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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 109 > Continuing Series > The Legend of the Island Mystic: Part Three

The Legend of the Island Mystic: Part Three

by chulien9922

Previously in the story Vin, a yellow Kyrii, was abandoned. At the pound Sloth intruded and took Vin for experimenting. During the experiments, Vin's sense for telling the future and in sensing danger had become clearer. He escaped from the lab, knowing powerful secrets about Sloth's next move. Two Grundo Guards are now on his trail. Vin is locked in a cupboard and one of the guards is questioning about the cupboard.

"It's really nice, where'd you get it?"

     "Come on Grunt, let's go."

     "Oh, coming."

     The Grundo chef let a breath of relief and freed Vin.

     "You didn't tell me that evil mutant Grundos are planning to take you back to their laboratory so they could find information on Kyriis to help them take over the Neopia."

     "What, how did you know?"

     "Well… there's this good customer of mine who tells me all about it, he works for Sloth and trusts me. You could say I'm a spy."

     "Then why didn't you tell the Space Faerie?"

     "The Space Faerie had received enough headaches from sensing this danger. No one dare disturbs her."

     "Well you could of helped free some pets or told Fyora."

     "Don't you know that if I rescue some pets it'll arouse suspicion, they might move the lab somewhere far away and my customer might not buy from me or tell me anything anymore? And what's the use trying to tell Fyora? She's a hundred and one percent sure Sloth has left us. She calls anyone who thinks Sloth's alive mad, I tried.

     "Well that's not the problem right now; you got to get out of here. Take my space cruiser to get away. See that Gormball stadium? There's a trash can next to it. Move it aside and fall into the hole under it. You will then land on my cruiser. Say 'start engine' and then you steer it to where you want to go. It's simple, best of luck, you'll need it to get away. And another thing, hold your breath and press the pedal continuously."

     Trying to remember what the chef had said, Vin thanked him and started off towards the trash can. Just as he was moving it aside, the Grundo Guards spotted him and ran towards him. Vin took a big breath of air and jumped out of sight. "Start engine!" he bellowed.

     "Where'd he go?" Grunt asked.

     "Over there," Grump, the other guard yelled, pointing out the window where he saw Vin riding away. "To the spaceship!"

     Vin was steering downward, losing air quickly. The guards soon caught up with him, their ship was a lot bigger than his. Vin suddenly lost all air and his face was streaked with tears. The ship shot once and missed. It shot again and hit the cruiser, barely missing Vin's leg, but Vin felt the burn. The engine had been shot, and he was crashing towards Neopia at an alarming rate.


Where am I? Vin looked up. He was surrounded by water, but it only came up to his waist. It was very relaxing. Half of the broken cruiser lay a few yards in front of him, while the other half was right behind him. Vin as felt strong as before and wasn't hungry anymore.

     "So you've awakened." A water Faerie sitting on a rock was watching him. "I'm Aurora, and you're at the Healing Springs in Faerieland. You fell from the skies above Faerieland and I healed you at once. Are you okay?"

     "Yeah, I s'pose," said Vin getting up. He really wanted to just lie down and sleep again, but he had to get away, where to, he didn't know. "Thanks for saving me, I'll do a fortune for you, you will have good luck at the Wheel of Excitement today."

     The Faerie decided to try her luck after he left and spin the wheel. She won ten thousand Neopoints. I can't believe my luck, she thought. Perhaps the Neopet has some talent in telling fortunes, I should tell Fyora.

     That night was, in fact, the Faerie meeting, where Faeries all over Neopia take a break from their duties and meet in Faerieland once a year.

     "You're looking quite stylish in your outfit, Bubbles."

     "Thank you, and you look great in your garb as well Aaron."

     "Hey Aurora, over here."

     "Oh, hi Aaron, hi Bubbles!"

     "Hey, what's the rush Aurora?" Bubbles the Earth Faerie asked.

     "Yeah, we only meet once a year, come on, join us," Aaron the Fire Faerie said.

     "Sorry, I'm busy right now. Meet you at the Faerie court later," Aurora replied.

     "What could possibly be more important than this, we won't get to see each other until next year, geez," Bubbles said in disgust.

     "Oh, I'm sure Aurora has some reason, she is quite reasonable. Come on, I really want to try those cream cookies Illusen has," Aaron said.

     Meanwhile at the Faerie Queen's Palace…

     "Is there something that troubles you Aurora?" asked Fyora.

     "No, nothing's troubling me, it's just that I found a pet with a talent." Aurora replied.

     "Yes, there are many talents that pets have."

     "But I'm sure this one is the queerest of all. A yellow Kyrii, who fell from the skies above Faerieland, could foretell the future. He told me to spin the Wheel of Excitement and I won ten thousand Neopoints."

     "It's not impossible to win ten thousand Neopoints.," Fyora replied calmly. "It must have been luck."

     "But I'm sure he has such a power," Aurora retorted.

     "I did not make such a talent. Neopets could become a born Battledome fighter or a successful business pet but foretelling the future? I don't think so."


     "No buts. In the Neopets game there is nothing out of the ordinary! Everything is created by something, and I know everything that was created. Sloth only acts his way because the Neopets team made it that way! Darigan is only evil because the Neopets team made it this way! Sloth would not start a war unless the Neopets team created that. I know because they created me! Now be gone while I decorate the ball room."

     "But the NeoPets team doesn't know about our meeting."

     Fyora blushed. "Well besides that."

     "Or the fact that a Faerie once tried to keep a neopet."

     "How did you know about that incident? Whatever, just leave."

     Aurora trudged off, slightly offended, towards the Faerie court. As she walked away, someone who was peering though a crack in the wall had listened to everything and a smile slowly went up its face.


The next day, Vin woke up from the cloud he had slept on and decided to find a way out. If he had an owner, he could easily go from Faerieland to Neopia Central at the click of the mouse, but right now the most he could think of was getting a parachute and jumping, but where in Faerieland could a pet find one of those? Suddenly a cold, chilling feeling went up his spine. There was a shadow cast upon him. Slowly he turned his head towards the figure behind him.

     Standing right behind Vin was a cloaked figure. It grabbed Vin's arm and dragged him to the edge of Faerieland. It probably wants to drop me, after all this cold feeling keeps ringing inside me, or is it that I'm afraid of heights? Vin thought. The cloaked figure snapped its bony fingers twice (which sounded a lot like snapping twigs), and sooner than you could say petpets are expensive, a small, foul smelling, purple cloud drifted at their feet.

     "Get on," the creature snarled and Vin obeyed. The creature climbed on as well and the cloud drifted away to a full version type of that cloud. They got off and the creature directed it to a palace. Inside it was several owners.

     The figure took off her cloak revealing a Dark Faerie "Welcome to my cloud," she said. "I am Jhudora the Dark Faerie You poor fellow must be hungry. Fancy for a lollypop?" She reached in her cloak and pulled out a poisonous lollypop. Vin refused.

     "What's wrong with you? Don't you like lollypops?!"

     "Actually I do, I just don't like the poison."

     "It won't hurt you. What about an apple?"

     "No thanks, I'm allergic."

     "What's wrong with you? Then what do you want!"

     "Um, Jhudora?"

     "What is it, Sammy176543892?"

     "Your Ga Ga Grub. I brought it."

     Jhudora blushed. "Well, you were two seconds late."

     "But Jhudora-"

     "Call me your goddess," Jhudora hissed. She pulled a lever and the owner fell out of the cloud. Vin stared wide-eyed.

     "Oh, don't worry, they just returned to Faerieland. I wanted to tie them in a chamber and set noxious fume on them, but Fyora wouldn't allow it. Next!" A few owners ran away.

     "What would you want?" Jhudora asked Vin.

     "Um... uh." Vin wanted to give them something easy. "How about a rainbow gun?"

     Are you kidding? He's on level forty-seven! Where's my Wand of Supernova."

     "But Jhudora--" the owner pleaded.

     "That's your goddess to you," Jhudora corrected.

     "But your goddess, anything but that!"

     "I'm sure my little friend here would like it."

     "Actually, I would rather have--"

     "QUIET!!!" Jhudora pulled her lever and the owner fell. "You are taking too long!" she shouted after him. "Now, you foolish little Kyrii, I tried being nice, but I think I'll have to do this the hard way. Do me a fortune or you will pay!!"

     "Why didn't you ask in the first place? All right, I'll do one."

     "Hurry up, you are taking too long!"

     Vin couldn't think of something right now, but he knew that if he didn't hurry up, something really bad would happen to him. He couldn't sense anything about her. "Tell me now!"

     "You will have good fortune at the Wheel of Excitement," Vin cried without thinking and sooner than you could say the Turmaculus just ate my expensive petpet, she was gone.

     An owner just stepped in. "Where's Jhudora?" she asked.

     "She's gone right now, but I'll cover for her." The owner handed him a red Skeith Plushie.

     "Oh, how cute. Is something wrong?"

     "Yeah; I should be receiving my Jhudora T-shirt."

     "Oh yes, I'll go get it." Vin said and headed off.

     "Well, actually it was the Wand of the Dark Faerie"

     "All right." Vin reached into the cloak Jhudora had left on the floor. He was starting to sense dishonesty. "Here you go."

     "MuHaHaHaHa! I mean thank you." She scampered off.

     I should be going as well, Vin thought. Suddenly a chilling feel went up Vin's spine. She's coming.

     Vin was so worried that he didn't take time to think. He reached for the lever and pulled it and once again he was falling.


He woke up with water all around him. Am I back at the healing springs? "Are you all right?"

     A Neopet and its owner were staring at him. "Yeah I think so. Where am I?" "You're at the Rainbow Fountain. Are you sure you're all right. Maybe you should see a Water Faerie"

     "I'm all right. I sure was lucky to land in water." Vin walked out of the lake.

     There's something familiar about that Bruce and it's not my future telling, he thought.

     Unfortunately, Vin's color had changed to green. Vin strolled down the streets, hoping the shops would give out free samples of food. When Vin passed the bank, he would have been run over by a green Skeith and his Meerca companions, if he hadn't had sensed danger and looked behind.

     "Freeze. Put your paws in the air."

     Three Pteri policemen pinned Vin down.

     "I didn't do it, it was that Skeith!"

     "Yaw right," said a rather plump Pteri who eats jelly donuts everyday. "We were told a green thief with a long tail had just stolen money from the bank."

     "For crying out loud, and I'm not going to cry, it was Malkus Vile," Vin cried.

     "We'll see what Judge Hog has to say about that! Now what does Judge Hog say about that Ted?"

     "By the name of the paw, I mean law, surrender now!"

     "That's right. We're going to have to take you in."


     I can't believe it, Vin thought in his jail cell. "I'm innocent, innocent you hear!" This sucks more than the pound. I'm not supposed to be here. Won't anyone listen? If only Ashyann could see me now.

     After a few hours of staring at the steel bars, Vin fell asleep. It was a good dream. He dreamt that brighter things were to come.

To be continued…

Author's note: Yeah, I know there is no such thing as Neopian jails, owners only get frozen. And Neopets, well, they don't get in trouble.

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