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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Nibbles
Owner: purplepassiony2k
Pet Name: SouthernAngel
Breed: Chocolate Meepit

About Nibbles:
Move over Fruits and Veggies...Helloooooooooo, Chocolate!

Allow me to introuduce myself. I am Nibbles, a Chocolate Meepit. *No no don't bite...OUCH!* What is it with you people? I wasn't telling you to nibble on me, that's just my name! Meepit and Chocolate you ask? A chocoholic's dream come true! My owner Chelle, describes me as imaginative, unique and of course sweet - at - heart. Hope you don't mind, but she can't draw, so she has made a wood carving of me at my finest, surrounded by her favorite real chocolates! (yes it was way fun to pose!)

Now I double dare you to see how long you can control that chocolate hackering of yours while I get back to my spotlight. I was originally a Green Mallard but Chelle took me to the Secret Petpet Laboratory for what felt like forever, and this scary-looking Kookith zapped me with a your - guess - is - as - good - as - mine thingy, turning me into Neopia's ultimate indulgence petpet…Chocolate. (Just hearing the word chocolate makes you drool eh?) Everyone said I was lucky. I don't feel lucky. Why? Most Neopians think that chocolate petpets are so much fun and in a way, we are. But like any other thing that seems to be a good thing at first glance, being a Chocolate Meepit has its dark side too. *Tear rolls from eye*

The first thing you probably noticed even before you saw me was the aroma of chocolate. It is everywhere. And if you inhale this wonderful rich delectable aroma that permeates the air - it excites your mind and tempts your taste buds! The aroma is simply tantalizing. After all, I do get lots of attention. With your very first bite, *sigh*, I mean your very first glimpse of me you noticed I'm a deliciously decadent bite-size, scrumptious petpet and not to mention sinfully chocolatey! And..oooh! Imagine this: Luscious, creamy, delicious whipped cream, *drools*, a classically decorative touch for my oh - so - adorable tail eh? My tasty tail is also topped with a super - duper - fantastic dollop of those ‘small particles of chocolate candy toppings’. What's the difference between jimmies and sprinkles anyway? My teeth are of course made of super-sweet candy corn. Candy Corn! Yes I’m talking about the tiny yellow, orange, and white candies. I love them, I really do. Not only are they yummy, but they really put me in the Halloween spirit! Hey, who ate the white tips? Oh my! Eep, even my big staring eye made of red hot candy isn't safe from onlookers! I hope you realize I'm trying to tease you, so much so, if you have a sweet tooth, you'll notice I'm trying to use every word possible to make make your mouth water while you read this! Sweet revenge for taking a bite out of me! Hey, I am an *ebil* Meepit ya know! But you don't have to worry, as my enticing incrEDIBLE spotlight comes complete with drool-proof pages! *surreptitiously crosses fingers behind back*.

Imagine what one might feel if you were made completely of Chocolate. It is actually quite uncomfortable. Walking around town is tremendously risky. (The biggest enemy of being real chocolate is hot weather!) A lot of other things can happen too, believe me. Just think back to a few minutes ago when you were thinking about how much you were hungry and your stomach was growling, and suddenly this soft ooey gooey petpet with stubby chocolately legs crossed your path! You couldn't help but realize the delicious possibilities! Can you honestly tell me you could really just sit and continue to look at me or even try to be my very bestest friend without trying to sneak another nibble? Maybe now you’ll understand my frustration. Let me help you with a few suggestions for something else to eat. Custard, Strawberry and Jelly petpet flavors! Bwahahaha! Yummy from head to toe. More please! *evil laughter* These are truly an old fashioned taste of goodness, but then again, they're sooo delicious you can't resist!! (just one won't hurt, right?) What better way to ensure that you enjoy every delicious morsel? Just kidding... hehehe ....(maybe).

Hopefully you know well enough by now that you Neopians really shouldn't try to nibble on supreme evil ever again. If all this reading about chocolate has made you feel guilty about what did, don't skip your next meal, or you'll get hungry and want to eat us Chocolate petpets again. Well if you LOOK guilty you must BE guilty right? I’m glad to see you all have a sense of humor, but in the end, us smartypants Chocolate Meepits sure know how to stir up trouble, as we know it's hard to resist the chocolate temptations of everyday life. Before you go, may I also suggest, Chocolate smothered Owners! Now that's an idea! Yeah, it was a joke and all, but still. *shifty eyes*

So, "Can I just have a little nibble?" you ask. The answer is still NO...go away or fear the MEEPITS!

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