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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 99 > Articles > Neopian Domination: Do You Have the Drive?

Neopian Domination: Do You Have the Drive?

by bingaling_81

NEOPIA CENTRAL - We all have a drive in ourselves to succeed, and all want to conquer the world in our own little way. Neopia is no exception.

There are many areas in the Neopets world that we could dominate, but why do we attempt to do so? Is it to to experience a feeling of accomplishment, or merely just to show off to our Neo-peers? Whatever the reason, it's something that everyone one of us would love to achieve. But where do we start?

First of all you ask yourself what it is you want to accomplish. Do you want to work towards dominating one or two certain areas, or is a well-rounded domination in all areas in Neopia more your style?

Now unless you have the time to live and breathe the Neopian life 24/7, or have an army of Neopian trained robots to play for you, the well-rounded domination plan is one that we can pretty much cross off our lists. So that leaves us with the domination in a certain area. This is where the fun lies - step right up and choose your destination! We have many to choose from...


Does the roar of the crowd excite you? Do your pets perhaps have an aggressive or competitive side? Then throw them into the action that is the Battledome! A well-trained, well-equipped pet usually does the best in the Battledome, but that shouldn't stop you from having a go. But if you are after the ultimate Battledome domination, your pet will be no less than well-trained and well-equipped. You can train your pet in various ways, but the two most popular are the training sessions your pets can undertake at the Mystery Island Training School, and Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk Island. You can equip your pet with outrageous Battledome items, but they usually come with an outrageous price tag to match! If you want the best, do your shopping at the Hidden Tower. Where is the hidden tower? Sssshhh, that's a secret ;)

Kick booty in the 1 player Battledome, or challenge a friend or random pet in the 2 player Battledome. Whatever your choice, battle your little heart out to raise that Battledome score of yours! It's the only way to make it to the top of the Battledome High Score Tables, and to make the new face of Battledome fame, YOURS!

Pet Stats

Do you want your pets to have ULTIMATE stats? Stats are always impressive! Then follow the trail to the Mystery Island Training School, and Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk Island. They cost you codestones and dubloons to participate in. These aren't very expensive, however training is slow. Along with these training schools to raise your pet stats, you can also feed your pets special neggs. These neggs can raise your stats in a matter of seconds, but they come at a hefty price. The following neggs have the following outcomes:

Cool Negg: 1 Level, 1-3 Strengths, 1-3 Hitpoints, 1-3 Movement.
Spiked Negg: 2-3 Hitpoints.
Snegg: 1-3 Hit Points, 1-3 Movement.
Super Negg: 1 Level, 2-3 Hitpoints, 2 -3 Movement.

Another way to raise those pet stats is to collect all 9 pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map, and zap your pet daily. Although your pet may lose stats from the ray, overall your pet benefits with increased stats. Faerie quests and Kitchen quests may also increase pet stats, but some are rather costly. You are more likely to receive increased stats from the Faerie quests than the Kitchen quests.

Game Trophies

"Ahh, trophies, look at all my trophies!" Don't you wish this could be you? I know I do! If you are a natural at playing games, then perhaps dominating the High Score Tables in the games is more your thing. Not only does your name appear all over the place in the game tables, but your User Lookup is loaded with shiny reminders to everyone that you dominate the world of games! Imaging someone stumbling across your lookup and the first thing their eye is attracted to is all your lovely trophies? They would be so envious! Earning not only trophies, but Neopoints too with playing and winning these games, this is one form of domination that everyone must like! You actually get PAID to dominate! It costs you nothing, or next to nothing, so you have nothing to lose and loads to gain -- what more could you ask for?!


Do you like to show off your riches by buying and displaying rare and expensive items? This is something that many people like to do, and not just in Neopets. It's human nature to want to flash your wealth and all you might be privileged enough to have in real life, so it's only natural to want to do so in the world of Neopia. The more expensive items you display, the wealthier you appear, and domination will soon be yours! *mwahahaha*

Gourmet Club

Does your pet have a taste for rare and exotic foods? Well the Gourmet Club could be for you! For each unique gourmet food your pet eats, they score one point. The more they eat, the more points they get, and the higher in the High Score Table they'll get. If you can get your pet on top of the High Score Table, they will be rewarded will a shiny new trophy! Get your pet on top of this table and your pet will instantly become a star! But not only that, as their owner, you will now have dominated the Gourmet Food Club.

Neopian Book Award

Is your pet always pestering you to take them to the book shop? Do they always have their little nose stuck in a book? Then the Neopian Book Award could be for you! This book award goes to the pet who has read the most books in Neopia. The more books they read, the higher in the High Score Table they'll get. If you can read many books to your pet so that they'll get on top of the High Score Table, they will be rewarded will a shiny new trophy! Just like with the Gourmet Club, if you get your pet on top of this table, your pet will be rewarded with fame! But not only that, as their owner, you will now have dominated the world of the most read books.

Beauty Contest

Are you a good artist? Then draw your pet and enter it into the Beauty Contest. If you win, your beloved pet will receive a trophy of their very own! And the more times you enter and the more times you win, the more trophies your pet will get! Being their owner and the talented artist of the picture, you should soon dominate the Beauty Contest! Hurrah!

Shop Size

Increase that shop size and fill it will all sorts of goods for sale, and before you know it you may have one of the biggest shops in Neopia! Another plus side is that you're likely to earn a lot of NP from a large shop, so the benefits are sure worth it. But owning and stocking a massive shop takes time and starting NP, so make sure you have plenty of both! The honour of dominating the Neopian marketplace by having the largest shop in Neopia will bring you lots of business, and lots of adoring (and jealous) fans!


Okay, so being the owner of one of the largest and most successful guilds in Neopia is what you'd rather be? Well this one you don't have as much control over as the other areas, but you can at least try and lure members with your helpful Neopets tips and friendly chats :) A good layout helps, and the more prestigious you appear to be, the more people will want to join your guild. It's all a matter of deception, and first impressions last. Talk the talk and walk the walk, and people will be flocking to your guild!

Pet Colour/Species

Does the appearance of your pet mean most to you? Sure, having nicely painted pets with expensive paintbrushes is impressive, not to mention cute to look at, but unfortunately it will not really bring you any real domination. I do however think that pet colour and its species is worth a mention, as some colours and species are harder to obtain than others. Take the Krawk for example. You can't make a pet be 'born' a Krawk! It has to morph that way with either a Krawk morphing potion, or by using a Krawk petpet. The Draik is another rare one, needing either a Draik morphing potion, or a Draik Egg to create a Draik.

Certain colours your pets can be painted are harder to obtain than others. Examples are Faerie, Baby, Plushie and Darigan. Although pet colour and species can be altered without the use of a morphing potion or paint brush by using the Lab Ray, you aren't always guaranteed you will get the right combination of colour/species that you want. That is why if you want the combination that best suits your personality and tastes, you should rely on morphing potions and paint brushes.

In short, having pets such as Faerie Krawks and Fire Draiks can make you look rich! As long as you can afford these things, even if you spend your very last Neopoint on getting them, owning rare, expensive pets can lead your Neo-peers into believing you are loaded! ;)

So now that you've seen some of the options and it's got your mind ticking, the concern over your Neopian bank balance is creeping into your thoughts isn't it? Yup, domination certainly comes at a price. You want world domination AND a hefty bank balance to boot, don't you? Well that's the dream, but unfortunately sometimes that isn't possible. So you're left with that constant battle in your head about what's more important. You know you all want to rank highly in Neopia in something, it's only human nature (as to neopet nature), but at what cost? If you went and spent all your hard earned Neopoints on getting the most expensive gallery, or continually buying codestones, dubloons and neggs to raise your pet stats, or buying every book or gourmet food in Neopia so your pet could be #1 in the Book Award or Gourmet Food Club, you'd be left broke! Being a scrooge to have Neopoints makes us all feel good, but so does achieving something. What to choose? That my friend, is up to you. Hopefully this article will help you decide that!

Domination doesn't just hit your bank balance hard, there is also a social price you must pay. If you manage to achieve ultimate domination in one of those areas, we sure hope you are a people person. If I had a Neopoint for the number of complaints I've seen about the amount of Neomails one gets because of their high stat pets or expensive gallery, I'd be a Neomillionaire many times over. Solution? Feel proud of your accomplishment but don't put down the 'little people' when they Neomail you innocent questions or congrtulations. The other solution: block all Neomails to those who are not your Neofriends and quit complaining! You got yourself there, expect the fame. The fact is that if you don't block those Neomails to avoid 100 Neomails a day, you must love the fame. It's why you attempted that domination in the first place is it not? So if you receive a Neomail but reply in rudeness because 'I have been asked that question a million times', please just stop to think why you are getting this mail, and reply with a smile :)

It may appear to be a long road to achieve your goal, and you may think you will never do it. But if you set yourself weekly, monthly, half-yearly and yearly goals, it makes everything come together so much easier. By the end of that year, you'll go "Woah! Look at all I achieved! What an easy road that was!" But if you strive to reach that seemingly unreachable goal without setting mini goals in between, that road will seem much, much longer and rockier.

It's important to note that Neopian Domination is not the be all and end all. All it represents is your drive to succeed. It makes you work harder to achieve your goals honestly, to make you prouder of yourself, and ultimately make you a stronger, better person. But remember that if you work hard, be nice, and play fair -- good things are sure to come your way.

Happy Conquering!!

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