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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 59 > Short Stories > Acts of Charity

Acts of Charity

by jequita

This is the story of Dagmar96 (a.k.a. Dagmar) and how she overcame her Usuki obsession.

     Dagmar looked around the Usukiland shop excitedly. Jequita was buying her a new Usuki doll today. She browsed through the dolls vigorously. Finally, she decided on the Teenage Usuki.

     "Are you sure you want that one?" asked Jequita.

     "Yes! This is the best one! Well, besides the Meridell King and Queen dolls."

     Dagmar really wanted the Queen Usuki doll so, she could rule over her collection of Usukis but, the Usukiland shop was sold out of them. She would do anything to get one. Jequita paid the Neopet behind the counter. Dagmar walked out of the shop clutching the Usuki box to her. Her paws were itching to open it and pull out the doll.

     "Can I open it now?" she asked Jequita excitedly.

     "Oh I guess so," sighed Jequita.

     Dagmar squealed in delight. "Weeee!"

     Ripping open the package, she frowned. She hated the plastic ties that held the doll to the cardboard back. After struggling with it for several minutes, she finally managed to free the captive doll. She held it in front of her and admired it . Its ponytail was just so cute!

     Dagmar had begun to express an interest in Usuki dolls a few weeks ago when she saw the Mermaid Usuki. Now, she was hooked on Usukis.

     The two finally arrived home, where Dagmar was greeted by her three brothers. A green Eyrie called Samobi, a red Ixi called Romeo_Diamond, and Spiritini, a blue Poogle.

     "What's in the bag?" inquired Samobi with a curious expression on his face. Samobi was the newest edition to the family and had no idea what an Usuki was. At his old owners house he had been an only pet.

     Romeo_Diamond trotted out from the hallway. "Oh please! Don't tell me it's another Usuki doll! Those things are such a waste of money!"

     "Really! How many of those do you have? Ten? " stated Spiritini in a snobbish tone. Spiritini was the sporty jock of the family and thought that the money spent on Usukis could be used on a new football.

     "But, what's an Usuki?" repeated Samobi.

     "A really cool doll!" exclaimed Dagmar. She was getting aggravated with her brother's mean comments about Usukis.

     Dagmar stomped to her room and flopped onto her bed. She rolled onto her back and held the Teenage Usuki out in front of her. "Stupid boys," she said. She fell asleep with the doll at her side.

     The next morning, Dagmar hopped down the hall to the kitchen. The smell of Sausage Omelettes greeted her as she walked into the room. Jequita and her brothers were already sitting at the breakfast table gulping down the omelettes.

     "Good morning," said Jequita in a drowsy voice. Jequita was really not a morning person. The Poogle, Ixi, and Eyrie didn't even acknowledge her but, continued wolfing down their food. Dagmar decided to skip breakfast and take a walk. She walked down to the Usukiland shop. As she looked into the window, she noticed that there was a single, solitary, Meridell Queen Usuki doll on the shelf. She rushed into the shop and snatched up the doll. Dagmar giggled but, suddenly stopped when she remembered that she had no Neopoints.

     Oh no! If I leave to get the Neopoints, someone will come in and buy it. Who knows when I'll see another one of these again! she thought, staring longingly at the doll.

     A big crowd of Neopets and people came in. Dagmar finally decided a course of action. She tucked the doll under one arm and walked out of the store. The shop owner hadn't noticed her because of the crowd. Dagmar started running and finally reached her home. She peeked her head in through the door. No one there. Dagmar zoomed into her room and locked the door. Her breathing was heavy. When she caught her breathe, the reality of what she just did struck her.

     I can't believe I just stole something! What if they take me away from my brothers and Jequita!? What would Jequita think? she wondered to herself.

     She was starting to panic. "If Usukis are causing me to steal, then maybe I shouldn't collect them anymore," Dagmar said to herself.

     She quickly formulated a plan. Looking both ways before exiting her room, Dagmar rushed out of the house. She ran all the way to the Money Tree. Dagmar put the Meridell Queen Usuki doll down by the trunk of the tree. She walked a distance away and leaned against a wall. No one would know it had been her that stole the doll. It felt like a weight had been lifted off her chest. A voice caught her attention. It was a child's voice.

     "Look mommy! Look!" cried the child in delight. "It's a Meridell Queen Usuki doll! Can I keep it? Can I? Can I?"

     Dagmar turned around. The child and her mother were blue Kacheeks and very poor. Their clothes were a bunch of rags. The mother's eyes looked very sad.

     "Yes, you may keep it," the mother said.

     "Oh thank you mommy! " cried the little girl Kacheek, hugging the doll to her.

     Dagmar felt glad that a poor Neopet got the doll instead of a rich Neopian. Dagmar knew that the little Kacheek would appreciate the doll and take good care of it. She walked home with a feeling of accomplishment.

     Jequita greeted Dagmar at the door. "Hey, where have you been? Do you want to go buy a new Usuki?"

     "No. I don't think I need another Usuki. I know what to do with the money though," said Dagmar.

     "What?" asked a puzzled Jequita. Dagmar sure was acting strange. She had never refused a new toy before.

     Dagmar led Jequita to the Money Tree. Dagmar was delighted to see that the Kacheek mother and child were still there. Smiling, Dagmar took the 1000 Neopoints from Jequita's hands and walked over to the Kacheeks.

     "Here," said Dagmar, handing the mother the Neopoints The mother Kacheek stared at her with wide eyes and muttered out, "Thank you."

     Dagmar walked back to Jequita. "I'm very proud of you," Jequita told Dagmar.

     "Me too," replied Dagmar smiling.

The End

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