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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

We are FAMILY!!!

Pet Name: Ja_Gon, PuGGeL, ShadowLion, aRoz3
Owner: jimrose
Breed: Shoyru, Acara, Kougra, Meerca

About Ja_Gon, PuGGeL, ShadowLion, and aRoz3:

This clan first started with my own pet, PuGGeL who was then a blue Chia, while my boyfriend had Ja_Gon the Shoyru and his brother Dre_Gon. But later, with the tragic loss of Dre_Gon to the pound, my boyfriend and I decided to join Ja_Gon and PuGGeL together as sister and brother, rather than have them both be raised by themselves. More importantly, we wanted to avoid, or at least soften, Ja_Gon's disheartenment of Dre_Gon's absence.

And so we continued this way for a while, just the four of us. Times were happy, and quite easy with the combined wealth of my boyfriend and I. However, the loss of Dre_Gon soon began to dig a deeper hole in Ja_Gon's heart than there was ever before, and he approached me with a desperate and despairing plea that I search for Dre_Gon and try to get him back. How could I reject such a request?! So I searched with Ja_Gon and PuGGeL, far and wide, in all the worlds that Neopia embodies. We posted pictures, sent letters and called appropriate agencies. Well finally, our hard work paid off, as one day, we came across documents relating to Ja_Gon's long lost brother. Realising that Dre_Gon had been adopted after all, as well as being properly cared for, Ja_Gon finally let go his anxiety and fear for his brother's welfare. Suprised at such a humble acceptance, we bestowed Ja_Gon with a special present: a paintbrush made of Glass, to express both his initial vulnerability and yet his overwhelming strength =) Later, Ja_Gon fell in love with the beautiful Kotton_Sweetz, and was able to open his heart to the adoption of two more siblings to our family, after a terrible event almost separated our peaceful life...

It was especially PuGGeL who was the tough cookie when my boyfriend and I were scammed a while ago, where over half of our hard earned neopoints and possessions were stolen. It was an event which almost made me lose my faith in the spirit of Neopia. I resorted to offering what was left to a generous person who would also take care of Ja_Gon and PuGGeL. But PuGGeL did not make herself unheard, showing me that I could not just leave them this way, to be taken care of by a totally new owner after having so much happiness as a family. And she was right. We couldn't keep away from each other, and so I re-adopted Ja_Gon and PuGGeL and left everything else to the possession of the generous person who had offered to assist. After that, PuGGeL had made it her responsibility to encourage and motivate us in times during when neopoints became scarce - and that was indeed very often, since we had to now start over from scratch. However, almost within a week from starting anew, PuGGeL brilliantly suggested making daily acts of goodness in Neopia, to make even the smallest of differences. At this, Ja_Gon suggested adopting from the pound. It didn't take long after Shadow the Kougra joined our clique. The new member of the family proved to be extremely shy yet dedicated to pleasing us! He escorted PuGGeL and I on our scouts around Neopia, bounding swiftly and quietly ahead of us, just as if he were a mystical guardian! This trait enticed us to buy him a Faerie Paint Brush so that he could fly, and so become more efficient in his valiant efforts to protect. Though it took a long time to save neopoints for this expensive gift, it was very much worth the delight on his face and the pride and confidence that he had emerged from it!

aRoz3 on the other hand was BORN with confidence in herself, but she is not over-confident. She acknowledges her mistakes and faults but focusses on improving them and taking her talents to full advantage! Her biggest talent is finding maps. She will never miss an offer to go treasure hunting, and it has since become a fun and profitable family activity. aRoz3 was also given the priveledge of becoming a beautiful Faerie, thanks to the extreme generosity of an admired neofriend! =) What a relief this gift turned out to be for us! aRoz3 was now also finally painted, and she was able to search for treasure with much more competence as she could now fly too!

But, you're thinking, what about PuGGs?! Sure, it's great Ja_Gon, Shadow, and aRoz3 could all fly AND were all painted, but PuGGeL couldn't, and wasn't. She was not overlooked, though, by all means! Our special little girl, still being a Chia, was treated with a very special gift. We morphed PuGGeL into an Acara, and as if that wasn't enough, painted her with a Disco Fever paintbrush, after her optimistic outlook on life and her love of just letting go to get down and boogy!! Who knew she'd become so much more beautiful than she was before!

Right now, we don't have any point in allowing them to participate in the battledome anymore, what with weapons being quite pricey nowadays and them being so easily susceptible to injury! So for now, we will only be allowing them to fight only when they are needed by our beloved Neopia. We shall concentrate instead on strengthening their statistics, and creating a fine Neohome. Perhaps the battledome can become an option later in the future, but for now, we aren't even going to look at it! At least all of our pets are slowly climbing the ranks, and they're having a great time doing it too!! Looking back, we've seen amazing things that had come out of what seemed to be a series of tragedies. We all found experience by overcoming obstacles, and the best thing was that we did it together! Looking forward, I can see that my boyfriend and I will have four greater and stronger Neopets than they already are now. =))

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