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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Littlehorns
Owner: gracexoxo
Pet Name: Pouncer1000079
Breed: Drugal

About Littlehorns:
Taking Littlehorns the petpet that just loves contests for a walk that’s something you don’t want to do. Trust me…

Pouncer grabbed the leash with a determined look on her face and with a mighty shout yelped Littlehorns.

A tiny little fluff ball with bright gleaming yellow eyes rushed through Sash’s legs, jumped over Momo (Who was rolling on the floor) and with a great big thud landed on Snowhite. “Gotcha!” Shouted Snowhite.
But before she noticed that she only had a great big fluffy cushion clutched tightly in her arms Littlehorns was already bounding off towards Momo’s bedroom. Momo was frozen still after seeing a crazy green fluff ball diving over her head.

Pouncer went running into the bedroom. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a glimpse of Littlehorns big black round face. Pouncer pounced onto the bed with all her might to find nothing but her black chia plushie clenched beneath her powerful paws. Pouncer turned her head to her surprise she saw a bump in the bed moving around. She took another pounce but didn’t notice little horns fall out of the bed until she saw a little green fluff ball running out the door. Pouncer gave a great mighty roar and leaped out the doorway. She saw Littlehorns head out the door through her petpet flap into the neighbourhood.

Pouncer had a strange thought in her mind, why would Littlehorns be going outside? she hates it outside! Pouncer banged her giant powerful paw on her head and said in embarrassment, “Of course the contest I promised to take Littlehorns to! How could I be so silly. What!!! But that means that Littlehorns had to go for a walk to get to that contest and she didn’t even care. Eureka I have found it! If every week there’s a contest I can let Littlehorns go and I won’t have to take her for a walk!”

Pouncer ran out the door in excitement, jumping up and down the whole way as she ran down the road in delight not taking any notice of what she passed. She tripped on a stick, she stumbled on a rock and didn’t even hear her best friend Butterfly the Wocky call her! Sure enough when she got there, there was Littlehorns watching eagerly at the front of the crowd they were judging the Beauty Contest. Pouncer new that Littlehorns had always wanted to be in the Beauty Contest. Pouncer shouted out aloud, “Littlehorns!”
Littlehorns looked over in amazement to see Pouncer standing there with her arms out wide. Littlehorns leaped into Pouncers arms and purred contentedly.

When they got home everyone gave a cheer and was happy to see Littlehorns again. They all realised how much they really loved Littlehorns. Littlehorns gave a big yawn, stretched herself out in front of the fireplace, closed her eyes and heard Pouncer softly say, “It’s been a big long day for you Littlehorns.

From then on Littlehorns always loved her walks.

By Gracexoxo.

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