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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Xtream_lol
Owner: Cookie_n_toffee
Breed: Lupe

About Xtream_lol:

A long time ago in a place vey far away...erm, actually this was last month in faerie land, anyway lived a baby lupe named Xtream_lol, but everyone called him Xtream. Well, one day something happened that would impact his life forever.

*sits down in a chair and pulls out a book*

"What was my time?" Panted Xtream after He had just finished a race. "52 seconds" Said Coach Dora, "Great Job!"

Xtream padded over to his owner, Jen, and plopped down next to her. He was really tired. "You did awesome! 52 seconds is the best you've ever done!" Jen said in a soothng voice.

"I know I did good, but I wanted to do under 50 seconds!" Sighed Xtream. Jen laughed and said "You know, that why I named you Xtream, you always want either the best ever, or the worst ever."

They both just sat there for a second Xtream was loving the peacfulness and Jen staring down at her baby lupe.

But that silence didn't last long because Xtream piped up and said, "I want to be the fastest neopet in the history of Neopia!"

The next day Xtream was out all day training and running trying to make the idea he had the day before come true. Jen was in complete awe how dedicated her lupe was.

He kept that up for the next few weeksm coming in for food, water, and a couple of other breaks. Everyone admired him for his hard work.

Then, one day Jen got the word that a Murderer/Theif was in her town. The Govener said that nobody could catch him. He was very sneaky, and very fast. Since their are no cars in Neopia the policemen rode bikes, but that couldn't even catch up with the theif.

Well, one day While Xtream had finally taken a day off, a Police man came over. "We need a fast Neopet to try and catch the thief and word has it that your the fastest one in our little town." Said the Police man after he came in.

After that was said Xtream walked out of the room motioning for Jen to follow.

"We'll be right back." Jen said as she was walking out. "You should take this chance! This would make you a great hero if you caught him!" Jen Said. "But thats just it, what if I don't catch him?" Questioned Xtream, "I would be the laughingstock of the town!" "Just do it!" Exclaimed Jen, "It'll be fun!"

The two walked back into the room and Xtream said, "Ok, I'll do it!" "Great!" exclaimed the Police man. "Follow Me!"

The walked out the door and Xtream waved to Jen. "Bye!" He whispered while walking through the door. "Bye!" Jen said.


"Ok, the Thief should be coming out of that store any second, when he comes out with items in hi hands, surprise him by jumping out from that corner and start chasing him, got it?" Instructed the Police man. "Yup!" Said Xtream, he was all ready now, all he had to do was wait. About to minutes later the Thief came out and the chase was on.

Xtream growled and shot out of his hiding spot and went straight for his prey. The Thief dropped the items and ran. "I'm impressed" Thought Xtream, "He's much faster than I thought, I guess that means I have to speed up!" They ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, up one street, down another, the whole time Xtream almost catching him.

Then, the Thief ran down a street Xtream knew well. "Ha! Its a dead end! This street runs straight into a wall!" Xtream thought. They ran until the came into the wall and the Thief paniced, thankfully he dropped his gun when he dropped everything in the begining. "Its all over now." Growled Xtream, "Your going where you belong- JAIL!"

He barked the signal that the Police man and him had decided on and the police came on bike, hand cuffed him, and stuck him on two a bicycle built for two.

Xtream became a Hero and received a medal because of his speed. He got what he had wanted all along, to be known by his speed!

This just goes to show the Crime never Pays and that goes for scaming! Don't try it or you'll get what you deserve!

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