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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Ambrosia738
Owner: Mor_Ros
Breed: Gelert

About Ambrosia738:

It started like almost every other story. She was a young gelert looking for an adventure. Her name was Ambrosia. And she was headstrong and always did better then her brothers and sisters (not because she was mean it was because she could). Well one day they got fed up with her and like an ugly duck shunned her. Ambrosia's mother and father still loved their young pup but they were so busy with the others that little Ambrosia just got ignored.

"There is one in every family." One of the puppies said.

Ambrosia feeling sad left them to start her own adventure. She wandered over hill and dale and went threw many uncharted places. One day she was in the Haunted Woods and being little the ghosts scared her just for fun. Ambrosia cried. Leaving little blue spots on her coat. As she grew older the blue spots stayed. She smiled at her differences and tried to go back and see her family. They saw her and laughed. Nobody had ever seen a blue spotted green gelert! Nobody. They laughed so hard that they never even saw Ambrosia leave. Ambrosia still tried to impress her family many times later, but the more they laughed the bigger the blue spots got on her body, until one day they just consumed her with an overwhelming sadness that she couldn't shake.

She wandered about more and thought to herself why should she impress her family. She couldn't change them. She would just be herself. So she began to make a home, and found a loving owner. She forgot about her troubles and life became much better for her. On a day much like any other she went to town. There she found that there was some sort of test going on and only the bravest, cleverest, and toughest would win. So Ambrosia entered the contest. She didn't think she could win, and when she saw her tougher brothers and sisters show up a glum look appeared on her face. She would never win compared to them. It was impossible. They saw her and laughed and teased her. She got off the line, sulking. Then she saw a small baby Lenny crying in the street near her. Nobody was there helping, so Ambrosia rushed over. She then licked him and tried to find his home. Ambrosias siblings laughed, as Ambrosia looked silly caring a baby on her back. But as soon as they laughed a puff of smoke shot up from the Lenny and she turned into the beautiful Light Faerie. She punished Ambrosia's Siblings and said that Ambrosia had won the challenge being everything she wanted. Brave, Clever, and Most of all tough. Ambrosia didn't understand how all those things applied to her, so the Light Faerie explained.

"Ambrosia you were brave for standing up against the world when they laughed at you. You were Clever at heart always thinking of other before you and Tough for just being you!"

She smiled at Ambrosia who didn't know what to say. She just wagged her tail and thanked her more. The Light Faerie then patted Ambrosia on the head.

"You have done so well that I would like to reward you. Pick anything you like and I will do it."

Ambrosia thought for a while on what she wanted then she smiled. The Light Faerie raised her wand and a red and green cloud of smoke encircled Ambrosia. Her siblings gasped and out came Ambrosia they flying Reindeer Gelert. She then thanked the Light Faerie once again. Then walked over to her siblings and forgave them for all that they had done to her in the past. She said if it weren't for them she wouldn't have become the gelert who she was. And she would have never had found her true self.

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