her wide, curious eyes took in everything on the ship.

     Lupes. Lots of them. Some of them were operating machinery, pushing buttons with glowing green paws, while others were staring at her with interest. But they were not normal Lupes. They had two too many ears. Several of them picked her up, carrying her across the large room that was obviously the Lupe's head, the control panel of the entire ship. Ginny blinked owlishly, looking out the window and seeing nothing but glowing stars. She turned her gaze from the windows to a large, yellow alien Lupe who was a lot bigger than the rest. Although he was turned the other way, Ginny had an unsettling feeling that he could still see her.

     "Well, well, well, what have we here..."

     Ginny could see nothing but his back, which was covered by a thick purple robe, and the back of his large head, which had a large, ornate crown on it. She began to tremble as the Lupe paced forward a few steps.

     "An ickle baby Cybunny from Neopia, I think...and I also sense fear...but...she is curious, indeed...her eyes...they remind me..."

     Suddenly, he whirled around, his robe billowing back and his multiple ears twitching. Ginny held back a scream as he glared down at her with glowing eyes and sharp, menacing teeth. Six claws were on each of his broad, powerful-looking paws, and his eyes kept on changing colour as he peered at her.

     "Hm... Glycopaw?"

     "Oh, yes sir?" A plump green Lupe with a monocle piped up, smiling nervously and standing tall.

     "Place her in our finest quarters. We will not be experimenting with her, but saving her."

     Glycopaw's face fell.

     "But...what about the new weapon, sir? Can't we at least burn her ears off?"

     "NO!!" He snarled, leaning forward and baring his teeth at the now trembling Glycopaw. "YOU HEARD ME, NOW DO IT BEFORE I RIP THAT SILLY MONOCLE OFF YOUR FAT FACE AND MAKE YOU EAT IT!!"

     "Y-y-yes sir..."

     Glycopaw plucked the Cybunny from the other Lupes paws and carried her to the doorway. Suddenly, Ginny seemed to snap back, and she began to thrash angrily, kicking and pounding on the plump Lupe's back.


     King Meerkadoodadhorfadorfapaw turned back to the window, a smile on his creepy face as Glycopaw struggled to get Ginny to her new room.

     "She shall become the heir to the throne...I have no children of my own, and most certainly none of the bumbling idiots around me can possibly handle the job. She'll be high princess, and all shall fear and be amazed by her beauty and wit! She had the eyes and intelligence of my mother, the Queen, and shall be named after her! Let this be spread around the Purple Planet, and let no Alien Lupe not know that someday, their new ruler will be Princess Ginniyakamirklepaw!!"

     "Ginniyakamirklepaw! Ginniyakamirklepaw!" The Lupes began to chant, cheering and throwing their paws into the air. The King whirled around and strode across the large control room, laughing at the top of his deep, powerful voice as he swept out the door...

Back on Earth...

     "Ginny..." Cybil sobbed, waving her arms in the air. But it was too late. The ship turned around several times before disappearing in a blast of purple light. She watched as it jettisoned into the sky, fading away amongst the stars, which suddenly seemed dark and cold. Cybil's expression became blank. She turned around and slowly began to walk down the hill. The wheels of her intelligent brain were turning, and she turned around one final time to yell at the sky.

     "I'll find you, Ginny. I'll find you. I'll save you from those wretched Lupes I'll study hard. No more stupid horror novels. I'm going to be a Lupologist. I'm going to find you, Ginny!! And when I do, I'm going to get my revenge!!"

     And thus began Cybil's long career down the road of Lupology. What happened to Ginny? No one is quite sure. But whenever Cybil looks at the stars at night, or look at any green Lupe, she'll remember....

The End

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