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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pixie & Snowpuff
Owner: nycflowergirl
Pet Name: Hijohu
Breed: Rainbow Candychan

About Pixie & Snowpuff:
Spring was making its slow crawl across the face of Neopia. But no where was it more absent than the peaks of Terror Mountain where Hijohu sat, looking out on the snowy streets from the tiny cafe where he worked, wondering if the blizzard would ever dwindle away. He didn't have much hope, it had been raging for nearly two days. The ice encrusted travelers who did brave their way into his cozy booths wanted only warm Borovan. He hadn't sold any snow treats in nearly three weeks.

"Bad for business," Hijo mumbled under his breath. Being an Ice Bruce, he didn't mind the cold, but the dip in profits was starting to weigh on his mind, and with Borovan prices up nearly twenty percent, he needed a way to balance his shortcomings.

He let his little forehead smack against the window, squinting out at the dismal lights and swirling snow. Everything seemed to meld together, the long lamp posts like rigid shadows cutting through the mess of white and grey. He could hardly see halfway down the vacant block. "Might as well just close up now and head back to the cottage; no one will be coming out at this point."

Just as he was about to turn his back on the windowpane, a dash of color caught his eye. Hijo did a double take, looking back through the haze to see he wasn't in fact mistaken - it was a small Rainbow Candychan! The wind was too strong for it to fly and so it dug its tiny feet into the snow, and step by step was making its way down the block, straight for his cafe!

"Well its no wonder!" Hijo imagined. "I'm the only one silly enough to be open in these conditions." Just as the little creature stumbled upon his doormat, he flung the door wide to beam amiably down upon it. "I thought I saw you out there! Come in, come in! Your poor wings..." his voice trailed off, seeing the icicles hanging from the delicate folds. It weighed the poor thing down and looked rather uncomfortable. "I'll get you a hot meal and we'll have you better in no time!"

But this upset the tiny Candychan. It gestured wildly to the door, the look of fear and urgency evident on its rosy face.

"You need me to follow you?" Hijohu asked, alarmed by the panic. "Well here, at least take this for starters." From the small coat rack beside the door he pulled a very petite shawl left by a rather round Pea Chia some time back. It was a bit big for the Candychan but the little thing pulled it around its shoulder gratefully, ushering Hijo to leave. Hijohu pulled the tiny lantern from the wall and followed, fascinated by what might be going on.

Even though the wind howled menacingly around him, Hijo didn't mind. And so he waddled behind his companion in silence. They walked several blocks before turning off behind a row of shops toward the cliff sides. Nearly twenty minutes passed before the woodland path opened out to a particularly concealed ridge. If Hijo hadn't been led by the little pixie, he surely wouldn't have seen it at all. And no wonder! The Candychan pointed hurriedly to the ledge, and as Hijohu looked over it down the mountainside, he realized exactly what the problem was. The poor miserable Candychan had a friend in an even worse predicament. A second Red Candychan seemed to have tumbled a few feet down to land on a small shelf below. But the thing was trapped, its wings frozen as well so that it couldn't fly. The wind whipped against it, its terrified eyes looking up at Hijohu in desperation.

Hijo got on his stomach, leaning over to offer his little fin to the creature, but alas his stubby arms were no use. If only he had a way to extend his reach! Maybe with a bit of rope... only he didn't have any rope! A particularly nasty gust whipped his red bow into his face - that was it! Beaming, he untied it, offering one end to the Rainbow Candychan beside him. "You grab on tight and I'll lower you down to him. Then I'll pull you both back up." They wasted no time and did so at once. It went quicker than one, two, three... and in mere moments the two Candychans, and Hijohu were a safe distance from the edge of the mountain.

Both Candychans danced around him in praise. Hijohu just laughed, "You're still not out of the weather yet my friends. Perhaps you should follow me back to my shop and we'll get some Borovan all around, my treat!" But the little Candychans shook their heads before letting out a shrill whistle - from a nearby hollowed out log emerged seven other Candychans in a variety of colors, among them a small pouch full of Neopoints. The rainbow one offered it to him, smiling brightly in thanks. Hijohu just gave out a laugh - "Who would have thought this whole mess would have been good for business after all!"

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