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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Volania
Owner: Guildmaster_J
Breed: Scorchio

About Volania:

A long time ago, in a place far, far away.... well actually in the Lost Desert a few years back, there lived a Scorchio by the name of Volania. And it is here our story begins...

*remembering music*

Volania the Fire Scorchio was walking home from school down Sahkmet Street with her best friend Fariset., as they usually did when something happened, that was not usual. Look over the road, Volania and Fariset saw two big Grarrls teasing a little Chia. They were holding his schoolbag over his head, and calling him names! No-one in the street seemed to want to have anything to do with them.

"Oh no, that poor kid," said Fariset the Zafara, "I wish we could do something, but those Grarrls are tough, I've heard lots-a stories about them.... C'mon Volania, lets go."

"No, we have to go help him! we can't just leave him there!" Volania replied.

"But what are we gonna do?" whimpered Fariset. But Volania didn't hear her, she was already marching across the street.

"HEY YOU TWO! Put that kid down, or else!" she said courageously.

"Huh? Or else what, punk!" they said in a manner that suggested they had very little intelligence.

Volania stood up tall, with a fierce look in her eye, and spurt a huge flame from her mouth into the sky.

"That's what!"

An astonished look passed over the Grarrls' faces, and the bolted for dear life over the horizon.

"WOW," said the Chia, "that was amazing, thanks so much!"

"Don't mention it. Do they always pic on you?"

"Well they do, but only sometimes, there are alot of other bullies around too, and im only one of lots of kids!"

"I didn't know it was such a bad problem, someone's gotta do something... what did you say your name was?"

"I didn't, but its Nigel, Nigel the Chia. im in grade two! I hope to be a stock-market manager when I grow up..." he said.

Volania and Fariset said good-bye and departed before he gave his whole life story.

At home Volania was troubled at how many kids were bullied around town. Something had to be done, SHE had to do something... but what? Suddenly there was an explosion in the T.V. volume, and Volania held her ears. She poked her head out the door to see Solartear her younger brother watching his favourite show. Just as she was about to yell at him, she saw on T.V. there was a super hero saving an old grandma Flotsam from a pair of gangsters. She had a idea.

"Yeah, I could be a sort-of hero, and save all the little kids from bullies!" she was telling Fariset the next day.

"But what if you get hurt, and people might laugh at you..." Fariset was always a worry-wart.

"I don't care, the bullying must be stopped!"

So the next day Volania set to work patrolling the school and town for anyone in need. She gave everyone her mobile number, incase of emergencies, as she could easily get there by flying (what did you think those wings were painted on?). Over the next week she had saved many Neopet children, including Nigel more than any other. Her name spread like fire (sorry for the pun) and every bully feared her.

The Fire Scorchio always made sure she was in top shape, and often took trips to Mystery Island to train, so her stats were always improving. Her owner, Guildmaster_J, also approved of it, and gave her a shiny new Scorchio Wand to help out!

But late one night, a dark figure came into town and slipped into the palace, where the mayor was sleeping. In the morning all the residents found the palace locked, and the guards gone. At noon, the confusion grew worse, the mayor was nowhere to be found. A loud voice boomed over the street speakers.

"Salutations Civilians. I am SLOTH, and I have taken your mayor captive! MWAHAHAHAHA!"

The crowd went into a flurry. "What! THE Sloth, oh no, what are we going to do?"

"*cough* Well no, not THE Sloth, I'm his second cousin, twice removed, but I'm just as scary!" said the speaker.

The Lost Desert Swat Team was called in, but the Palace was barricaded, and there was no way in. A small boy went up the front to one of the Swat Team. "Um, excuse me sir, but Volania might be able to get in."

"Yeah, Volania!" chorused a group of children. They soon got Volania up to the front, and after a discussion she agreed to help out, even though all she did was fight bullies. She was to fly inside, and let the Swat Team in, if she could find a way to undo the door. Volania took off over the palace and went in through a skylight. She soon found the front door with suprisingly no interference. But the door was locked tight, and not even flames would avail. She decided to look around and promptly came upon a chamber. The door slammed behind her, and she was face to face with Sloths second cousin, twice removed.

"Ha, they sent in a CHILD! I'll make short work of you!" he boomed.

"Well your just a big bully aren't you, and that's what I do, beat bullies!" she replied.

Sloth quickly whipped out a zap gun and aimed for Volania, but she was too quick, she shot her Scorchio Wand at him, and he was hit in the posterior by a big red beam.


Volania walked over to him, and gave him "the look" and he just melted. She tied him up, and took the front door key. She then marched him outside, threatening him with fire if he did any funny business.

Once they emerged from the door, the crowd cheered like mad! The Swat team swarmed over sloth and locked him up faster than you can say borovan! She was instantly surrounded by news crews, who asked her all the same thing. "How did you do it?"

All she replied was: "All bullies are cowards in their hearts, you just have to stand up to them!"

The crowd lifter her on their shoulders, and she was carried home. Volania wasn't just a Scorchio who helped others anymore, she was a true hero, in everyone's eyes, even the bullies! The End.


The mayor is sitting in the bottom of a dungeon. "Helllpppp, heelllloooo? Anyone? I'm still down here! Heeelllloooo...?"

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