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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 20 > Short Stories > The Way Things Turn Out

The Way Things Turn Out

by shingamii

Wuufeii the Yellow Lupe sighed and kept walking home. Boredom was setting inů he could feel it. School was over, but what was he going to do? He'd read all his Christmas books, Birthday books - Actually he'd read all his books. His owner or 'mother', Shingamii had decided they were going to save up for a while, and then go on a HUGE shopping spree. He really couldn't wait. But until then. Boredom. He'd seen ALL of the Gundam Wing episodes his mother owned.

Sometimes, he'd actually think about what it would be like with a baby brother or sister. But the thought was always quickly pushed out of his head. His friends, who had brother or sisters, said they were pains. WuuFeii agreed, but he couldn't help but feel lonely. He needed something to occupy himů. Then it smacked him in the face! Literally! You see, while our Lupe had been thinking, he had ever so intelligently walked into a shop window.

"The pain," WuuFeii looked up at the shop window, blushing slightly and then gasped. The shop that he smacked into was selling Paint Brushes and PetPet Paint Brushes! "WICKED!" he exclaimed, jumping to his feet - in his case, paws. The Lupe dashed inside. He felt like he had walked into a magical land. Rainbow Paint Brushes glittered and sparkled all the colours of the rainbow, while the light on the Fire Paint Brushes danced like it was really alight. That's what caught our young 'hero's' attention. The Fire Paint Brush. Nobody he knew was painted in Fire. Some were Faerie, others Cloud, but none Fire. He grinned. WuuFeii had something to relieve his boredom..

"MUM! I'M HOME!" yelled WuuFeii, an hour late - as usual.

"WuuFeii! Where have you been?" exclaimed Shingamii, slightly annoyed. "Dinner is cold. 'Feii, have you EVER eaten a HOT dinner?" she questioned.

"Ah, no..." WuuFeii said sheepishly.

"Hn," Shingamii muttered.

"Mum, since we are saving up for that shopping spree, there is no chance I can get a Fire Paint Brush is there?" he said in a quick rush, while shoveling down the pizza. "No 'Feii. There isn't," Shingamii said sadly. "You could TRY and earn money though. Through selling all your old toys and other junk I find in your room. You and me could clean up the shop a bit. Find more stuff to sell. Anything like that. Maybe you could start getting pocket money," Shingamii pondered while eating some cold Hawaiian pizza.

"Yeah!! I'll start right now! Thanks Mum!" WuuFeii said in a rush, kissed Shingamii good night, and ran off to bed.

"I wonder about him sometimes," Shingamii said lightly, shaking her head.


"Get your lemonade! Icy cold lemonade! Only 500 Neopoints a Glass!" yelled the hyperactive young Lupe happily. It was a sunny Saturday, the Pteris were singing, the grass was growing and WuuFeii was going to earn some 'dough'.

"WUUFEII!! What are you doing?" exclaimed Shingamii, dashing down the front steps, with WuuFeii's Anubis on her heels.

"Hi Mum! Hiya Treize!" said WuuFeii as he picked up Treize, who barked happily at him.

"WuuFeii? What is the meaning of you selling Lemonade for 500 Neopoints?!" Shingamii said, crossing her arms and glaring at him.

"What's wrong with that?" he asked confused. Treize barked, as if to say 'How stupid can you get 'Feii?'

Shingamii laughed gently. "WuuFeii, you can't price lemonade that high! No one would buy it! I wouldn't even!"

WuuFeii's ears drooped. "Oh. That's why no one would by it," he moaned miserably.

Shingamii grinned and picked him up, Anubis and all. "'Feii, it's okay! Let's just bring the price down to 20 Neopoints, okay?"

WuuFeii grinned suddenly. "Okay then!"

Treize barked in agreement.

"Finally! I'm off to get my Paint Brush and I'm gonna get painted FIREE!!" WuuFeii sang as he jogged down the road that led to the Paint Brush shop. "I can't believe this is happening!" he grinned. For the past few months, he'd been doing jobs for other Neopians and pets, had a few garage sales and had sold a lot of Lemonade. So, he could now afford A FIRE Paint Brush!!

In WuuFeii's opinion, this was going to be the best day of his life. Oh, besides the day that Shingamii took him home, but that doesn't count. Even though WuuFeii was surrounded by people and was in an incredibly good mood - he suddenly felt lonely. He couldn't help wondering, what it would be like to share this feeling with someone.. Like a brother or sister. "Nah," WuuFeii said under his breath.

"Keep quiet, you mangy mongrel!" yelled a voice nearby.

"Huh?" WuuFeii said looking around for the cause. Then he saw it. An old man was dragging a little baby blue Gelert by its ears. WuuFeii felt slightly sick.

"HEY! OLD MAN! LEAVE HIM ALONE!" WuuFeii yelled, dashing over to the old man. The old man coldly glared at him. "Why? I was going to drop him down into Neo-Falls, so the rotten little creature won't come back," the old man said.

The poor baby Gelert was whimpering and crying softly. "You can't do that! You can't!" WuuFeii growled. Why wouldn't anyone help him?

"I can and I will. The only way this little BRAT is going to live, is if someone buys him off me for 1000 Neopoints." The old man growled, with a toothless grin.

"1000 NEOPOINTS!" WuuFeii exclaimed. The poor Gelert! Suddenly it came to him (whereas it came to the rest of us a minute ago). He could buy the Gelert! He had enough! And probably still have enough to by a Fire Paint Brush! But wait, Shingamii couldn't afford to have two Neopets! Gelert's took a lot of taking care of. The only way Shingamii could afford a Gelert was if she had more money! WuuFeii took one long look at the Fire Paint Brush, and then turned and looked at the bundle of blue fur in the man's hand.

"I'll take him," WuuFeii said coldly.

The old man looked shocked. "You will?"

WuuFeii nodded. "I will." Wuufeii handed over the 1000 Neopoints.

The man smirked and handed over the baby Gelert. It looked up at WuuFeii with its big, azure eyes. WuuFeii grinned. He knew whom he was going to name him after.

"Hey Mirialdo! Are you okay?" he asked the baby Gelert. Mirialdo nodded. "Then let's go home and try to explain to your new Mummy WHY she has a cute little Gelert!"

Mirialdo nodded again. "By the way, my name's WuuFeii! But most people call me 'Feii," he explained to his new little brother.

"Okay, 'Feii," Mirialdo said in a small voice.

The two began to walk in the direction of the house.

"What's your favourite food?" questioned WuuFeii.

"Pizza!" exclaimed the young Gelert.

"Hey! That's mine too!"


One Month Laterů


The End

There is only one moral to this story. "You can't chase a Paint Brush around the house." Thanks For Reading about my NeoPets!

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