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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Kogecookie
Owner: creosote
Breed: Cybunny

About Kogecookie:
When I first met him, I could see that he was a pet of a very long vintage; an unconverted pet of any sort was obviously a seasoned Neopet. When I first commented on his name, which seemed so incompatible with his appearance, he told me that had spent a long part of his life being annoyed with it, and this annoyance seemed never ending. He was nicknamed Cooky by everyone, for the fact that it was a completely suitable name for a plain Cybunny; what a headache that caused.

Before he became Darigan, Cooky was a plain Cybunny. He was always pinched and squashed and handed around by rather large ladies, who all loved him because of his fuzzy appearance. He decided that one day, one day, he would be taken seriously, and all of his ambitions as a Neopet would be realised, instead of being squished and petted by ladies who ate too much chocolate. He realised that the only way to do this by was by getting himself a Paint Brush of some sort, and getting rid of this cute fuzzy image that was given to most Cybunnies.

That day took a long time to come. As a young Cybunny, Cooky couldn't exactly afford a Paint Brush of any kind, let alone a Royal one, which he had decided to aim for. He scraped and he saved, but getting the Royal Paint Brush from the Hidden Tower seemed to be such an impossible goal. Royal Boy Cybunnies appeared so mature, though! They stood on two feet and wore clothes just like humans did, and gave an air of genuine aristocracy. He felt that no matter how long it took, the result would make it worth his time.

As you can tell, Cooky didn't end up as a Royal Cybunny; he ended up as a Darigan one. He never achieved his goal of buying the Paint Brush from the Hidden Tower, of handing his hard earned savings personally to Fyora, of going to the Rainbow Pool and finally looking at his reflection and seeing the appearance he always wanted. His journey to becoming a Royal Cybunny was cut short by a visit to the Underwater Fishing establishment in the ruins of Maraqua.

For a Neopet who was saving for a lot of money, Cooky took quite a few odd jobs in his time, and one of them was fishing for tin cans in Maraqua for recycling. He yawned as he threw the third Small Giant Squid back into the water; what a silly idea, how can a Giant Squid be small? It had been a long day fishing for Rusty Old Cans, and the reward wasn't good. He had woken up early to avoid the lunch hour rush, but decided to return again after lunch to fish for a few more cans.

As he cast his line back into the water again, he hook caught onto something heavy. He reeled in the line, and up came a flask covered in seaweed, accompanied by a rather angry Large Giant Squid. After wrestling with the squid for a minute or two, he threw it back into the water, and brushed the seaweed away from the flask. It was a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water! Cooky had heard of this before; it was a flask that had the same magical properties as Naia's Fountain in Faerieland, and could change a pet into nearly any colour under the sun. While the flask gave a random colour, it was much sought after by many Neopians, and he thought, "Finally, I would be in the money".

A shiny flask like this doesn't go unnoticed, and before he had even cleared up his fishing equipment to go to the auction house, he had people clustering him to see if he was selling this coveted item.

"I'll give you all the paintbrushes I have for it!" said a Red Usul.

"I'll give you twice the amount of paintbrushes he can give you!" said a Green Skeith.

"I'll give you the same amount of paintbrushes as the Skeith, but also all the Neggs and carrots I have!" said a Blue Kacheek.

Neggs are tasty, thought Cooky, who had lifted the flask above his head in order to stop it being stolen by someone, and was now standing on his toes, being jostled about.

"Hey, that's unfair! Stop bribing him with food!" yelled a Maraquan Acara.

"The Cybunny can ask for payment in anything he wants, I'm just giving him the option," replied the Kacheek, who was obviously a successful farmer.

An argument then ensued, which rapidly turned into a shove fight. As the crowd descended into a blur of fur and tentacles, Cooky thought it was comparable to one of those arguments large ladies had: who would buy the last red dress, who would get to pet the Cybunny, and who would get the last piece of carrot cake when the Cybunny didn't even have one slice, etc. etc.

Stop jostling! People are so rude, are they that desperate for a random colour? thought Cooky. As he tried to get himself out of the middle of this vicious ring of potential customers, he heard a rather large creak.


It wasn't a creak. Part of the wooden panel where he stood split from the weight and movements of the small crowd the flask had gathered, and Cooky fell into the water... but not before the pin in the Flask had become loose, and all the Rainbow Water was tipped out and poured over him.


The Rainbow Water was surprisingly gooey. As Cooky fell into the water, so did half the crowd, and everyone had finally stopped yelling at each other. A few people looked around shiftily for the Flask, but no one dared move. As Cooky came up out of the water, he was covered in more seaweed than a plate of sushi, and the crowd screamed as they thought they saw the Loch Ness Monster.


Gross. The seaweed was all soggy and slimy. He managed to wipe all of it off at lightning speed, get back onto dry land and shake himself out. All this time though, everyone had remained silent and stared at him. As he combed some fish out of his ruff, he saw that the fur on his hands and body was no longer white, but purple. Most people began to back away from him; some people mumbled about being vaguely apologetic, and others said, "Uhh... I've got to pick up the kids," and everything ended as fast as it started. He was finally left alone, and went to the waterside to see what had happened to him. The Flask was bobbing on water, emptied and quickly sinking. He looked into the water to see his reflection; Darigan! He was a dark purple colour, and his teeth were at weird angles as well. You must remember that this was not long after the Battle of Meridell was won, and many people were still quite touchy about Lord Darigan and his... entourage.

As the Techo who ran the Underwater Fishing came to close the place - he had slept through the commotion, and he was one who could sleep through a Meepit invasion - he tutted at the state of the place.

"You're responsible for this, aren't you?" said Techo Van Winkle, directing this at Cooky.

"What?" was the reply from Cooky, who was too busy examining his teeth to have paid much attention.

"Uhh, um, nothing!" and Techo Van Winkle ran back into his booth, and peered over the counter.

As Cooky turned back to smoothing out his whiskers, he thought: You know, maybe being called Cooky won't be such a bad thing after all.

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