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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -


Pet Name: Tuftyia, Bubbleisia, Iceburg531, Jumanjiochi
Owner: beckykwinson
Breed: Tuskaninny, Shoyru, Lupe, Chomby

About Tuftyia, Bubbleisia, Iceburg531, and Jumanjiochi:

In my NeoHome, life is anything but normal. For one thing, it's always in a complete mess-well, you try to keep it tidy when you've got a highly energetic Chomby to look after, and for another, it's occupied by the wildest pets in Neopia. None of the carpets are without grass or mud stains, Two Gallon Hatz blasts noisily from speakers, and the garden is totally bare from plants. After the unfortunate discovery that Chias loved the vegatables we used to grow, and the event of me leaving a bloodthirsty Iceburg in charge-well, take a wild guess. Seventeen angry Chia owners, are NOT a particulary nice thing to deal with when you've got a nasty dose of flu, and even after that, we still get a few glares in the market place. Now Iceburg is fed on regular Lupe Treats- and no meat at all.

He was my first pet. I adopted him in the pound when he was a day old. Round his neck was tied a dusty amulet, with a jet black spyder inside. I didn't recognise the significance of it until much later. The story is too long to explain-but it ended with a huge explosion and several disappearences. It's been printed in the Neopian Times, if you'd care to take a look.

Jumanjiochi!!! Back then, Iceberg was a gorgeous blue Lupelet, with big brown eyes, and a passion for GaGa Grub. However, he soon began to grow lonely, and Bubbleisa, Jumanjiochi and Tuftyia joined the family. Although they can be EXTREMELY annoying, Iceburg can deal with them. He's often the one who plans all the adventures, has all the ideas, and is a natural born leader. He loves a game of Gormball, and is quite good at it, though he hasn't managed to beat the Fire Faerie. He's clever too, although he doesn't read much he has a thirst for knowledge, and spends his spare time pestering Kauvara and the Brain Tree. He also loves visiting Edna the witch, who became his friend a few months back. I never accompany Iceburg on these visits. Edna is fond of my pets, but I have an unfortunate reputation for spells (goes bright red and hangs her head). Even though Edna is alway friendly...I, and also...The Haunted Woods...well, I'm not scared, but...well, okay, I am. I had an unfortunate experience with an army of Grundos, and several thousand Swamp Ghouls, Ghost Lions and worse in a small cave. YOU try re-visiting the scene of a kidnap.

Iceburg loves visting the snow faerie, and Tyrannia, where he is often seen fleeing from the Lair Of The Beast, a look of terror on his handsome face. He also got his petpet, Spyke the Stego, there, though I stress, WITHOUT my permission. Once he had a petpet I was badgered day and night to buy three more...and when I let them choose, they were the muckiest kind. Inki, Jumanjiochis Bloop, is constantly locked in the hallway. Inki loves Jumanjiochi, and follows him every where, but unfortunately, he makes black puddles EVERYWHERE. Jumanjiochi gets into trouble for it. A month back, he ruined the white cover of the straw sofa, which I placed on to keep T.J the Uggatrip, and Spyke the Stego, from eating the furniture. Jumanjiochi said the sofa now looked like a Kau Print one, but the rest of us were unconvinced. The PetPets now live outdoors, in a shelter.

Jumanjiochi started off as a slick blue Fuzio, who had screaming hysterics when his shoes went missing, and used all his pocket money on hair gel. When he evolved into a Kyri, the shoes were thrown out in disgust, but the hair gel stayed, and attacked with more anger. Posters of Capara filled the walls, and we were dragged down to the games hall every weekend to play Cheat. Then one day, on his way to get more gel, he found a dirty plushie, with sparkling eyes. He picked it up, began to play, then-poof!

Bubbleisia!!! I was a little surprised when a Blue Chomby barged into the living room, threw itself on a straw sofa (which promptly collapsed) and smashed a lamp when he danced to his favourite tune. It took us a month to persuade Jumanjiochi that he was now a Chomby, I must say he coped brilliantly with the change. He realised he looked like his computer game hero, and went around blasting Fuzzles with his sparkshooter, shouting: DIE, SCUMMY FUNGUS BALLS!

This behaviour, though funny, soon stopped. Jumanjiochi developed a taste for the Two Gallon Hatz, and most of his spare time was spent at the Tyrannian Plataeu, were he met a stunningly beautiful Chomby, named Sarah. Despite the taunts from his brothers, Jumanjiochi is NOT dating her, and I must warn you not to tease him about it, for my sake, and for the sake of the new Straw Sofa, which has, so far, survived my family.

Bubbleisia is a fiesty little Shoyru, who is very outgoing, though shy towards strangers. His burning ambition is to be painted fire, so any offers are welcome! He is currently at level three, the highest of my pets, and his favourite BattleDome weapons are motes. He has an unfortunate habit of buying the Fire ones. Several carpets have singe marks all over them, and last week, my collection on wooden totems was reduced to ashes when a particulary energetic one Bubbleisia had christened "Singe" got bored. Bubbleisia loves to fly up to Faerieland, and play in the clouds, among the Unis and other Shoyrus. We wanted a Neohome there, but abandoned the idea when Tuftyia developed vertigo. Bubbleisia spent several weeks turning his back on his poor brother, and sniffing when ever he walked in. As I've said, don't annoy him or wind him up-he takes things very seriously, considering his height. Tuftyia!!!

Tuftyia is a little Tuskaninny, who loves swimming to visit his friend Flipper the Flotsam. Unfortunatly, he's scared of going down there now! You see, he used to be blue, but he gobbled down a Vortex Negg when he needed to fill his belly. It turned him yellow. Tuftyia doesn't mind the color change, apart from the fact that his skin is no longer camouflage from the sharks. We all keep telling him the only one down there is toothless, but he insists it may swallow him by accident. This is typical of his timid and pessimistic nature, and he is constantly aware of the fact that every silver lining comes with a cloud attached. He saved up for weeks to buy an aboninable snow ball, which he has christened Frosti. Frosti is not the ideal pet pet for Tuftyia, because his owner is forever taking him out sunbathing on hot rocks. I've had to pop frosty into a sandwhich bag loads of times, before he drizzled away, and instead of growing bigger, the little fellow seems to be growing smaller by the day.

So that's it. My Neo Family. Oh, well, there's me too. But there's not really much too say. I like swimming, exploring, horse riding, and reading. And I have four fabulous pets that deserve to win the Pet Spotlight more than anything in the world.

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