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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

We love our owner!!!

Pet Name: Sabagabe, Tyonashi, Kulasiri, Celamina
Owner: eevee_girl133
Breed: Uni, Lupe, Zafara, Aisha

About Sabagabe, Tyonashi, Kulasiri, and Celamina:

"Tyonashi, put down your bowl of cereal. It's not a toy. No, don't spill it! Sabagabe, clean up his mess. I know it's not your mess; please clean it up. Kulasiri, for the last time, no skateboards in the house! Celamina, please take the yarnball outside and play with Kulasiri."

This is the typical morning breakfast hour at 96774 Cairn Close in Neopia Central. I never knew four Neopets could have so much energy! Hmmm ... maybe I should stop feeding Kulasiri those Wheaties for breakfast...

Anyway, I'll tell a little bit about my pets. Better yet, maybe I should let them speak for themselves. Here's Sabagabe the blue Uni, Tyonashi the White Lupe, Kulasiri the purple Zafara, and Celamina the blue Aisha. Wait, Tyonashi, don't open that cupboard! Ooops. Maybe I should just tell you about my pets.

When I first moved into Neopia, I wasn't sure what to expect. What pet should I get? That was my first question. I was thinking about getting a blue Cybunny. That would be darling! Then I saw what blue Unis looked like. I instantly fell in love and decided to get a baby blue Uni. I decided to name her Sabagabe (suh-bag-uh-bay). This name comes from the word Zabagabee, which means health and happiness. I was positive that Sabagabe would bring me plenty of happiness. When she began to try and walk right after she was born, I knew that she'd need a friend. The next day, I took Sabagabe with me to get another pet. This time, I wanted a male pet.

It ended up we came home with a tiny yellow Lupe puppy named Tyonashi (tie-yo-na-shee). He was very fast and frisky. He instantly began to sniff around the house. He then saw Sabagabe and bit her on the nose. I don't know exactly why he did that - maybe that was his way of saying "I'm your new brother."

Tyonashi and Sabagabe loved to chase each other around the backyard. Tyonashi always won, of course. He was much faster than his Uni sister. Sabagabe soon began to introduce Tyonashi to the world of fashion. Sabagabe, ever since birth, had been obsessed with her long mane and tail. She always loved to style it and make herself beautiful. Tyonashi enjoyed wearing sunglasses around the house, so we gave him the nickname, "King of Cool." Sabagabe liked calling him, "The Big Yellow Fuzzball Who Think's He's the Coolest". This dynamic duo would soon become a trio.

We all took a walk around Neopia. We passed the building where Sabagabe and Tyonashi were born. I told the two to run back home and I'd bring them a surprise. They did; bickering about what the surprise was. I entered the building with a body about to explode with excitement. I couldn't wait to get another Neopet!

Sabagabe and Tyonashi had been sitting patiently on the porch for me. They were quiet (for once!). I happily carried the wooden basket in my hand. They hopped up and down and asked what was inside the basket. I carefully lifted the soft blanket to reveal a tiny green Zafara. "This is your new sister, Kulasiri (koo-la-see-ree). She's a member of the family now." Kulasiri slowly opened her marble-like eyes. "Hi," she said weakly.

My trio of Neopets lived happily - for a while. Tyonashi was accepting bad habits. He threatened to run away. He almost burned my house while we were all sleeping! That was the last straw. I sent the yellow Lupe to the pound. I felt good about it at the time. It ended up my own sister adopted him. I wanted to have a trio of pets again, so I created Ryino (rie-ee-no) the blue Shoyru. Sabagabe and Kulasiri were heartbroken about Tyonashi, even though Ryino was around.

Ryino brought me a present when Christmas rolled around. He handed me a cute female Aisha kitten. I was almost about to yell at him, but the little blue Aisha meowed at me saying, "I love you." I really didn't want another pet. I named the kitten Celamina (sell-a-mee-na). There was still something very wrong deep inside my heart - I wanted my dear Tyonashi!

I was getting desperate and I was also mad at myself. Why did I give up my second Neopet? I loved him dearly, but I didn't love his attitude. I begged my sister to trade Tyonashi for Ryino. She agreed and I adopted my Tyonashi back. I was so happy to see him, and so were Sabagabe and Kulasiri. Celamina didn't quite understand, but she loved him anyway. As a way to say, "I'm sorry", I painted Tyonashi with a White Paint Brush. I could see that king of cool right through those sunglasses! Now I knew had a happy family once again.

A little while after that I bought a Purple Paintbrush. I decided to paint every pet I owned. Kulasiri wanted to be painted purple to match the purple skateboard she got for Christmas. (And she still rides it in the house no matter how many times I tell her not to!) Sabagabe wished to be painted. Celamina didn't really care, but Celamina really never asked me for anything much.

Well, that's my story about my crazy pets. I will NEVER EVER EVER abandon ANY of my pets again. I realized that I love them too much. Oh, and about Ryino? He's MUCH happier with my sister, char_gal4. *CRASH!* Oh, there goes Tyonashi again. No matter how cute, clumsy, sweet, vain, or active my pets are, we're staying together forever at 96774 Cairn Close as one happy family. Sabagabe and Celamina are still not painted, but they have their dreams of becoming a Faerie Uni and a Desert Aisha. Tyonashi wants to become an actor, and Kulasiri wants to be a pro skateboarder. *CRASH!* Oh no, there goes my new vase! I think Kulasiri still has that skateboard. Let me go clean that up, and thanks for listening to my story about my wonderful pets.

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