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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Omituinen
Owner: kalvaja
Pet Name: Dolgrim
Breed: Yooyu

About Omituinen:
"Wow, Dolg, you have a Yooyu! He must be great at Yooyuball. Let's play a round or two!"
You might think it's a nice thing to hear other pets say things like that. Well let me tell you the truth: it's incredibly annoying! And not just because I hate sports, it's because my petpet, Omituinen the Yooyu, doesn't play yooyuball. Now you must think I'm just kidding, right? Every Yooyu loves to play yooyuball, you say. That's not true and my petpet is a living proof of that. To avoid situations where pets are asking me and Omituinen to play yooyuball with them, I usually just say Omituinen doesn't know how to play yooyuball; he is too small for it. Sometimes pets believe it, sometimes they don't. And if they don't, I have to tell them the story of Omituinen and the truth behind the glorious curtain of the Altador cup.
It all begun in the recruiting centre. In there the judges were evaluating all Yooyus who were dreaming of becoming a yooyuball. It's a very honoured responsibility to become a yooyuball and every young Yooyu is dreaming about it. So did Omituinen. He grew amongst other Yooyus and they practiced they great mission every day. Only the biggest and strongest Yooyus are picked as a yooyuball and because Omituinen has always been quite small, older Yooyus made fun of him. But Omituinen didn't give up, even he knew he was smaller than others, he knew he also was quicker. The judges should appreciate a quality like that. So Omituinen kept practicing his strength and movement, he went to the stadium every day to watch all of the practice games and to admire those old and experienced Yooyus who moved so flexible in the hands of the players.
The Altador Cup was just a few weeks away and new Yooyus were recruited fast. So stand Omituinen in the line and waited his turn to be evaluated. He was full of excitement. Finally after two hours of waiting it was Omituinen's turn. One of the judges took Omituinen in his hand and said: "Too small. Disqualified. Neeeeext!" Before Omituinen could do anything, he was already pushed outside by other Yooyus who were too eager to be picked as a yooyuball that they didn't even notice him.
"But…but…I'm fast. You should see!" Omituinen thought in his mind but there was no one around who would have cared. He sight and started to walk away. Then an older and bigger Yooyu came pass him. "I said you were too small, didn't I?" he laughed and pushed Omituinen out of his way and walked straight to the stadium. (You did know that petpets could communicate with each other, didn't you?)
"A bully like that is chosen to be the great and honourable yooyuball?! That's so unfair! I hate yooyuball, I hate it!" Omituinen thought and started to run away. Tears dropped from his eyes but he tried to fight it. All of his dreams were destroyed by just a short moment; all of those hours of practicing were wasted… What could he do now? He was supposed to be the next great yooyuball of the century, the winner of the Altador Cup, admired by all pets and petpets. Now he was nothing. Just a useless Yooyu with no passion or meaning in his life. He just couldn't be a regular petpet. First of all, he didn't have an owner. Not all petpets are owned by someone. Some petpets wander through cities and try to find their meaning. Sooner or later most of them settle down somewhere and find an owner, though. But who would want a pitiful Yooyu who was too small to be a yooyuball and didn't know anything else either. Omituinen felt really miserable as he sat down to rest behind the stadium. He could still hear the voices of practice games, which were played in the stadium all the time. He started to cry.
This is the part when I, Dolgrim, met Omituinen the Yooyu. I was walking home with my sister Blaarae when we heard crying. Blaarae noticed a little brown petpet in the grass and went to him.
"What's the matter? Are you hurt? Let me take you with me, don't be scared." Blaarae whispered.
I was more suspicious: "Are you sure about this, Blaarae? You already have a petpet, you know."
Blaarae gave me an angry glance but then she smiled: "But you don't have one."
So we took the petpet home with us. He didn't resist in anyway, I guess he was just really tired and hungry. We fed Omituinen and let him rest. Time passed and the petpet, who I named Omituinen, became stronger. The Altador Cup had started; Omituinen heard that the finals were being played soon. He tried to ignore that and to concentrate to his steady and comfortable life as a petpet.
It was a sunny and warm morning when Omituinen woke up and heard some cheerful noises outside. He walked to the door and noticed that we were playing in the yard. Well, Blaarae and the others were playing, I just sat in a cool shadow *cough*. Omituinen smiled and Blaarae noticed him. She run to the Yooyu and took him in her arms.
"Do you want to play with us? We're playing this funny ball game everybody's talking about. But we don't really know the rules so it's kind of difficult. And we don't have a ball either…" Blaarae sighed. Omituinen knew immediately what she was talking about. Yooyuball! At first he was going to go back inside but then he saw Blaarae's warm smile and friendly eyes. Omituinen show us how to play yooyuball and he himself was the ball, of course. It was much fun and we had a wonderful afternoon. After the game everybody wanted to stroke Omituinen and praise him. He was our hero. Omituinen was pleased. He felt that all the sorrow and pain from the previous weeks was wiped away, he truly was a Yooyu again! At the same time at the stadium, Altador Cup finals were played. The dramatic match between Haunted Woods and Darigan Citadel was about to begin. One of those dramatic things was the disqualification of the yooyuball because it was too heavy and hard to move. If Omituinen had been in the stadium at that moment, he would have known that the Yooyu who was disqualified was actually the same Yooyu who always made fun of Omituinen. But Omituinen's day was already perfect. He was the hero of unofficial amateur Altador Cup! He smiled, as he knew that he was more than just a yooyuball, more than just a petpet. And so he could leave this part of his life behind.
This was the last time Omituinen played yooyuball. After this he has been happy to be just a regular petpet. You might think that is boring but think about your own petpet. Isn't he or she your most reliable friend after all? Your petpet is always there for you, silently walking behind you, making sure everything is okay. Many neopets think that they are the one who look after their petpets but my opinion is that our petpets look after us. When we feel sad, they are near, when we are happy, they share our joy and they stick by us no matter what. Or have you ever heard of a petpet who abandoned his owner? I haven't. To me Omituinen will never be "just a regular petpet". You don't have to ask why. Just think about it, how do I know so much about Omituinen's life before he came to us…? Omituinen really is a special case.
After trying to search for a meaning in his life Omituinen found the deepest meaning of all: caring for each other. He doesn't care about fame anymore or who won the Cup, he is perfectly happy as my best friend. What else could a neopet ask? Well, in this case, I could ask pets to stop asking me to play yooyuball with them! I said I hated sports! You ask why. That's *cough* erm… another story, a long one. Bye bye!

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