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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Bazoo
Owner: xzmaxwellzx
Pet Name: XzAlsatianzzX
Breed: Buzzer

About Bazoo:
Buzz Buzz, hello there! My name is Bazoo and in case you don't recognize what I am, I'm a little, fat Buzzer.

Today, I'm going to tell you a little bit of my life. Before my very kind and furry owner, XzAlsatianzzX the Tyrannian Lupey brought me home, I lived with my family of Buzzers. I'm the youngest in the family and I have er ... one, two ... er, three ... er, four! No, no, five brothers and sisters! Sigh ... it's so hard to count when you only have rounded hands and no fingers...
Anyway, my family were Honey-makers, like most Buzzers. My brothers and sisters worked so hard everyday, not to mention my parents. All of them kept on collecting nectars from flowers from dawn until dusk. And at dusks, we will all eat a little bit of the honey we make and sell the others.

But that's life with them. I have my own very intersting, tasty life! See, I was given a daily allowance of two hundred neopoints per day. And so, after all my family members start collecting honey, I'm all alone and free our little home in a tree hole. That's when I sneak out of the house and slowly head for the new honey shop in Neopia Central! And then I'll queue up in that shop and stretch my short, little hand to give the Shoyru Shopkeeper the money. And then I'll buy as much HONEY as possible! I'd plunged my little hand into the honey jar and stuff the delicious honey into my mouth. Hmm, yum yum!

I was underaged then and didn't need to make honey yet. Until the day before my three month old birthday did I realize that I was soon going to live a life like the others.

"Bazoo, Honey, tomorrow you're going to collect nectars like the rest of us! Isn't that nice?" my mummy was saying but I wasn't sure I want to live a life like that. Well ... I think I was more of a Honey-Eater than a Honey-Maker.

So on the first day of honey-making, I tried to keep up with my family but they had to slow down thrice their normal speed to make sure I could keep up. Well, it's easy for them to fly, being thin. I was the fattest one in the family and I have people saying that I looked more like a ball rather than a Buzzer. Uff, uff, I can't go on any longer ... can't go on ... can't go on ... I've never fly such a long distance like that day ... Uff, uff, can't keep up.

To make matters worse, we have to suck out all the nectar which was hard work. I couldn't suck a lot and soon, my cheeks ached. I can't do it ... I'm not a Honey-Maker! I'm an Eater! We worked for five hours that day before my family members looked at me with sympathy and went back home.

Tiredness had always made my appetite grow into a Skeith's appetite. And when I got home, I couldn't control myself and I threw my whole body into our honey comb and eat up all the honey that was in there! And that was three months of hard work of collecting the honey or a hundred thousand dollars worth of honey! But I can't control myself. Mum tried to get me off the honey comb to stop me from eating anymore, but I was practically stuck to it and sucked everything dry.

Daddy was furious. Mummy had given up hope on me. For a second, I thought my brothers would've grown a sting to sting me. And my sisters thought I was a pig ...

And before I knew it, I was abandoned in the Money Tree. It was a rainy night too ... And my three month old birthday ... Sigh, that was the worst night of my life. But my tummy tummy was full of honey and my family members actually had to ask three Beekadoodles to fly me to there ... Ooh, rubbing my fat tummy tummy feels good ...

And the next day went by, with many things taken from there and many more were thrown. And another day went by. And another. None of the things thrown were petpets ...

Until the fifth day was my lucky day! I woke up on the tree top, eating some left over spoilt honey from the floor when the sky suddenly turned dark. I looked up stupidly and realized that a Tyrannain Lupe was looking at me, blocking the sunlight. It was XzAlsatianzzX! I dropped the honey jar and gaped at it, scared that it would kill me. But then it smiled at me and asked the Money Tree how long I had been here. The Money Tree said five days. XzAlsatianzzX then grinned at me and carried me home.

Life couldn't be better with him! He gave me all sorts of plushies and all the honey in the world! And he loved me like there was no tomorrow, played with me everyday, hugged me till my eyes almost popped out. Sigh ... That's my little honey life!

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