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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 99 > Articles > Exploring the Finer Worlds of Neopia

Exploring the Finer Worlds of Neopia

by dothapepperminttwist

EVERYWHERE- Since we humans take vacations during the summer, your pets may feel sort of left out. Even if you put them in the Neolodge while you're gone, don't you think they might sort of miss you? To cure these blues, you should take your pets on vacation with you… right here in Neopia! Sometimes, the other worlds are thought of as places to get different food and games. But really, they are perfect vacation spots! You could take your pet to a different one each day, totalling 9 in all. I am going to act as your tour guide and hopefully help you plan a vacation with your pets to explore the numerous worlds of Neopia! Onward Bound!

1) First we will explore the Haunted Woods. Upon arriving, you will see a fairly creepy landscape. Don't worry; it's not likely that something will happen. Besides, every neopet loves a good scare! It's time for some early fun, so start the day off by playing MAGAX: Destroyer, Korbat's Lab, Fetch, or Castle of Eliv Thade. After that, you're in the mood for some choose-your-own fun, aren't you? Try The Haunted House! Next, it's off to the Deserted Fairgrounds to scrounge out some lunch. Stop at the Spooky Foods shop and buy some grub for your pets. Now, are you feeling lucky? Or are you feeling misfortunate? Depending on your feelings, try The Deserted Fairgrounds Scratchcard Kiosk or the Wheel of Misfortune. Afterwards, if your pet is fancying an adventure, go to the Stone Dome for some Battledome fun! If you're looking for something a bit more tame, try a quest from either the Brain Tree, the Witch, or the Esophagor. Stop back at the Spooky Foods store for dinner, and then top off the day with a souvenir from the Spooky Petpet shop or Weaponry shop. What fun you must have had in the scary forest!

2) Now for day 2 at the Virtupets Space Station. Splat-a-Sloth or Code Breakers seem like great fun to begin your day. After playing those games, go to the Grundo Adoption Agency and look at all the Grundos, a memory of Neopets past when Dr. Sloth was the number one enemy. By now, surely you've worked up an appetite, so head to Grundo's Café for some finger lickin' good space food. After lunch, a game of Gormball should help you relax. Head to the Space Weapons and the Space Armour shops and gear your pet up for the Space Battledome, the next stop for you and your favorite friends. Next, eat some more at Grundo's Café and finish your day with a trip to the Petpet shop for another souvenir.

3) Mystery Island will certainly be a fun-filled day! First, pay a visit to the Island Mystic and see what is in store for you. Then how about a spin at Tombola? Check out the Kitchen Quests and maybe even do one for the poor Flotsam! After hearing the word kitchen, you're hungry, huh? Well, lucky for you, there is a Tropical Food store on the island with delicious fruits and more inside! Next, stop by the Haiku Generator for some serious thinking time. Then, fight up a storm in the Island Arena! If battling isn't your speed, how about a nice tour of the island? Afterwards, play a round of Gadgadsgame and revisit the Tropical Food shop. At the end of the day you're ready to visit the Tiki Tack for some nice souvenirs, and then the Rock Pool for a petpet from the lost world of Maraqua.

4) Since Terror Mountain has so much to do, your day will be packed! If desired, you can lengthen this trip to two days. When you arrive, try out Grundo Snowthrow or Rink Runner, two fun games. Next, how about a midmorning snack? Visit the Slushie Shop for a delectable variety of flavors. Snow Wars is next one the agenda, and it's almost lunchtime! Trudge up to the top of the mountain for some yummy snow food, and then travel back down a level to the Ice Caves. First try out the Ice Caves Game, and then pay a visit to the Neggery to see the beautiful Neggs they have on display! Next, feeling lucky? There are three spots to visit: the Arena of Ice, the Scratchcard Kiosk, and the Snowager. See if your lucky feeling turns out to be true. Go back up to the top and you'll find the Garage Sale Game and Cliffhanger. For dinner, go back to the Snow Foods shop for more yumminess. To put the icing on the cake, go to the Garage Sale and buy some of Mika and Carassa's junk.

5) Ah, Faerieland. Clouds, puffiness, everything is so beautiful. First, stop at the Healing Springs to get your pet energized for a fun-filled day. Next, Faerie Cloud Racers and Faerie Caves are great games to play! Place a bet at the Poogle Races and maybe you'll get some Neopoints. Before you leave for Faerie City, make sure you spin the Wheel of Excitement! Once inside the city, pick up some great Faerie Food for lunch, and then try Maths Nightmare. Do you think you know Neopets? Try the Faerie Crossword! Then, have a quiet afternoon at the Bookstore with your pets-it will increase their intelligence! Eat dinner at Faerie Foods again, and then travel back out of the city for a trip to the Petpet shop to end your day.

6) You're now traveling under Neopia to the prehistoric world of Tyrannia. Play Chia Bomber, Tyranu Evavu, or Volcano Run, and then go spin the Wheel of Mediocrity. Window-shop at the furniture shop or the petpet shop, and then stop at the food shop for some tasty lunch. Head up to the plateau, and see if you can get some tickets for the day's concert. Then, if you dare, visit the Lair of the Beast. There are many choices of games to play, such as Destruct-O-Match and Kacheekers! After the fun, go to the Giant Omelette and get some dinner for your pets. Then top off the day with a game of Keno back in the jungle.

7) Get ready for a day of gaming in the Lost Desert! First, choose from Scarab 21 and Mummy Maze. Then go over to Coltzan's Shrine and see what you are blessed with. Your next game choices are Pyramids and Sakhmet Solitaire. After that, head all the way down Food Stall to pick up some chow. Visit Sutek's Scrolls for some intriguing reading material, and then play Geos, Swarm, or Tug-O-War. Stop by the Fruit Machine for your free spin, and then it's back to the Food Stall for some dinner. Finish the day with a trip to the Petpet Stall or Osiris Pottery for souvenirs.

8) Arr, matey, Krawk Island has many choices for pirating fun! Stop by the Dubloon-O-Matic as needed through the day, and begin by playing Deckball or Armada. Smugglers Cove is your next stop for some rare items, and then stop by Fungus Cave even though there is nothing to do. Try to find Buried Treasure and then stop at the Golden Dubloon for some lunch. After eating, play Deck Swabber or Dubloon Disaster! After that, a round of Krawps is in order, and then it's back to the Golden Dubloon for dinner. To bring home souvenirs, visit Little Nippers, and your day is done.

9) Aye, it is the day for Meridell! Cheeseroller and Ultimate Bullseye start off the day, with a trip to the Turdle Racing station following. Play more games such as Kiss the Mortog, and then grab some eats at the Food Shoppe. Next, travel to the castle, where you can play many more games, such as Meriball, Meristones, and Double or Nothing. Next try to cheer up King Skarl with some jokes, then return to Meridell and visit Meri Acres Farm. Guess the weight of the marrow or count some potatoes. Then try the pick your own - you get to eat what you picked for dinner! After your either filling or meager meal, head back to Meridell, where you can visit Ye Olde Petpets for a souvenir to remember your awesome day.

Now, wasn't that great fun? You can build your own vacation by picking which worlds to go to, depending on how much time you have. If you do have time, I recommend going to all of them! I hope both you and your pets found this guide helpful-and don't ever go somewhere without taking them on vacation first! (Well you can but it's not very nice, now is it?

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