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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Outlast
Owner: KrimsonTears
Breed: Krawk

About Outlast:

The name you may know me as is Outlast. Har. What other name might I have? Oh, I don't know, lizard-boy, to name one. Not my choice, believe me. But, you see, I live with a Pepito. Not just any Pepito, not just my Pepito, but Triano the Pepito. He thinks he's the King of Neopia and that everyone should bow at his salt-crusted fins.

Oh, now, you may think I could just get him his own little room with padded walls - but he insists on making my life miserable. Our entire neohome is his palace, and we his servants. And I don't just mean who is in this account with me - we have an entire guild. We have an entire guild of little fishy slaves that run around and do King Triano's bidding. They're always running in and out, demanding food from my kitchen and then leaving it on the floor.

Well, I suppose now isn't the time to rant. Did I mention that I love to cook? Yes, well, I can make any dish you want. Though, I always like to add a little special flavouring... (KrimsonTears edit - That extra flavouring is prunes...) Triano always complains about my cooking, but I find it extremely delicious! After all, who doesn't enjoy a good bunch of prunes every meal of the day? Though, I do suppose the toilet gets clogged often enough But, eh, it still tasted good!

I get my prunes from my own personal prune garden, which is a large stretch of field where I plant my prunes year-round (weather doesn't really change much in the Haunted Woods, so it doesn't matter as long as I tend it well enough). One day, I hope that 'Outlast's Prune Garden' will become a household name! After all, the Tombola Man is always quite thankful when he gets his prunes... I don't know why Triano is so snotty about it.

I believe I mentioned that I loved to make things out of prunes. Now, I don't mean just food dishes; I have plenty of ingenious prune-derived machines and things laying around, such as my favourite, cutest creation - the flying prunes! They are little terrors in the battledome, but outside of it, they're as cute as can be and as loyal as trained Lupes. Another invention of mine that has made me quite popular is my famous Prune Mobile. Though, I more commonly use this to fight off intruders to my garden. I can think of one in particular...

Chaelia is another Pirate Krawk, like me, though she is pure evil, and she doesn't appreciate my prunes at all. Constantly she has been trying to break into my prune garden, steal, and mutilate all of my beautiful prunes and prune creations. So far, she has not gotten much, and I intend to keep it that way...

As for my physical appearance, I'm not much different from any other Pirate Krawk, except for my silver hook. I got that hook a long while back, while I was in the Pound. You see, KrimsonTears adopted me, long ago, and while I was in the Pound I stumbled across the strangest thing - a silver hook. Of course, then I had been a Blue Kougra and female - and I had no use for a silver hook, but I kept it anyway. When I was painted Pirate and given all my things to look that way, I refused the gold hook and shined up the silver one, which I wear to this day.

Another thing about my past, which I rarely speak of, is the Zafara named Yokit... She had been like a beautiful, wonderful sister to me and we had spent every moment together, even when there was no one to take care of us. Unfortunately, when Triano was moved in with me, he immediately took over and ordered the disowning of Yokit. I haven't seen her since, and it still rips away at my heart.

But, ahh... I doubt you came here to hear my pity story. I suppose what you'd really like to know about is Triano and his crazy dreams. Hmmph. Well. I don't plan on telling you anything. Not that I personally take that 'sworn to secrecy' stuff seriously, I just don't think Triano matters much at all... After all, he's just a little guppy-fish. And, one day, I'm going to stick him a fish bowl and keep him there.

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