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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 20 > Short Stories > Oputuk and Cumulo: Snow Daze

Oputuk and Cumulo: Snow Daze

by blueberry13579

“Watch it!” Cumulo yelled as Oputuk smoked him in the head with another snowball. It was winter time in Neopia and all the NeoPets were enjoying the snow. Well the NeoPets that is, their PetPets were being pummeled with snowballs.

“I said watch it! Cumulo yelled as Oputuk knocked him over with a huge snowball.

“Ha-ha! I win!” Oputuk called, prancing through the snow.

“Win?!” Cumulo yelled, attempting to free himself from the deep snow bank. “What were we playing?” He said, anger in his voice as he fell once again into the soft snow.

“We were playing ‘Pummel Cumulo With Snowballs And Laugh In His Face Once You Win’!” Oputuk said happily, a huge smirk on his face.

“Oh ha-ha,” Cumulo said dryly, “now pull me out of this stupid snow bank!!”

Oputuk grabbed Cumulo by his scarf and tugged. “Ack-ack, your gonna choke me Oputuk!” Cumulo rasped.

“Sorry,” he said, letting go.

At that Cumulo fell again into the snow. “For faerie's sake Oputuk! Can you do something for me for once?!” Cumulo yelled, flailing his mitten covered hands in the air.

“I do do everything for you Cumulo, but I never said I’d do it right,” he said smartly.

“I need to find myself another NeoPet,” Cumulo muttered as he started to lose the feeling in his behind.


“Well Cumulo,” Blueberry said, “now that your out of that snow bank, no thanks to Oputuk,” she glared at the huge Chomby, “you can sit by the fire while you unfreeze your little bum.” She gave him a pat on the head and walked away. Cumulo mumbled angrily under the many blankets.

“You look cold Cumulo!” Natt, the Faerie Gelert, Oputuk’s little sister said to him.

“No Natt, I’m-”

Before he could finish Natt threw yet another blanket around Cumulo’s head. Now his voice was muffled even more, but it was obvious he was yelling. “This could not get any worse,” Cumulo said dryly, poking his mouth through a little opening in the blankets.

At that, Pineca, Natt’s Anubis, leaped onto Cumulo’s head a cuddled into the blankets for a nap. “I stand corrected,” he muttered, the blankets covering his mouth once again.

“No Oputuk, shovel the snow, don’t eat it,” Blueberry said to him as they tried to clear the walkway to their NeoHome of snow. “But why not?” He asked through a mouth full of snow, “It’s harder to shovel snow than it is to eat it!” He swallowed the snow and clutched his head in agony.

“Oputuk what is it!?” Blueberry rushed to his side.

“Brain freeze!” he yelled, falling onto his back.

“Oh cry me a river,” Blueberry laughed and picked up her shovel once again.

“And so the Gelert finally made her way home after being rescued by the handsome prince!” Natt swooned as she finished reading yet another story to a very warm and bored Cumulo.

“Wasn’t that just the best story ever!” she asked, closing the book.

“What? Oh yeah!” Cumulo said, attempting to wriggle free of the smothering blankets.

Natt got up to get another book and Pineca growled at Cumulo’s movements.

“Oh quit your sqawkin’ ya flea bag!” Cumulo said, tossing the annoyed Anubis onto the floor along with the 10 blankets.

Pineca growled and stalked away. “Now to get away from Dr. Natt over there,” he said to himself, ready to make his getaway.

“Cumulo no!” Natt yelled, dropping the book and grabbing the little Triffin.

She sat him back down and wrapped the blankets around him once again. “You’re not better yet Cumulo, you have to save up your strength so you can play in the snow again!” she said, opening the book ‘Caring For Your PetPet’.

“Someone please save me!” Cumulo whined.


“Oputuk stop it!” Blueberry yelled at him. Oputuk had just made a snowman which looked like a Chia, but he had his head where the Chia’s was suppose to be and he looked awfully stupid.

“Sorry mum,” he said, coming out from behind the headless snow-Chia, “Shoveling is just so boring!” He fell backwards, crushing the snow-Chia. “Whoopsy,” he said, getting to his feet and looking down at the spot where the headless snow-Chia had once stood.

“Well, now that he’s gone will you help me finish shoveling?” Blueberry asked him.

“Yeah I guess,” Oputuk sighed, “I hope Cumulo is having more fun than me.”

“Must move feet,” Cumulo said, shaking back and forth, his eyes wide, “need to go outside.”

The poor Triffin was in a daze from all of Natt’s boring stories. Pineca had also taken a liking to Cumulo’s head once again and swayed with Cumulo’s motions.

“I think your all better Cumulo!” Natt said cheerfully, “You can go play with Oputuk now!”

She removed the blankets from him and he burst towards the door, laughing madly and sending Pineca sailing through the air.

Oputuk didn’t know what was happening, but Cumulo had just sailed out of the door and landed in a huge snowbank which Blueberry had piled. He was now jumping madly in the snow, laughing hysterically.

“Is he all right?” Blueberry said, an odd look on her face.

“Cumulo, are you okay?” Oputuk walked up to Cumulo, who was swaying back and forth in the snow. He stopped and his face returned to normal and he stopped swaying.

“Of course I’m all right, where did you get the idea that I wasn’t?” he said, getting to his feet, “I mean I wasn’t acting like a mad Triffin or jumping around in the snow!” He jumped onto the cleared walkway and brushed the snow from his bum. “I’m gone for a minute and they all go nuts,” he said, shaking his head and reentering the house.

“O.....K,” Blueberry said, “That was weird.”

“Nah!” Oputuk said, waving his huge foot in the air, “It’s only normal behaviour for him!” And he went back to building another snow-Chia.


“Look Mom!” Oputuk yelled to Blueberry. “Snow-Triffin!” He pointed to the miniature Triffin made of snow.

“Wow Oputuk! That’s really good!” she said, standing in the doorway, “Cumulo has to see this. Speaking of Cumulo, where is he?” Then she saw the three eyes of the snow-Triffin blink. “Oputuk!!! Is that Cumulo!!”

Oputuk smiled innocently, “Maybe.”

“Oputuk get him out of there!”

She ran to Cumulo the Snow-Triffin and brushed the snow off of him. “Look Mom! Ice-Triffin!!” Oputuk held up a frozen Cumulo.


And so the family had a great day, or daze for Cumulo. If your wondering, I did manage to unfreeze him, though he still hasn’t gotten rid of that cold. And I think I can speak for Cumulo, he’s never going to go outside with Oputuk in the snow! Or maybe he will. It’s either that or have Pineca sleep on his head and have Natt read him stories all day. *Sighs* This is going to be a long winter.

The End

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