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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 123 > Short Stories > Magic Comes Within

Magic Comes Within

by chia_lover01

Snow opened the curtains to her bedroom window, and realized the first patch of snow had fallen on this crisp winter morning. She just woke up, and still could feel the butterflies in her stomach she had the night before. It was her first ice skating competition, a day she had waited for for quit some time. As she was in the midst of a large yawn, she heard her owner call her from down stairs. “Snow! Are you awake? Breakfast is ready, we have to hurry. You don’t want to be late for your first competition do you?”

     “I’ll be right down!” the chubby Bruce yelled back while looking through her closet to find something decent to wear. Snow hurriedly picked out her favorite pink sweater and skipped down the stairs. Before she entered the kitchen, she stopped momentarily to admire the magnificent Christmas tree they had decorated a couple nights before. Most of the presents were already wrapped and sat perfectly under the tree. Snow had her eye on a specific one. It was a large package with a big red bow at the top, with shiny snowflake wrapping. Snow wasn’t aloud to shake the presents, but at that moment she had the biggest urge to grab it and shake it. She bent down near the present and just as she put her hand on the beautiful package…

     “SNOW! I thought I told you not to touch those!”

     “I-I wasn’t doing anything, I promise! I was just admiring how beautifully it was wrapped,” Snow said to her owner as she gave a mischievous smile.

     Snow’s owner smirked at her and replied, “Okay... well come in here and eat your breakfast before it gets cold.”

     Snow rushed into the kitchen and plopped down into one of the chairs set around the oak wood table. Her owner placed a nice helping of Faerie pancakes in front of her Bruce and smiled. “Eat up; you need all the strength and food you can get today. I bet you’re excited?”

     Snow was already stuffing her face full of pancakes; she looked up at her owner with bulging checks and shook her head up and down in response.

     “Okay, well finish up fast, we only have an hour before the competition,” Snow’s owner said while trying to hold in her laughter.

     Snow gobbled down the rest of her pancakes and wiped the excess crumbs off her chunky checks. She ran into the living room, and then into the kitchen again.

     “What are you doing?” her owner asked in utter confusion.

     “I’m trying to find my ice skates… have you seen them anywhere?” Snow asked while franticly searching for her lucky skates. These ice skates are very special to Snow, she has had them since she started skating, and calls them her lucky skates.

     “No dear I haven’t seen them, don’t worry I’m sure you’ll find them. Did you look in your room yet?”

     “No I haven’t, I thought I left them right here by the front door… I’ll go check in my room,” Snow said while rushing up the stairs to her room. A few minutes later Snow came down in tears. “I don’t know where they can be, I’ve looked every where for them, but I can’t find them any where!” Both Snow and her owner searched the whole house from top to bottom, but had no luck in finding her ice skates. It was already almost time for the competition, with Snow’s ice skates no where in site.

     “What am I going to do?! I can’t go to the competition without them! I guess I won’t be able to go,” Snow said while trying to compose herself.

     “Wait right here, I think I know the solution…” Snow’s owner said with a gentle smile on her face. She walked over to the large Christmas tree and knelt down to the package Snow had her eye on a few minutes before. She walked over to Snow and handed her the package. “Open it, I know its not Christmas yet, but I think these are needed right now.”

     Snow’s eyes lit up like the Christmas lights on the tree. She quickly ripped open the wrapping paper and bow. When she opened the stark white box, it revealed brand new ice skates, with little pink laces down the front. “Thank you so much!” Snow said as she practically strangled her owner while giving her the biggest hug ever.

     “Your very welcome, she said grinning at her eldest pet, Now lets get going!”

     They jumped in there red car and speed off to Terror Mountain, where the annual ice skating competition was held. As they arrived they saw many other Neopians warming up for the competition. Snow started to shake with fear and clutched her owner’s hand with all her might as they walked down to the ice rink. “By any chance are you nervous?” Snow’s owner said dripping with sarcasm.

     Snow looked up at her owner with a big smirk on her face, “Yes, of course I am, wouldn’t you be? I don’t even have my lucky ice skates! I’m probably going to lose, look at all these great competitors.”

     After those words left Snow’s beak, Snow’s owner stopped right in her tracks and knelt down to her Bruce. “I know your upset about your skates, but it doesn’t matter. In fact the skates aren’t even lucky, you are the one that make all the magic. With out you, the skates would just be flat on the ground, helpless.”

     Snow’s frown quickly turned into a smile. And after her owner said that to her, she had more confidence then all the other competitors combined. When the announcer called out her name, she gave her owner a big hug, stood real tall, and walked out onto the ice. As the music started, she gracefully twirled and swirled all across the ice. The judges oohed and aahed at her magnificent performance. All four judges gave her a perfect ten!

     After her performance her owner greeted her at the gate and gave her a big hug. “You did wonderfully sweetie!”

     “You were right, I didn’t have anything to do with my lucky skates, I can do it with out them!” Snow exclaimed with so much happiness that it looked as if she were about to burst.

     They both took each others hand and walked back over to there seats to observe the rest of the performers. There were many great performances, and Snow once again became extremely nervous. Her hands became clammy, and the butterflies reappeared in her stomach. Snow’s owner automatically noticed her tension and grabbed her hand. “Don’t worry, you did just as good as or even better than all of them.”

     Just then, the head judge came over the announcer, “Ladies, gentlemen, and pets of Neopia, we have reached the final scores and are ready to announce the winners. In third place we have lil_dragon, in second we have sweetie_pie, and in first we have... Snow!

     As Snow heard her name announced for first place she jumped up out of her seat and raced towards the judges. When she received her shiny gold medal around her neck, she nearly fainted from excitement.

     After the competition, Snow could not stop smiling and she refused to take off her medal. As they walked up there neopian cottage’s steps, her owner told her she had another surprise for her. And when she opened the door she nearly feel over as all her friends and family yelled, “SURPRISE!!” A big banner in the front room read “Congratulations Snow!” On the left of her stood a large table full of all different kinds of goodies to eat. Snow couldn’t have asked for a better surprise. They all enjoyed hours of talking, eating, and dancing. By the time all the guests left, it was way past Snow’s bed time and she was already fast asleep on the couch. Snow’s owner gently picked her up and carried her into her bedroom.

     As Snow’s owner tucked her tightly into her bed, Snow woke suddenly, put her hands around her owner’s neck and gave her a peck on the check. “Thank you,” and that’s all she said before she feel fast asleep. And as Snow’s owner walked out of the room, tears fell down her checks, as she realized her little Bruce was growing up.

The End

Authors note: If this is entered into the NT I would like to thank a few people that made this story possible for me to write. Thank you to kitten_purr for looking over my story and giving me some advice. Also a big thanks to stoneman3x for inspiring me to keep on writing. Happy Holidays everyone!

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