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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kelly
Owner: krikkit
Pet Name: Zebrahorse
Breed: Bika

About Kelly:
Hello there, my name is Kelly and I am a Bika. My owner is an Ogrin named Zebrahorse. Let me tell you a little about myself.
I'll start by describing what Bikas look like. We are mostly light brown and yellow coloured, with a few dark spots on our hind legs. Most of us wear a saddle and reins, but the only things that can ride us are petpetpets. But it would be fun to carry someone for a ride. We have a round fluffly tail. We are look a bit like a Uni, except we have no wings or horn, we have a shorter mane, and long ears like a Cybunny. Instead of hooves we have two things like stubby claws on our feet.
Most Bikas are actually quite strong, even though we are small. We can pull a good sized load around and carry stuff on our backs. Every morning I help Zebra pull our cart of food and other items to our shop. If krikkit ever needs to deliver a neomail or or a gift for a friend, I can get it to them quickly.
Bikas are also very fast too. Zebra picked me because he wanted a petpet to run with him,(and because I am so adorable!) and I have no trouble keeping up with him when he's running at top speed. Also I like helping play games with Zebra, my favourite game is Meerca Chase because it's fun running after the neggs and it's good excercise for us too.
Bikas come from Happy Valley, and we love the snow. My family lives on Terror Mountain, which is a good thing because I would hate to have to leave. I spend my days running up the mountain with Zebra or following when he his racing other pets. If he is busy I race the other petpets(always winning of course!) I enjoy a game of Snowball Fight now and then too, but I cannot make snowballs so I pull a small cart of them to other players or just dodge them. It is also fun to dig in the snow with Armin and his petpet or to explore the ICe Caves. On freezing cold days I curl up in my soft, cozy bed by the fireplace with everyone else and drink hot chocolate. It has to be put into a bowl for me since I can't hold cups either. I like the marshmallows the most.
Bikas are pretty great petpets and if your pet can't decide on which one he wants, pick a Bika! You can find us at the Wintery Petpets shop in Happy Valley or from the Shop Wizard. The only problem with Bikas is that we can not be painted yet. But don't let that stop you from getting one! Other than that we are one of the best petpets there is to choose from.
That's all I have to say for now. Thanks for stopping by and make sure you come by another time. Bye!

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