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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: squigglysquidly
Owner: kalis_coraven
Pet Name: Ringling_Thingling
Breed: Uniocto

About squigglysquidly:
Wow! It was really cold up here on the top of this mountain. So, I spent a few moments looking around before quickly heading for the nearest store. I walked in the door and stood off to the side for a moment letting the heat in the buiding warm me up.

"Hello! My name is Tarla. You must be here to pick a mystery item! Well you are in luck because I just stocked the store." said an ixi who seemed to pop out of nowhere. I looked around for a moment and realized that the shelves were stocked with hundreds of brown paper bags.

"What's in all of these?" I asked as I reached out to look inside a bag.

"Oh no you don't," Tarla said and took the bag away from me, "that's why they're called Mystery items. You have to pick one and pay for it before you know if it is worth it. That's the fun of it. They sell out rather quickly you know, and soon people will be popping in to see if I have stocked, so if you want to get the best choice, you should hurry up and pick now."

Wow, what a doozy of ascam this ixi is pulling I thought as I looked around the store. Then, in the corner of the room on a bottom shelf I noticed one of the bags squiggling around and rustling slightly. "Ok," I said, "so if I pick a bag and pay for it, I get whatever is inside right?"

"That's the point of the store, you get to keep the item, it may be worth it!" Tarla smiled but I thought I heard a muttering of "or not..."

"I'll take this one then," I said and strode over to the corner picking up the squiggling bag. Tarla took my neopoints and I opened the bag pulling out a tiny squeeking uniocto. It was adorable, and immediately grabbed onto my fur with it's little suction cups.

"See," Tarla said with a smile, "I told you you were lucky to have come in just now."

"Amazing," I said, giving my new petpet a loving pat on the head. "I thought you were just scamming junk at first, but this is great. I'll take another bag too, I think."

"No, no, no, you have to give everyone else a chance to buy things, but do come back another time and see if there is another mystery item you would like to buy."

Oh well, I thought, I already got a great deal and a sweet little petpet to take care of. I decided as I was leaving that I would name my new uniocto Squiglysquidly because if he hadn't squiggled, I probably wouldn't have bought the bag. "Squiggly," I told him as I wrapped my scarf around my neck and walked out the door, "I think Tarla was right, this is my lucky day.

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