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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Skaran
Owner: mousiedragon
Pet Name: Wyvver
Breed: Pile of Soot

About Skaran:
To whom it may concern:

I am writing this in protest!! (that's right, I said writing. Although typing might be a little more accurate....but that is not the point) What? What was that look for?? Oh, I take it that you, like the rest of neopia, are completely unaware of the powers that a pile of soot wields. That doesn't surprise me, really. We will get into the power thing later. I am protesting!!

I recently checked out the petpet spotlights of the past and I did not like what I saw. Or, actually, didn't see. There were hardly any piles of soot featured. This is an outrage!! I can understand that we are very rare petpets, and that not a lot of pets ever get to own one of us. But that is no excuse (or at least not a very good one). That is why I am...typing...this letter of protest. I feel that it is my, no, my pleasure to inform the rest of neopia of what great petpets piles of soot make.

Take the photo of me above for instance. Did you know that piles of soot have telekenetic powers?? (that means we can move things with our minds) Didn't think so!! I am actually using my own personal dustpan and broom above (I am also using it to type this letter). Just moving it with my mind. I actually use them to manuever onto or up things. Like onto a couch or up the stairs. I also have the ability to generate a shield around myself. This comes in handy when someone leaves a window open, all it takes is a strong gust of wind to scatter me about the room (makes quite a mess otherwise). I have telepathy in my arsenal of mind powers, too. How else did you think we communicated with our owners?!? We don't have a mouth! Other petpets make sound to alert their owners of things needed or wanted...piles of soot communicate telepathically to do the same thing.

Now that I have familiarized you with what we can do, what do you think of owning one? Still skeptical?? Alright, let's look at this another way. Piles of soot don't eat much (or anything at all actually) mouth, remember? And you won't have to worry about an un-litterbox trained pile of soot ruining that very expensive rug that you just purchased (we won't get into details, but no mouth means no..... You get the idea). We don't have claws to sharpen on your favorite chair, or teeth to gnaw at the legs of your table. And except for that telepathy thing...we don't make a sound. Meaning no late night howling at the moon so you and your neighbors can sleep.

So I implore you to go out to the petpet lab ray and get your petpet zapped into a pile of soot. Not only will you get a hassle free petpet, but you will increase our numbers. Maybe then TNT will recognize the pile of soot more and create things just for us (like the rest of the petpets). We then might see more spotlights featuring us as well!! Thank-you for your time.

Pile of Soot

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