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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Tarrani
Owner: Midnight_Burakii
Breed: Usul

About Tarrani:

Tarrani- Hello there, fellow Neopian. You probably don't know me, but hey, I don't mind. You'll get to know me soon enough.

Well, anyhow, I am here to tell you about my short time as a detective. Yes, yes, little old me. I wasn't much of a detective, but hey, I'm only a kid. In fact, I've actually solved one mystery, and I only had one mystery to solve. So in other words, I'm as good as it gets, no?

Anyhow. Yes, I guess I should tell you know about that time where I solved my own little mystery. I'll make it short, but don't worry, it will be long enough to be interesting. I hope.

It all started one day, a normal, casual day. My owner was out buying some stuff, and my brother's were playing outside in the snow. So I was alone in the house, the kind of way I like it.

I climbed out of the chair I was sitting on, and jumped onto the book shelf, looking for something interesting to read. Throwing down a pile of books, I jumped off the shelf, and started searching for one I liked. None of them were very interesting, so I kept looking, until I got to the bottom of the pile. There, to my amazement, lay a Faerie Fortune Scratch Card! Now, I have never seen a Scratch Card before, so this was a great pleasure to me.

I picked it up quickly, and cleaned it from any dirt that might have caught onto it when it fell from the shelves. Then I walked my way over to the Neopia Map, and found the Ice Caves, then memorized the way. And off I went to the Kiosk.

After while of running through the thick, soft snow, I finally arrived at the Kiosk. By now the Scratch Card was pretty wet, so I let it dry in the light from the Kiosk until the lady came back.

When she finally had arrived, the water had leaked through the scratch card. And to my amazement, the scratchy parts turned see-through. That's when I saw that all the scratch parts were empty! So no matter what, no one would win! I glared up at the lady, though she didn't know why, and I walked away.

After I was far enough, I turned back, and as quickly and swiftly as my little Usul legs could take me, I dashed into the Kiosk, behind the lady, and into the storage room. There, I found millions and millions of scratch cards. I took a bunch, and just as I was about to start scratching, the lady in charge came in.

She stared at me with a shocked expression, and I stared at her. I started trembling. Finally, she broke the silence.

"What are you doing here?" She knew exactly what I was doing here. I didn't see a point in the question, but I answered anyhow.

"I.. I was t-trying to p-p-prove that all the.. the scratch cards are empty!" I finally spat the words out, and the lady stared at me, aghast. She stared into space, thinking, when I said "Ill turn you in! I've got proof!" And got up, showing her my scratch card.

She pouted, and nodded slightly. "I know it was wrong. But I was running out of money. I'll stop, I promise, and I'll give you a new Scratch Card if you tell no one!" She smiled sweetly, and it seemed as if she were truly sorry. I nodded slowly.

"All right. But you must promise never to do it again!" And with this, we had a deal.

Yes, I know, not that much of a story. But every word of it is true. And you are the first person ever to know about this. That is, besides me and that Wocky lady who works at the Kiosk. But don't tell anyone, for she might not like it... So yes, I must go now. Have a good day, and don't forget to visit the Kiosk!

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