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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 34 > Continuing Series > The Lupe Sorcery: The Destiny Begins - Part Five

The Lupe Sorcery: The Destiny Begins - Part Five

by lupeartist14

The evil Lupes began to approach the prisoners and absorb their powers by putting their paws on a Lupe and letting the magic rush into them. The Lupes turned grey and old after their magic had been sucked out of them.

"We have to stop them, now!" Fanger hissed to his siblings.

"Our power won't be enough, Fanger!" Cloud said, looking extremely worried. "What are we supposed to do?"

"I don't know. But the least we can do is try to save them. If I don't make it, I don't care. What about the rest of you?"

Sport instantly agreed. Cloud looked doubtful. Eniad patted her on the shoulder. "Cloud, I have a feeling we can do it. Come on, what do you say?"

She gulped. "Well… I'm just so scared… but I guess I'll help,"

"Atta girl, Cloud," Eniad said encouragingly.

"Let's go," Sport said.

They leapt into the great mass of Lupes. Fanger spread copies of himself far into the crowd, which were attacking the evil Lupes and freeing the hostages. Cloud conjured magical ropes and chains, attaching them to the walls, and they could not get loose. Sport blasted many, who disintegrated. Eniad thought she couldn't do much, as she couldn't freeze powerful sorcerers, but to her surprise, one tried to attack her and she froze him. She put the frozen ones with Cloud's bunch. Finally, many Lupes were down, and the four were still fighting hard. That was, until the Black Lupe threw them all against the wall and caged them.

"You were foolish to interfere. Now you will be destroyed. But, we might as well let you watch the ceremony before, so you can know how bad you failed." The remaining Lupes that were there gathered around the fire. A black Lupe pushed a large cauldron onto the fire and joined the circle.

They started chanting, "Emerge from your ashes, join our side, we summon you to us, Great Natsirt, arise from your grave, rejoin us, emerge!"

The potion that lay in the big cauldron started bubbling. The fire grew a dark shade of purple, then rose up, surrounding the cauldron with blazing hot flames. Then, there was a giant blast that echoed throughout the entire cave. The purple fire and cauldron had vanished, and in the centre of the circle lay a crumpled form, even bigger than the black Lupe. It rose up, and in the light from the torches that hung about the wall, they saw…

Natsirt himself.

He grinned a horrible, mocking grin. Eniad practically screamed, she was so afraid. Her senses were erupting with fear, and she began to sweat feverishly.

"What's the matter, my pretty?" Natsirt said evilly to her. He slowly walked up to her. "Am I scaring you? Am I so ugly and freakish-looking you can't stand to see my face?" She noticed he had a tattoo of a skull surrounded in flames.

"Ahh, seen my tattoo, have you? My pride and joy. It marks the true evil one, it does," he turned away from her and marched back to his followers.

"Master," they all said, and bowed low to him. He swished his tail.

"You are truly deserving, my servants," he said to them. "You have brought me back to life, and for that, you shall help me in conquering this pathetic world! Conjunmerth," he added to the black Lupe, standing next to him. "You will be my right-hand man, together you and I watching the pathetic NeoPet suffer…"

"I am glad to see you back alive, Father," he bowed to him.

Eniad raised her eyes in surprise. That's his son?

"Now, about these four over here…"

Eniad froze in fear as Natsirt approached them again, his eyes glinting with loath. "You four will be obliterated immediately, after I put on the real deal. Conjunmerth, my ring, please."

They watched as Conjunmerth summoned a black box and opened it. Inside was a ring that could fit on the front leg of a Lupe. It was black, with a shining white skull in flames in the centre, exactly like Natsirt's tattoo.

Eniad knew that when he put the ring on, the blast would be so effective that it would wipe her and her siblings out. Permanently.

She suddenly felt very strange. The image was fading, and she was standing on a white cloud in the sky. Had she been destroyed already?

No. Something was floating toward her. Two things. One was a big male Lupe, with long, flowing white fur blowing in the breeze. The other was…

Her Grandmother!

"Grandma!" she tried to yell, but no sound came out. The male smiled. She felt incredibly safe when he was there.

"Eniad," he said, in an echo-like voice. "We have called you here to ask for your help. Natsirt is about to place the ring over his tattoo. When he does, he will be the most powerful Lupe in the known universe.

"You and your siblings are the only ones who can stop him. You must say the spell engraved on your pendants. This will summon my ring of power, and you can use it to stop him. There isn't much time. Good luck."

And in a flash of light, he and Annala disappeared. And thus she saw what Natsirt was about to do. The ring was inches away from his tattoo as he slid it up his arm. She turned quickly to her brothers and sister. They, apparently, had the vision, too, for they were nodding, telling her they knew what to do. They all grabbed their pendants and said the secret words engraved on the back: "Sekaluna, Omedoma, Gritamaya, Klimanana, Pelsedima!"

And in front of them lay a white ring with a coat of arms; two Lupes wrapped around a sphere with wings. They all grabbed it just as Natsirt put on his ring. A blast of white light and a blast of black light collided, causing a big explosion. The four leapt into the white light, and the white Lupe from the vision appeared. Eniad, Sport, Fanger, and Cloud all gasped.

"Riamun," they said at the same time.

Riamun, wearing his ring, threw a blast of white magic at Natsirt. He got a full hit, and screamed in agony. He twisted and finally, with a blast of smoke, vanished.


Riamun then turned to them, a smile on his face.

Cloud spoke up first. "Is he… Natsirt… gone?"

Riamun replied, "Yes, Cloud, he is. Thanks to you four, he would have taken over Neopia and destroyed all of those who are good. Thank you, also, for returning me to my physical self."

"But, we didn't do much…" Fanger said.

"But you did, little ones. You summoned my ring, and thus summoned me, once you touched it and really wished, with all your heart, that I would come. You should be proud. You just saved the world."

Then it was Sport's turn to speak. "What about our parents? And the others?" He pointed to the hostages, whom were all lying on the floor. The evil Lupes had disappeared along with Natsirt.

"Oh, yes." Riamun swept his paw, and healing magic flowed itself to all the sorcerers, reviving them. They all looked extremely confused. With another sweep of his paw, Riamun made them all disappear.

"I sent them home," he said, seeing their confused faces. "And it's about time you went home, too. I have to destroy this place."

Fanger's mouth dropped.

"Destroy it?" Eniad cried.

"Calm down, I'm just sealing it off so the Snowager can't get in. There is still dark magic in here, and anyone can be vulnerable to it," Riamun said calmly. "Now, I'm going to send you home." And with a sweep of his paw, they all vanished.


"Eniad? Wake up, honey,"

"Hmm?" she mumbled.

Her grandma was standing over her, smiling. Eniad bolted up in fear.

"What? What happened? Am I in heaven? Grandma, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be dead! Where's Riamun? Where's Fanger and Cloud and…"

"Honey, slow down. They're all right here." She pointed to her brothers and sister. They were pups!

"Wait a second…" Eniad looked at herself. She was a pup, too! "Grandma! We're supposed to be adults! We're not pups!"

Annala smiled. "Sounds like you were having an interesting dream, Eniad. Let me go get you some water," and she left the room.

Eniad turned on her siblings. "Do any of you know what happened?"

A deep voice answered. It was Riamun, sitting in the corner of their cave.

"I brought you back to your childhood. None of the adults know what happened. This is a secret you must keep, Eniad. If you tell anyone, it will come true in the future," he said.

"So, it was a dream?"

"No, it was real, but I rotated time backwards so you can realise your destiny."

"Our destiny? What destiny?"

"You're destiny to stop all evil. To follow in my footsteps. This is only the beginning, Eniad. You will see what I mean, later." And he vanished just as Annala came back with her water. Eniad drank, and her siblings watched her. Annala left the room again. Eniad turned to them.

"Do you know, too?" she asked them.

They all smiled and winked at her. She smiled back. She knew that their secret was safe.

For now.

The End

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