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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 3 > Short Stories > Milk and Onions

Milk and Onions

by krazywestie

Uh oh. What would be worse than having your owners get in a huge fight.....Would this mean being left as an orphan and needing to change identity?

"Come on! We HAVE to get this ready before my Neofriends come!"

"Well! If you just hadn't forgotten that your Neofriends were coming, it wouldn't be like this!"

"I have no time to argue. Just get to work!"

"Who's arguing?"

Ellyanny Aisha ran into the room. "Mom-my! Julyanni said she'd play with me, but now she won't!"

"I DIDN'T! I said MAYBE! And anyway, I have TONS of homework today! I HAVE to do my hundred multiplication problems, and I've only done thirty so far! Then I have to study for the spelling test, and read the next chapter in my Algebra textbook and finish my project about Fire Faeries! But I CAN'T because Elly won't stop begging me!" Julyanni retorted.


"I said MAYBE!"

"EVERYONE QUIET! Ellyanny, can't you wait until Julyanni finishes her homework until you beg her to play?"

"Awww....okay...." and the two went back into the living room.

"KRAZYWESTIE! Hurry up! They will be here any moment!"

"I'm chopping, I'm chopping!" Krazywestie yelled back. She wiped tears back from the onions.

"Now, give me it! We're far enough behind sched--WATCH OUT!"

Krazywestie's elbow hit the Kau Kau Milk Carton.... and the milk spilled on to the floor.


Ellyanny's daddy then slipped on the milk and dropped his bowl of batter for cake.


"Well, if only you didn't put it there!!!!"

"I have NO TIME to argue with you!"

"Who's arguing!"


Meanwhile, Ellyanny was playing with her Pink Poogle Toy and Kamoliani the Kadoatie when she heard the splash and heard her owners arguing.


She dashed up the stairs with Kamoliani at her heels.

"JULYANNI! JULYANNI! JULYANNI!" Ellyanny shrieked. She banged on her older sister's door, and dragged her oldest sister, Arielanni away from her computer.

"WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? Ellyanny, I have so many assignments to do, and I want to stay in the West Neopia High School Honour List!" Arielanni scolded.

"JUST COME!" Ellyanny kicked open the door to Julyanni's room, and Julyanni gave her a dirty stare.

"WHAT? I TOLD you, I CAN'T play! I will NEVER be able to play if you don't stop BOTHERING ME!" she yelled.

"Mommy and daddy are fighting.....I heard when I was playing with my Usukis in a relay race with Kamoliani and the pink Poogle toy when I heard them!"

"Why do you need to play with me if you can play with the pet and the plushies?"

"We always tie!"

"No. I DON'T believe- Well...."

Ellyanny's eyes filled with tears, and a couple flooded over and splashed down her cheek.

"Well, you do look scared. What do you think, Arielanni?"

"Let's go, but let's be quick! My report is due soon!"

"O-KAY!" She began to back out of the room. "Last chance to back out of this joke...."

"Second last chance....."

Ellyanny sniffed and more tears escaped her eyes.

Julyanni and Arielanni hated to see their younger sister cry, and they went to the landing of the stairs and strained their ears.

"See? Nothing. And this is what you got us." Then, Arielanni and Julyanni heard the loud yelling of their mommy and daddy. They couldn't hear what, but they could sense the anger.

"Aww....I'm sorry Elly!" Arielanni, the sensitive one said.

"What do we do?" asked Ellyanny fearfully.


"Krazywestie, never mind. I'll finish it!"

"No, no, I'll help, I can do it!"

The arguing resumed.


"What if they break-up like my friend SuperComet's owners?" asked Julyanni. "What would happen to us?" she pondered.

All three of them began to think....

*** Ellyanny, Julyanni, and Arielanni filed down the stairs for breakfast.

"Hey mommy! Good morning!"

"Good morning! I just LOVE to see your shining faces!" she would reply, as she fed Kamoliani.

"I am so hungry!" Ellyanny would declare.

"What's for breakfast?" they would ask.

"Oh, there's no breakfast. Your father was the cook of the family!" she would reply.

"No breakfast??? We'll STARVE!"


Arielanni shuddered.

*** Ellyanny, Julyanni, and Arielanni filed down the stairs for breakfast.

"Hi daddy!"

"Good morning guys!" And their daddy would lay down a HUGE buffet of food, steaming pancakes, Kau Kau Milk with NeoCrunch cereal.....


"Hey- where's Kamoliani?" Ellyanny would ask.

"Oh- your mother took Kamoliani!" their daddy would reply.

"Oh my gosh! I'm late! I MUST get to school to hand in my science project!" Arielanni would shriek as she glanced at the clock. "Can you drive me to school?"

"Sorry! Your mommy took the car, Kamoliani, and actually, she took the NeoHome too!" daddy replied.

Suddenly, the NeoHome's walls collapsed, and they saw a vision of their mommy taking them with her!***

Eh. Like that is possible!

"What if we become orphans?" Ellyanny wailed.

"QUIET! Oh my Faerie Queen! What if it DOES happen?"

***Ellyanny, Julyanni, and Arielanni sauntered around the streets of Neopia begging for food!***

"No! That can't happen!" Arielanni declared. "For one thing, I'm old enough to get a part time job. I could just barely support the two of you!"

"Well, if they breakup, I will change identities. I WON'T go to the pound with ugly Dr_Death. I will become Mrs. Offormineochestra!" Ellyanny stated.

"This is all your fault, Julyanni!" Ellyanny whined.

"How is it MY fault??!!"

"You made mommy and daddy mad!"

"No I didn't! You're annoying! Irritating!"

"Well- well- YOU WEAR GLASSES!"

"Mommy and daddy are gonna breakup because I wear GLASSES?"


They heard footsteps. Julyanni peeked around the wall to see their daddy fetching the house keys and putting his jacket on.

"Oh my Faerie Queen! This is horrible! Daddy's leaving! He's got his coat on and all!" Julyanni whispered.

"We've GOT to stop them!" Arielanni whispered in a panicked voice. The three of them all ran to their daddy and hugged him.





"Huh? Why not? My Neofriends will be here any moment, and we need more milk to make dessert!" their daddy replied.


"But aren't you and mommy fighting?"

"Aren't you leaving for good?"

"WHAT? NO! Krazywestie and I aren't breaking-up! HAHA! LOL! No way!"

"But you were fighting and stuff!" said Ellyanny.

"Just because we are fighting doesn't mean we don't love each other. You and the rest of your sisters get in fights all the time, like just now, but you still love each other. That's the same with you daddy and I. We were just arguing, but we still love each other!" Krazywestie added.


"Yes. Now let go of my leg, I need to get the milk from the Main Food Shop!"



That night, all they all drank half the carton of milk.

The End

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