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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 100 > Continuing Series > Somebody's Waiting to Take You Home: Part Three

Somebody's Waiting to Take You Home: Part Three

by missjessiegirl

Dancer folded his violet wings against his sides, and the experienced Faerie Kougra, along with his terrified Red Lupe pup passenger, plummeted with incredible speed towards the thick clouds of Faerieland. They tore through smaller clouds, and the pets below them screamed and leapt away as the Kougra hurtled towards them. At the last possible moment, Dancer threw his racing-striped wings up and braked furiously. And for the 2nd time that particular day, though she would do it many times in the future, Jem the Lupe pup flew ungracefully over his head and crashed without harm into the feathery soft clouds.

     "Ow. Do you have to be a stunt man every time you land?" Jem complained, rubbing her head gingerly with a crimson paw and wincing at the pain from the bruise. For she had crashed head first into a huge magenta fashion ramp, which Faerie Pet models parade up and down on while showing off their outfits, or in this case wings.

Dancer grinned saucily, showing off his fangs. "Yup." He gestured grandly with a humongous violet paw towards the Faerie Fashion ramp. "Here's the opportunity of your dreams. All those people over there could probably use a pet to love. Just pick one that you like. It's like shopping. See ya." He flapped hard and lifted himself in the air.

     The Faerie Kougra was about to zoom off into the sky, when Jem called to him, slightly annoyed. "Wait a minute! Aren't you going to help me?"

     Dancer smiled gently, and just replied, "It's your journey, Jem. You need to make it on your own. Trust your heart." Then he folded his wings and tore through the enormous cloud which Faerieland floated on. Then, he was gone, leaving only memories.

     Jem stared at the hole that his body made in the cloud, which rapidly filled itself in with whatever clouds are made of. She was disappointed and slightly afraid to go on by herself. "I wish he would have stayed," she said to herself, "but he's right. Only I can do this."

     Without letting herself take the second backward glance that her brain wanted, she trotted swiftly towards the platform where Faerie pets were flying up and down the long walkway, which was roped off to keep away uncontrollable fans. The pup ducked under the ropes and stood in the middle of the aisle, her paws sinking into the plush red carpet. She was unsure how to begin.

     Jem scanned the audience, looking for owners who looked kind and were without pets. But before she could get a good look, a Faerie Kau was at the head of the aisle, flapping her wings vainly to the cheering crowd. The Kau snorted in disdain when she saw the frozen Lupe pup, and rose into the air. The Kau swooped down onto Jem, and lifted her into the air. "Get out of here, pound pup," the Kau muttered angrily. With a shove of the Kau's powerful hooves, Jem went flying through the air to land on the clouds on the left of the aisle.

     Jem climbed shakily to her feet, feeling slightly dazed and angry. As she got up slowly, the ground seemed to drop from beneath her. Throwing her head up in panic, she saw an elegantly carved sign next to the patch of cloud that read, "Do not walk here. Thin cloud." Jem had just enough time to read this, before the clouds gave out and the Lupe dropped with a yelp through the clouds.

     This time though, no kind Faerie Kougra was there to save her. She fell quickly through the air, scrabbling to get a hold on something, despite the fact that nothing was there to hold onto. "HELP!" screamed Jem, twisting wildly in the air. The house roofs rushed up to meet her, while Faerieland rose and disappeared from sight.

     Suddenly, a blue, rippling blob appeared beneath her. "It's a... poOOL!" she screamed.

     WHAM! All of Jem's breath was knocked violently from her lungs as she crashed into the water surface. Water may look fragile at first, but when you're dropped onto it from a great height, it's about the equivalent of hitting a concrete floor. A hard one.

     As she gasped for breath, blackness edged at the corners of her vision. The Red Lupe sunk under the surface of the water, completely unconscious. She would have drowned, but at the instant she hit the water and was knocked unconscious, a thin Shadow Gelert was walking out to the pool, a shadow-colored towel draped over her back, and dragging a floaty duck toy behind her with her long, agile, prehensile tail. The Gelert stood there and gaped, her mouth hanging open, at the sight of the Lupe who had just done a swan dive into the pool in her backyard. She loosened her tail grip on the floaty duck and ran, frantically screaming, "MOMMY!" into the house. A large wave of pool water overflowed from the Lupe's impact and swept up the duck. The duck was temporarily crushed, so it went under the water, and by pure luck, surfaced right under the unconscious Lupe, keeping her afloat.

     When Jem awoke groggily a few seconds after the Gelert slammed the door shut, it felt like she was being rocked by someone. "Wait a minute," thought Jem. "She wasn't being rocked by a human or Neopet, but by (she looked down)... WATER!" The pup felt a surge of panic race through her nerves and flailed wildly, helplessly. Little did Jem know that she had just discovered her chronic fear of water, born from the moment when that Zafara's foot had connected with her body in the Rainbow Pool. All she knew was a blind fear that gripped her like a puppet and controlled her actions, and her thoughts. With a mighty crash, she fell from the floaty duck and into the gently rippling pool, screaming for no sensible reason and thrashing like a mad thing.

     She was under the surface. The chlorine water crashed onto her shoulders, mercilessly forcing them down into the dark depths of the large pool. The Lupe fought desperately in her uncontrollable fear, hating the crushing power of the water. She longed to be free of the pressure, wanting horribly to escape the pain and fear. But in the end, it was her fear that saved her. In her fright, her adrenaline that every being is born with rose to surface and also raised her power, enabling her to fight the pressure and swim to the surface, despite being new-born and small.

To be continued...

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