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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Evanis
Owner: sailorsun546
Pet Name: Hotaru5100
Breed: Carmariller

About Evanis:

Name: Evanis
Species: Carmariller
Type: Faerie Petpet
Owner: Hotaru
Petpet Translation System activated:

Hi everybody! My name is Evanis, and that’s a picture Sailorsun546 drew of me. She’s me owners’ owner. Sounds funny, I know, but it’s true. Anyway, Sailor is an artist in training, so she draws us a lot. I’m so happy living with my owner, Hotaru, and all my Petpet friends. Fang the Spyder, Fire Claw the Noil, and Aquariea the Florta are my best friends in the whole world! I play with the other Petpets too, but not a lot of people know they’re there. You see, Sailor has a pack rat problem, and um.... she likes to keep everything she ever buys. So, I also get to play with a Feepit, a Baby Fireball, a Snow Bunny, A Snarhook, a Poppit, and a couple others. It’s a busy house, cuz we like to play ALOT! We have our own room called the Petpet Den. We’ve got bean bags, and springy toys, and wind up toys, and a scratching post, and lots of other fun things. Today, Sailor got a spooky looking window for our room, so it’s a lot brighter in here. That’s a good thing, cuz we kept running into stuff, and getting hurt. One stained glass window isn’t enough you know. There are two chairs in the Petpet Den too, so everyone can keep an eye on us.

We never ever get bored, but it would be so much more fun if we had some Petpetpets to play with. I’d like to have a Fleaf cuz it’s cute, and green. Hotaru told me, that Sailor said that she would buy some Petpetpets for us, as soon as she could. That won’t be for a while though, Fangs’ owner, Moonlight, hasn’t been painted yet, and we’re all saving up to turn her into a Fire Uni. By the way, Fire Claw is fire,... what am I saying? Of course she’s fire, that’s why Rocksan named her Fire Claw in the first place! Oh yeah, and Fang was painted Plushie a few days ago. She’s so happy, and soft too. Speaking of painting, I hope I can be green someday. It’s my favorite color, but it’s not available for Carmarillers yet. We can only be Darigan, but I don’t mind. I’ll be green someday, and when I am, I’m gonna go up to the very top of Terror Mountain, and scream “YES! I’M FINALLY GREEEENNNN!!!! AH HA HA!” so every single person and pet in Neopia will know, I’m a Green Carmariller. I don’t have a problem being yellow, but green just fits me better. La la la, I love green! Haha! I’m so happy right now! Must be the Petpetnip, but don’t tell anyone. Taru says I get too crazy, especially when I have sugar. I’m a fluttering Faerie Petpet, what do you expect from me? I flew to the Moon and back once! Everbody stared at me like I had Maraquan Grackle Bugs crawling out of my ears! Still, my friends will never leave me, and I've got a good home. I wanna stay here forever, with Taru and everybody else. Come visit us sometime, we can got to the Neopian Moon together! ‘Till next time, this is Evanis signing off, Bye! =D

Petpet Translating System deactivated:

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