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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Hunting, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 62 > Short Stories > Camrason's Story

Camrason's Story

by cherriepoof

"Would you ever believe it was do drizzly all week?!" exclaimed

     Marza, as she looked out the window. "It's such a beautiful day!" Marza was always excited about sunny days. Not me. In fact, sunny days make me sick.

     You know who I am, right? No? Well, I'm Camrason. I'm a Usul. Ugh. Worst yet, I'm painted faerie. Faerie. Double ugh. I always, look happy, but I'm really dark inside. If you saw, you'd be scared yourself. Really. I swear.

     My favourite faerie? Of course, the Dark Faerie. She is SO cool. I don't see why Marza and Imi are so afraid of her. I mean, all she would do is turn them into goats... hehehe. I'm a follower of the Dark Faerie, in the ~*Super Cool Dark Faerie Followers Club!*~ Yes, that is it's name. Just because we sound peppy, we are so not. I'm serious.

     I am not an only pet, sadly. My twin sisters-Marza and Imi, are the biggest airheads ever. All they talk about is clothes, their Usukis, and boys. They're really weird. By the way, if you're wondering-they're both Ixi (Marza's faerie and Imi's cloud). True story.

     My owner is the worst of them all. She loves sparkly things-happy faeries, Usukis, pretty pets. I can't believe she spent 25,000 Neopoints on a house in Faerieland. I could of bought like 10 Dark Faeries for that much! She's always doing things like that. It's so annoying.

     Who does the best in school you ask? Me-duh. I got straight A's last semester. You think I'm lying? Call my school. They're number is 128... oh, never mind. You shouldn't care that much anyway. I hope.

     Why, you ask, did I come to tell you all about my family and my academics? Well, I didn't come to tell you just about that. I've come to tell you about my revolting. Yes, evil faerie Usuls of Neopia, I ask YOU to step out and join me on a quest for world domination, with the great Dark Faeries help, of course. We can banish the foolishness of Neopia, and create a new place for us to rule and control! MUAHAHA! So who is with me?


     No one? Really? I at least thought Larry would come...fine then! I'll control Neopia myself, with the Dark Faerie, Dr. Sloth, and all the other evils of Neopia! You'll be sorry! All of you will, you traders! Goodbye!

     I can't believe this. Neopia is full of horrible tyrants! All they care about are paint brushes and Neopoints! This has to be stopped! I must go to the Dark Faerie for help! Oh good, the sun is setting! Oh drats--I forgot my cape in my room! Must hurry- the Dark Faerie is waiting!

     As I snuck through the window into my room, I listened to my EX-family's discussion about me. "I'm a little scared! What if she like, you know, made us her slaves?" Imi asked, with fear in her voice. Haha. "I don't think she will--she's just going through a phase! Next week she'll be raving about faerie dolls." FAERIE DOLLS? My owner never took me seriously. She listened to the twins, but never me. After I get power, she will be the first one I go after.

     I've gotten my cape, and now it's time for the Faerie Castle. I jumped the fence, and I looked in the window. The Earth Faerie. "The Dark Faerie is two rooms down," she told me. I nodded at flew off.

     Finally-the Dark Faerie's quarters. This is so exciting! I looked in and saw evil stuff. 'EVIL TOOTHPASTE'! 'EVIL DENTURES'! It was the most amazing room ever! I started to crawl in and she walked through the door.

     "Who are you?" she asked me, and I proudly told her that I'm Camrason. "Oh-you're that Usul who wants to take over the world!"

     She knows me! "Yes," I stuttered, "yes I am."

     The Dark Faerie observed me. "Well, if you want to take over the world, you need a change of appearance. No one takes you seriously-your faerie." With the snap of her fingers, I closed my eyes. My fur was tingling, I felt like I was on fire. "Open your eyes now," she told me. I opened them, and looked at my fur. It was black! My once pink bows were now dark purple, just like the shadow Usul. "Don't tell Iblin (the Shadow Usul) about this. She gets cranky."

     "What's the plan Camrason?" the Dark Faerie asked me.

     "I want to do three things: 1. Take over the world. 2. Take all the paint brushes and Neopoints from people and make their pets their natural colours. 3. Get revenge on my ex-owner."

     The Dark Faerie nodded. "We can do that. But we need help. Dr. Sloth is good with world domination, and the Pant Devil will get those paint brushes. Ghosts can steal Neopoints. You can do the revenge thing." It was set. After we met with the Pant Devil and Dr. Sloth, we had agreed. We will strike tomorrow.

The next morning...

     "Go on, test your magic out!" The Dark Faerie had been encouraging me to test out my magic, and I had tried it. Magic is fun. Especially dark magic.

     The first strike was set for 10 AM. It's currently 9:35, and were making last minute arrangements. Here is how the intenerary will go:

10:00 AM - Pant Devils will steal all paint brushes, get Jacko.
10:10 AM - Ghosts will break into banks.
10:25 AM - Pets will be turned back to natural colours.
11:00 AM - Lunch.
11:30 AM - Neopets will try to fight back, were hiding on the planet Kibowaka.
12:00 PM - We overthrow rulers of 'good Neopia'.
12:30 PM - Expected complete world domination.
12:45 PM - Imi, Marza committed to slavery.
01:00 PM - Revenge on the worst owner ever.

     In the course of three hours, we will have control of the unpainted, poor world.

     Now, your probably asking--what are you going to do with all those paint brushes Camrason? Well I plan to auction them off. I don't care if I get frozen--I'm gonna be the emperor of Neopia!

     Okay, it's 9:55. I asked the Dark Faerie if she called the Pant Devil to confirm everything. "Yep," she told me. Perfect. Five minutes and I will start to control the world!

     Then Dr. Sloth called. "Hi. Camrason, I have a favour to ask. Since I helped you get control of Neopia, can I control a city? Pleease?" I told him he could control the Maraqua ruins. Crazy teenage hoodlums love going down there. That was good for him, so it was now time to start.

     5...4...3...2...1! The Pant Devils rushed throughout Neopia, desprately looking for paint brushes. The Shop Wizard gave them the names of the shops, and they stole quickly and with grace. They were incredible. The paint brushes were piling up faster, and then we got what we needed-Jacko the Phantom Painter. "I'm out of Baby paint brushes! Please, I don't have any!" he cried, and the Dark Faerie and I laughed. I used my magic to turn his head into a pumpkin.

     "The ghosts are ready," the Dark Faerie confirmed. It's now 10:09. In one minute I'll have all their money too! "We got all the paint brushes we could find," the Pant Devil came in saying, panting hard. I told him how great a job he did, and got him a glass of water.

     "And they're off!" exclaimed the Dark Faerie. The clock read 10:10. Quicker than even the paint brushes came, the Neopoints were piling up at alarming pace. The Dark Faerie reminded me there are billions of Neopoints and they're easy to get from people. "Oh." I blankly said.

     In about ten minutes, we probably had over 15 billion Neopoints. We were all impressed yet again. "People went too far with these Neopoints...." Dr. Sloth continued, "Who needs this much money? It's disturbing." We all nodded and agreed.

     "Want to change the colours Camrason?" the Dark Faerie asked me. I enthusiacticly nodded. I also pulled out an orb so I could see how Imi and Marza would react. This was getting really fun!

     At 10:23, the head ghost came rushing in. "I think that's all of the money Camra," I stopped looking at the orb and stared at the ghost. "What did you call me?" I asked furiously. " you have a problem with that?" I couldn't take it anymore. With the flick of my dark tail, the head ghost was now in slavery. "NEVER... call me that again." He nodded in fear.

     "Camrason, it's time," the Dark Faerie reminded me. I told her to make the Kibowaka preparations. I waved my hands around magically and stared into the orb. "I like this Usuki the mostest...hey, what is like, happening to my cloudiness?" Was what Imi said when her fur changed back to a suddle red. Marza screamed and came in the room crying-green.

     I laughed deeply and obnixiously. I can laugh however I want-I'm the future emperor of Neopia! "Kibowaka... confirmed, let's get some food!" the Dark Faerie yelled. We grabbed some sandwiches and turned on the news. Breaktime-good.

     "...A sudden epidemic of colour changes is going on throughout Neopia, in addition to numerous paint brush and Neopoint thefts. In fact, my wife's baby paint brush for our son was stolen, the day before we were going to use it. Same with our Neopoints." All of us 'evildoers' cracked up. "We were right-Neopia can't go on if their money and paint brushes are stolen!" The Pant Devil said, laughing. We laughed along.


     World domination was easy. The slavery thing took less than a minute. Now all that's left is my revenge. What I've been waiting for the whole time.

     In my request, the Dark Faerie, Dr. Sloth, the Pant Devil and everyone else there left so I could be alone with my ex-owner. When she looked at me, she was nearly in tears to see my golden fur now black. I stared at her very moody-like. There was only one thing I had to say to complete the revenge. So I stared down on her and simply said:

     "It was never a phase. I am evil."

     She collapsed to tears. In the very back of my head there was sympathy, but it never came out. I turned and walked away.

     Now I'm the emperor of Neopia. Do I have any regrets? Maybe, but they're not showing now. Do I think I'll be overthrown? Definitely. But I'm not now, so....

     Later days!

The End

Author's note: Ixi aren't airheads, it's just the two in the story. The characters in this story are fictionous. Any relation to real petpets and/or users is purely concidence. Please don't be offended by this story. IT'S JUST A STORY.

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