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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 99 > Continuing Series > Somebody's Waiting to Take You Home: Part Two

Somebody's Waiting to Take You Home: Part Two

by missjessiegirl

As she dragged herself into the huge Explore Transport building, Jem spotted a Faerieland cloud just leaving the cloud generator. You see, the Explore station has many different ways to get tourists all the way to the wonderful, but far Neopian worlds. For example, boats for Mystery Island, wagons pulled by volunteer pets for Meridell, guided walking tourist groups for the Lost Desert, even small spaceships for VirtuPets Space Station.

     But the machine that was here was built to form thick clouds that up to 200 Neopets and humans could sit on at once. These were solid clouds, but they floated quickly up to Faerieland and halted there at the edge for 5 minutes, while all the pets and owners jumped off. Then the cloud instantly vaporized, and anyone who was still on it would plummet to the ground below, facing a painful death.

     Jem hurried, and despite her scrape, was able to scramble onto one cloud just as it was rising. Her back legs dangled over the edge of the cloud. Getting a firm grip on the cloud's lumpy surface, she pulled herself onto the humongous, crowded cloud.

     Panting a little with exhaustion, she laid down wearily, and the lumpy cloud bent to make a hole just the shape of the young red Lupe. It was better then any bed that any pet who hasn't been there before could imagine.

     Like many of the pets, she wiggled to a comfortable position in her hole and watched the cloud rise away from the ground. Up, up, up it went, increasing speed as it lifted away. As the NeoHomes shrank to the size of a Neopoint, she felt slightly nauseous. Jem rolled over on her side to shake off the queasy feeling in her stomach.

     But in doing so, she accidently rolled into a Mynci that was dozing by her side. "Ge' off me," he murmured sleepily, and shoved outward with his big Mynci back foot, then went back to his nap.

     Since she was a small pup, and the Mynci was strong, Jem tumbled off the cloud from the kick and went sailing through the air! "HELP!" she screamed to empty sky as the NeoHomes rushed up to meet her at astonishing speed, their roofs becoming closer every second. Flailing wildly but to no avail, she closed her eyes, knowing this was the end of her short and meaningless life.

     SWOOSH! Suddenly, she was no longer flailing in the empty air, but sitting on something lavender-colored and extremely furry. Two purple wings with deep, plum-colored racing stripes were stretched out to her sides. A fuzzy Kougra head, with a bike helmet strapped to it, was in front of her, and a long, deep purple tail sailed out behind them, whipping in the wind.

     Her paws scrambled furiously to get a hold and stop herself from falling again. Finally Jem managed to get a grip on the forest-green scarf that the Kougra had wound around it's neck, and dug her short but powerful claws into the backpack in front of her. The pup clung on for dear life as the Kougra turned sharply upward and they hurtled away from the ground, the NeoHomes vanished from sight completely.

     Soon, they were flying over a luscious and beautiful city! Poogles with numbered vests raced around a track to her right, and to her left a sparkling pool was surrounded by Neopets with scrapes like hers or worse, and right next to it a dark, swirling blot, were busy with darkly coloured pets, many holding items. A bunch of small, pastel-colored buildings lay ahead of her.

     Then the Kougra dove downward. The cloudy ground was suddenly in her face. Jem screamed, but then the striped wings pulled backwards, braking easily. The Kougra slowed and made the graceful, swooping landing of an experienced flier on the clouds, not even jarring it's legs. But Jem flew over it's head and landed upside down in the cushy surface.

     She stood shakily and shook the dewy feeling from her coat, then turned to face her mysterious rescuer. "Thanks. For rescuing me, I mean," she stammered nervously, wiping a paw over her ear to get rid of the cloud mist that had stubbornly stuck to her crimson fur.

     The Faerie Kougra grinned, his yellow fangs gleaming in the sunlight. "No problem. I'm used to it. Lots of young, clumsy, or small pets get knocked out. I was just there at the time, and I wasn't going to let you get killed." He licked a paw vigorously, as if it were the only thing that really mattered. "By the way, my name's LightFanDancer," he told her saucily.

     Jem bristled at the insult, but calmed herself and said "Mine's Jem. Are we in Faerieland? 'Cause I need to get to the Healing Springs, and then to the Faerie Fashion Show to find an owner." Jem turned around and showed him her scraped side, which was still filled with gravel and burned violently.

     Dancer pulled something from the Green Backpack he was wearing. It was a clear bottle, filled with a dark purple liquid that bubbled every few seconds. He said cheerfully, "You don't have to go all the way to the Springs for a little scrape like that." He yanked the cork off the bottle with his teeth and poured the liquid over her side. She yelped at the brief flash of pain that followed, then looked down at her ribs. The gravel was falling out of the scrape, and when the gravel was out, the cut stitched itself back up with flesh as the string.

     The Faerie Kougra took out a telescope and closely inspected the spot where the wound had been, and rubbed a paw over it. He turned to the awed young Lupe and while folding up the telescope proclaimed, "Good as new. Now, where do you need to go again, and why?"

     "Well, I don't have an owner," explained Jem sadly. "But a Kyrii told me there were lots of them without pets at the Faerie Fashions."

     Dancer nodded thoughtfully and said, "And he was right. Plenty of newbies dreaming about their first pet being a Faerie color, like myself. Some veteran players, as well. I'd go with one of them, if I were you. Hop on my back, and I'll take you there. And also if I were you, I would hold on better this time."

     With her newly healed muscles, Jem leapt onto Dancer's back, and took a firm grip on the scarf and the fold of skin that was just behind his neck. He took off smoothly, and together they flew to the Faerie Fashion display...

To be continued...

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