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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 123 > Short Stories > Money Can't Buy You Love, But it Can Buy a Meowclops

Money Can't Buy You Love, But it Can Buy a Meowclops

by softcouch

Today marked Topax_Firestar's SECOND year birthday. I loved my yellow Lupe so much, that on this day, I spoilt him rotten with unnecessary gifts. Me, Topax and my other three pets all sat around the dinner table that night, eager for cake. Longtail (my baby Aisha) and Smallpuppy (my baby Lupe) drooled with delight as I light the candles. We all started to sing at that very moment to Topax, "Happy Birthday to you…" When the song was over, we all cheered as Xerxes, my green Lupe, cut the cake and handed each of us a slice.

     I was about to chomp on the chocolate frosting covered cake when I noticed a small gray figure claw it's way up onto the table right next to Topax. Topax petted his Meowclops petpet, making the kitten-like-petpet purr softly. Topax then broke off a tiny piece of his birthday cake and fed it to his companion, who was now chewing on the pastry happily. Topax spotted me looking at him and Fuzzy, and knowing the rule of petpets at the table, frowned and sat his petpet on the floor. He looked back at me, but I was smiling, signaling that it was okay this once to let Fuzzy eat from the table. After all, it was Topax's birthday, right?

     Xerxes had offered to help me wash the dishes after our meal, but I declined his offer and told him to go and join Topax, Longtail, and Smallpuppy, who were playing happily together outside. I began to wash the dishes and think about that one night when I found poor Fuzzy, lost and starving. The scraggily little creature had miraculously found its way into my home, and soon, into Topax's arms. I smiled, remembering the joy I had brought my yellow Lupe one year ago. For some reason, he was fond of felines, unlike me; especially when they claw up the furniture!

     "Do you mind if I go out for an hour or so, and go check the auctions to see if there are any good deals?" I called out to my pets.

     They shook their heads, signaling that it was quite alright. We exchanged goodbye waves as I headed out the door. So, with lots of Neopoints on hand, I headed down to the big auction house, hoping to snag a good deal.

     Inside were many stalls set up, some with hundreds of different people and pets crowed around them, while others were left alone. I walked by most of them, browsing at the items they had on display, some were overpriced while others were items that nobody would ever want in their house.

     "'Jetsam Movers'," I read aloud the title of a book on display. I looked up at the owner; a cheerful and smiling young Poogle, who waiting patiently for someone to come and place a bid on the item.

     "How much do you want the first bid to be?" I began to ask when I overheard the auctioneer start calling out high prices.

     "How much do I hear for the furry little petpet? 103,000? Do I hear 104,000? YES! Anymore bids? 110,000?!?! Great! 110k going once... Going twice... SOLD to the purple Cybunny with the red collar!" came the auctioneer's voice from the stall next to me.

     Dropping the book, I raced over to the next stall, just as the crowds were leaving. The Scorchio noticed me standing right in front of him and shook his head.

     "I'm sorry but you cannot bid anymore on this item; it's closed."

     "What was that!?" I managed to get out between gasps for air.

     "Was what?"

     "The item that just now sold for 110k! What was it?!"

     "Why don't you take a look for yourself?" The auctioneer stepped aside to let me take a peek at the 110k worth item.

     There, sat upon the white clothed table, was a silvery cage. Inside lay a baby Meowclops, eyes wide and full of wonder. I stepped up to it as my mouth dropped down to the floor. Just at that very minute, the purple Cybunny with the red collar came striding up proudly and took the cage into his paws, and striding away towards the exit.

     "WAIT!" I called out, running after him.

     He came to a sudden halt and turned to me, "Yes?" he asked impatiently, as if he wanted to hurry home so he could show his family the 'prize' he had brought back.

     "Are Meowclops REALLY worth that much?"

     He snorted and rolled his eyes. "Where have you been?" He peered at me as if I was from another planet. "Don't you know that Meowclops are RARE?"

     Rare… I repeated the words again in my head.

     He swiftly turned again, this time power-walking towards the exit, as if he didn't want to make contact with me again. I took to me heels and headed towards home, leaving the Cybunny right behind me.

     All my pets were playing a nice quiet, yet fun, board game in the living room. The peacefulness was spontaneously interrupted as I burst in, eager to tell the news I had found. I frantically turned my head this way and that, trying to spot the furry Meowclops. "Aha!" I exclaimed when I found the one eyed feline. I scooped him up and ran back to the living room, where my pets were still blinking confused as to what had just happened.

     "Couch…what's all this about?" Smallpuppy curiously inquired.

     I spun around excitedly, swinging Fuzzy and almost making him dizzy. "TOPAX! Do you know how much Fuzzy is worth?!"

     Topax smiled and took Fuzzy from my arms. "Yeah… Priceless! He's the best petpet in all of Neopia!" He stroked the Meowclops and once again, made that purring noise.

     "No!!! You're wrong!! Meowclops sell for 100k!!"

     Topax, Xerxes, and Smallpuppy all stopped what they were doing and looked at me, not believing the surprising news.

     Longtail raised her hand. "Um… What does 'k' mean?"

     "One-thousand," Smallpuppy clarified. "When Couch says, '100k', it means, 100,000 NP."

     "We're going to be rich!!" I exclaimed once again.

     "No!" Shot out Topax's stern toned voice.

     I stopped twirling and looked at him, as if he was mad. "What??"

     "I don't want to sell him, Couch," came the stern voice once again.

     "But why not Topax?" I inquired, this time with worry in my voice. "I can get you a new petpet."

     "I love Fuzzy! I don't want another petpet, even if Fuzzy is worth a lot of money!"

     "But Topax! We could be rich!" I pleaded again.

     "NO!" yelled Topax's voice, as he and Fuzzy ran away to his bedroom.

     I've never seen him this angry before… I thought as I stood there irresolutely in the middle of the living room, my other three pets' eyes fixed upon me.

     "Couch…?" came Longtail's soft voice. "I think I'm going to go to bed now... it is 8:30pm after all…"

     Her statement was followed by murmurs of agreement from Xerxes and Smallpuppy. And so, without even waiting for an answer from me, they both ran off to their bedrooms.

     I sat in the dining room, drinking a hot cup of borovan, and watching the clock tick and tock. I thought and thought about my Lupe's stand against my will.

     I was only trying to do the best thing possible… I pondered as I took another sip of my borovan. …Or WAS it the right thing?

     I plucked up some courage and marched straight down the hall to Topax's room. I lifted my left hand and began to gently, but firmly, knock on the door.

     "What?" came a defiant voice from the room.

     "It's me Topax. May I come in?"

     I long silence passed between the door and myself.


     "Okay, you can come in."

     I opened up his door and walked carefully in. Topax was armed with about half a dozen pillows, five purple blob potions, an ancient Lupe wand, a Lupe battle claw and a seasonal battle duck. I looked at him, wondering why he had set out all his weapons (and pillows), but then, I saw his little Meowclops sitting on the bed next to him. Around Fuzzy's neck hung a cardboard sign that read in big, red print, "COME AND GET HIM"

     "Topax," I put my hands on my hips, "you're being silly." I took a step forward as a pillow came hurtling towards my head. Topax was incredibly strong and so that pillow he threw actually hurt.

     "Stay away!" shouted Topax as he raised another pillow as a warning sign.

     "I come in peace!" I shouted back, and not taking another step forward.

     He lowered the pillow. "What are you… some kind of alien?"

     "No, but I do want to talk with you."

     Topax relaxed a bit and answered me, "Okay… but no tricks!"

     I sat next to him. "Topax… don't you think you're being a little bit silly? I'm only thinking about what would be best for our family."

     "Yeah, but did you think about what I wanted?"

     There was a pause of silence.

     "After all Couch, he is my petpet."

     I sighed and got up. "It's late, Topax." I slowly made my way to the door. "I think it would be best if you went to bed." I closed the door quietly on my way out, still thinking about today. I was tired, so I retired for the night.

     Despite my late sleep, I woke up pretty early. Well, earlier than all my other pets. I slipped on my Cybunny slippers and headed downstairs towards the kitchen. This morning I would make Faerie pancakes. An hour or so later Xerxes, Smallpuppy, and Longtail all woke up and were ready to dine on the delicious fluffy Faerie food.

     "Where is Topax?" Longtail asked politely before eating her breakfast.

     I sighed as I began to answer her question. "He had a late night… he probably won't be awake for another hour or so."

     Just at that very moment, Topax appeared with Fuzzy following loyally. Topax looked as if he had gotten enough sleep, unlike myself.

     "'Morning Topax. Do you want a pancake?" Xerxes asked.

     Topax nodded and sat down at his usual spot, hungry for food.

     "So… Couch… are you going to sell Topax's petpet?" Longtail asked through her munches of pancake.

     I smiled. "Nah, I don't think so. Playing games is just so much more fun than taking the easy way out of earning money."

     Topax smiled and petted his petpet. Everyone else smiled too, knowing that Topax was happy that is petpet was staying.

The End

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