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Pet Name: tama_cha
Owner: chapards
Breed: Kyrii

About tama_cha:

What? Why should I win the pet spotlight? Ummmm... well... actually, I don't mind if I win this, but I would greatly appreciate it. I just wanted to tell everybody my story and what a great pet I am and that I have I wonderful owner and wonderful friends! And that I live in a wonderful world!

Well, I was walking along the shores of Mystery Island, then I saw this girl, she was staring at meaEUR| so I carefully walked towards her. She lifted me. I licked her. She laughed, lol, we both laughed! It looks like I have made a new friend. This girl is now my owner. She is chapards. A lovely, caring, nice owner.

Originally, I am kougra, I mean WAS a kougra. Here is the story...

I was hearing lots of great things about the lab ray so I kinda told my friend and owner chapards to buy all the pieces of the secret lab map. But there is this problem; at that time we haven't got any money at all. So we saved all our money in the bank and played a lot of games. We finally got all the pieces of the secret lab map! YEY!

The first thing that the lab ray did to me was wonderful! And so as the other thingies it did to me, it changed my color into my favorite colors, originally I am a blue kougra, it changed me into a silver kougra, then shadow kougra, then tyrannian kougra. These colors were like the best! It also changed my gender four times! But one day, it changed me into a kyrii!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!", I shouted with tears falling from my eyes.

"Don't be sad. You look beautiful!", she said to me while patting my back.

"But I like being a kougra! And now it changed me into a... RED KYRII!!" * sob * I felt like I am being dropped in a bottomless cliff.

"Okay! Let me tell you something. All things happen for a reason and purpose. You may not like what you look like right now but some things are not what they seem. You are still yourself no matter what you look like", comfortly said chapards with a smile.

These words of encouragement made me change my mind and made me somehow happy about myself.

Because of what happened, I almost quit going to the lab ray. But since I was inspired by what chapards has said, I decided to keep on going to the lab ray. I realized that it isn't the end of the world to have your look and species change.

Oh! By the way, I forgot to mention that I own a petpet. His name is AcE, he is a Cobrall. I kinda won him on one of the daily freebies, I think it is the "FRUIT MACHINE". I enjoy my pet's companionship! Oh! And have I already mention that I am living with my cousins? Yes, I am! They are grundo_cha (a grundo) and uni_cha (a uni). They also have their own petpets. I don't actually know how we got related to each other but I am sure happy that I am living with them.

I have been entered into the beauty contest, the December 23 contest. The background of my picture is the back of the school of my friend chapards. It was shot to see the fishery, cemetery, the under construction-chapel, and of course ME! I am very pleased that I was entered. Why? Because I won the first place but only on the species category. Well, at least I won, coz when I joined as a kougra I didn't won, that's why I kinda like it more to be a kyrii.

Lately, I was changed into a checkered kyrii. I was so happy, I think I like it more rather than a plain old red kyrii, though being checkred looks more like RETRO.

Now, chapards asked me what activities do I want to do other than be active in the wonderful guild I am in and to play games. I said, "ummm... I don't actually know. But wait, I know! I want to enter the pet spotlight!"

"Okay! If that's what you want. I'll just prepare a nice picture for you.", she said.
And now, here I am. And I am sure glad that you read my story. I kinda hope to be a star even for a given time only. Hope you have fun reading my story!

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