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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Amiti
Owner: luna_velvet
Pet Name: Dreagan_Jinx
Breed: Plushie Mazzew

About Amiti:
Bathtime for Amiti or "You have NO idea how difficult this is!"

Dreagan stood in the doorway of the front room, leaning against it clutching her head and panting loudly.
Her brother Dante looked up from his book, Learning Kreludan and shook his head.
"Still can’t keep her under control Drea?" he asked, with a somewhat bemused smile plastered across his face.
Dreagan took a deep breath and straightened herself up.
"No Dante, I cant!" she exclaimed, then fell backwards as a small purple blur ran through her legs, making an excited whooping sound.
Dreagan growled as she propped herself up on her elbows.
"That thing is driving me insane! I just can’t seem to get her to take a bath, no matter how hard I try!"

Dante stood up and placed his book down on the coffee table, walked over and held out his hand to help Dreagan up off the floor.
"Well..." started Dante, just as the little purple blur seemed to stop right next to Dreagan and hold up its arms towards Dante.
"Awwww!" purred Dante as he bent down and picked up the little petpet, leaving Dreagan to struggle up off the floor by herself.
"Thanks for nothing bro!" she exclaimed, with a hint of aggravation in her voice, then noticed that Dante had hold of her little Mazzew.
"LOOK!" screamed Dreagan "She won’t stay still long enough for me! It’s no use at all!"

Dante rubbed the little Mazzew's belly as he walked out of the front room into the hallway.
"Grab the shampoo and follow me Drea, I've had an idea!" he said, with a slight glint of knowing in his eye.
Dreagan had no idea what her brother was up to, but did as she was told and followed him outside; clutching the bottle of Super Shiny Shampoo she had bought from the Grooming Parlour.
Dante reached the middle of the garden and placed Dreagan's little petpet down on the grass, told her sternly to stay and turned around and walked over to Dreagan, who stood staring at Amiti with a look of amazement on her face, she was actually doing as she was told!

"We are turning this into a game for her, it will make it much more fun!" said Dante as he unrolled the hosepipe that was coiled up by the side of the house.
He switched on the water and ran back towards Amiti screaming "WATER FIGHT!!!"
The little Mazzew started whooping excitedly again and ran around in circles as Dante soaked her with the water.
This sight pleased Dreagan so much, she went running on over and knelt down on the soggy grass and to her amazement, Amiti came running over to her as though to hide from Dante and his hosepipe.
Dreagan spied her chance and quickly popped the top off the shampoo bottle and scrubbed Amiti all over and she quickly turned into a mass of foam and bubbles.

Once she had done, Dreagan shouted over to Dante "I’m finished, time to rinse!" and Dante nodded his head and chased Amiti around the garden until the little Mazzew stopped, rubbed her eyes and yawned loudly.
As Dante wound up the hosepipe, Dreagan scooped up the tired little petpet in her arms and took her inside to dry her off.
"Thank goodness Dante knew what to do" she whispered to Amiti softly as she lay her down in her little pink basket, "but don’t expect a water fight every time you need a bath, you little tinker!" and she pressed Amiti on her little black nose which wrinkled up as she purred quietly, then Dreagan turned out the light and left the room as Amiti drifted off to sleep, smelling fresh and clean thanks to Dante's exciting bath time.

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