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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I love math and reading!!!

Pet Name: un_eairkagh
Owner: child_dragon
Breed: Eryie

About un_eairkagh:

Hello, my name is Un eairkagh, and I'm a weird looking eyrie (No you're not. -cd) and that there is my owner, child_dragon. She likes to stick her nose in everything I do. (Someone's got to keep you out of trouble.) See what I mean? Anyways, I live in Neopia Central in a small three room house, which could be bigger if Kiddo would actually put some money into it. (I can't because I spent last weeks house budget on the hole you knocked in the wall and don't call me kiddo, it's not my name!) Err, yeah. The hole in the wall wasn't my fault, it was Padigliones. Pad is my best friend, she's a kougra that lives with Melody, Kiddo's best friend. They're twins. (No we're not, we just act a lot alike.) I like to joke that I have two owners cause they both take care of me and buy me stuff. (And as a consequence you're spoiled.) I am not! I do have lots of toys and stuff, and Kiddo is always buying me books which is nice cause I love to read. I'm currently reading this awesome fantasy book about a dragon and (Hey!! I was wondering what happened to that!) Uhhh, oops. (I want it back, I'm not finished yet!) Err, hehheh. Sorry. Well, umm, I guess I'll talk about something else now. I love math, algebra especially, which is nice cause Kiddo likes math also. She writes a lot too, and I'm usually the star of the story, at least in the good ones. (The other stories are just fine, you don't have to be the hero all the time!) Yes I do! (No you don't. Write your own if you don't like it.) Fine, I will. I love music, especially rock, but I don't like Kiddo's music. (Then why do you steal my cd's?) No, not that music. That stupid tube of metal you insist on playing. (My flute? I thought you didn't mind it?) No, no, the other one! The one the neighbors complain about and is loud and shrill and hurts my ears. (Oh, the piccolo. Yeah, you're right on that one. It is kinda shrill.)

I like to explore, especially up in terror mountain. We usually try to steal something from the Snowager, and I end up with a trip to the healing springs. Kiddo just can't walk quietly. (!??!?! Wait a minute! Last time we went you tripped over a stuffed usul and knocked over a bunch of stuff! My fault?) Ahh, did I mention I'm really good in the battledome? I'm undefeatable, nothing can stand against me. (Sorta like that aisha? I just love the healing springs faerie, "Already? That was fast".) So I got unlucky. (Or how about the invasion of Sakhmet?) I was outclassed, not my fault. Kiddo, you're ruining everything! (Maybe if you told the truth) Fine. I'll talk about how I got my wings, sound good? (Sure.) Kiddo found a magic paintbrush, unfortunately, it wasn't one that would work on me. So Kiddo decided to see if she could alter it some, and I ended up white with dragon wings. All the other neopets stare at me, but I'm the coolest eyrie around and I know they're just jealous. (You definitely got them beat as far as ego goes.) And what's wrong with that? So that's me and my owner, I hope you liked it, even with all of Kiddo's interrupting. By the way Kiddo, Pads coming over tomorrow for the day, okay? (I told you, I'll be gone all day tomorrow) Exactly.

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