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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I was once a chocolate wocky!!!

Pet Name: Kewix
Owner: swiftdragon2001
Breed: Wocky

About Infinice:

Hi! I'm Kewix!! I wasn't always the beautiful striped wocky like I was today. This is a story about me!!

I was not beautiful. My fur was a shade of green and white, all shiny together. I wasn't even a real live wocky. I was a mint chocolate wocky!! For days and days, I looked out the chocolate factory window. Wondering to myself, what's the point of being me?? I was shiny, and tasty to everybody but myself. I looked out the window again and under the sunset, I saw a girl and her yellow wocky, sitting under a tree, laughing and singing together. Oh, how I longed to be out there laughing with them. I looked around. nobody was in the shop, it was closed. Quietly as I could, I tiptoed my minty chocolate feet down off the shelf, and out the door.

I was going to have so much fun, I didn't know where to start. And no one would even see me at night!! Suddenly I looked at my ear. It was dripping...It was melting! I quickly looked under me and saw I was standing by a vent! I ran to a cooler spot and lay down. I thought to myself, This is just like being a REAL wocky!!! The next day I found myself under a tree. I must have fallen asleep! I said. Then the next thing I saw was not good!

A yellow skeith was coming for me! He looked hungry. I forgot to tell you that I was also REALLY rare!! I tried to run, but my legs were too stubby, being chocolate. Then, out of no where someone came. A girl, with a red kougra by her side. She looked at the skeith then at me. "Go away skeith!!" She said. The skeith looked at the girl.

This was the only chance I had, to run. I went as fast as I could. Then I stopped. I must have been great being that girl's kougra. I wanted to see her again. So that night I followed her home. I longed to belong to an owner. And this owner was the one I wanted. Only one thought was in my mind now. I have to be a real wocky!!!!

For a whole week, I watched her. And for a whole week, I made wishes. On wishing wells, with neopoints I found on the ground, or at night, I wished on the shiniest star. One day, I was so discouraged, I cried. I'll never become a real wocky!! I cried! Never! Never! Never!!!

Suddenly, I saw a faerie. I had heard of this faerie, it was the queen herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy. She came down to me and said. "Why are you crying dear??" I,-I want to be a real wocky! I said. "Hmm?" she said. "Yes," I said, "There's this girl, and she saved me from a skeith and I want to see her again and......" "Shh" said the faerie. And she picked me up and kissed me. "Don't cry," she soothed. "You are alive in the heart, and that's what really counts!" She smiled at me and flew away.

Suddenly I felt an itch on my tail. I wheeled around to scratch it. I couldn't belive it!! I had beautiful red fur!! I must have turned real when she kissed me!! I was soo happy I yelled. Thank you faerie!!!!! up to the sky. Then I ran to the girl's house.

She took me in with open arms and called me Kewix. She soon painted me striped! My best friend's name was koolistcatever!! I had the best home ever now!! I don't know what I'd have done without my great owner swiftdragon2001!!!

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