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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Trevor
Owner: _rubeusbeaky_
Pet Name: Neville___Longbottem
Breed: Uggatrip

About Trevor:

Reporter: ROO ISLAND WINS! Unbelievable folks, I’m here at the first round of the Altador Cup tournament, and tonight has just held a plethora of surprises. To think, the cup host, Altador, was shut down in only the first round by Krawk Island. Meanwhile- and nobody saw this coming folks- the small province of Roo Island- and I mean we’re talking the smallest of the small- hasn’t lost a match yet! Seems like it’s a night for small guys everywhere, and that’s no exception here at the stadium. Why look at this little fella, look at this uggatrip- decked out in his Roo Island Supporter’s finest! What’s your name little guy?
Trevor: Trarr-
Neville: He means Trevor, sir, Trevor, sorry, he’s native Tyrannian, doesn’t speak English so well-
Reporter: You’re this petpet’s owner?
Neville: Ha- well why yes sir, I am, haha. Are those- are those cameras on? Can I say Hi to-
Reporter: Your petpet seems quite the spoiled little fan tonight. Not many petpets get to come to the games. And would you look at all these neopoints, get a shot of those! What’s the occasion, celebrating a PPL Award?
Neville: Ha- well no, no- gosh I hope Auggie isn’t watching this- Trevor and I you see, we had a bet going on the match- My name’s Neville, want me to spell that?-
Reporter: A bet eh? Bet you I can guess who his money was on- HA HA HA!
Trevor: Roo Roo Roo.
Neville: It’s actually a funny story behind all this.
Reporter: Behind why you chose to support Roo Island, Trevor?
Trevor: Uggadog!
Neville: Underdog, he means. Yeah see, Trevor here has always been sort of an underdog himself. I mean, no uggatrips got to battle for Meridell, or stop Cursed Jazan. When was the last time an uggatrip made it into the Gallery of Heroes, huh? Or, an uggatrip had a statue made of him and put in the Altador Hall of Heroes? Never-
Trevor: Wheegugga trarr Petpet Batrrrr ugg.
Neville: Right, best an uggatrip can ever hope for is to win a Petpet Spotlight or Petpet Battledome- which you know, I’m convinced that thing is rigged, I mean we had that turdle right where we-
Reporter: So what attracted you to Roo Island then, Trevor? Seems like you should have shown some uggatrip spirit and rooted for Tyrannia!
Neville: Well I, naturally, had to root for Tyrannia. I mean, one, I’m a native Tyrannian myself- one of the original brothers of Grarr Grarr Ugga, GO GO GO! VOL- CAN-OES!- haha, but uh, but two, - wow I REALLY hope Auggie isn’t watching this- but that Loryche? Oh boy, is she ever an inspiration to chombies everywhere, you know what I’m saying? That girl can moooove- Ahem, I’m sure it’ll come as a shock to you, sir, when I say that there are no chombies in the Gallery of Heroes either; I had to show my chomby pride. Chombies have always gotten the short end of the popularity stick too -
Rosie: Pssh, you want to talk short sticks? Let’s talk draiks. Came over here in between the first and second Meridell-Darigan wars-
Neville: This is my daughter, Rosie, get a good shot of her huh? Look at her, she has my eyes-
Rosie: Are fleeing for their lives because of the conflict, finally a stable government gets established and NEITHER LEADER is a draik! Meridell, Darigan, even Brightvale, nobody else has a draik on THEIR team! My poor sweetheart, never to be fully appreciated! People say he’s not fast enough, but I think he’s the best defender in all Neop-
Neville: Rosie is a BIG fan of Cawley Embith-
Reporter: Oh I see, an Altador fan! I was wondering about that poster you’re holding. You must have been pretty bummed when Altador lost to Krawk Island-
Rosie: Pretty bummed? PRETTY BUMMED? It’s an outrage, I demand a recount, Cawleywally totally had that last save before the buzzer- Oh my gosh. Did I just say Cawleywally on TV? You can edit that out right? Oh gosh, I’m so embarrassed!
Reporter: So you were cheering for Tyrannia, your daughter was for Altador, but what about Trevor here?
Trevor: Lllllroo Briiiroarr.
Nevile: What he said. Lilo Blumario. Trevor saw that little Lilo, in his funny tassels and bells, get up and fight so courageously for the little guys. It made Trevor proud to be little, for the first time in his life.
Trevor: Gneprrr grarr.
Neville: I didn’t think Trevor’s intuition was right on this one. I mean surely someone as small as Lilo wouldn’t stand a chance against someone as big as Loryche. So Trevor told me to put my money where my mouth is, and we all bet on the game. What you see there are his winnings.
Reporter: Wow, good for you little guy! So Trevor, what are you going to buy with all those neopoints?
Trevor: Painnnnntgrop roar.
Neville: A Yellow Petpet Paintbrush, sir. He wants to be colored yellow just like Lilo.
Rosie: YELLOW! Waaaah, my poor Cawleywally is yellow too! CAWLEY, I LOVE YOU!!!-
Reporter: Well there you have it sports fans; proof positive today that there is always hope for the “uggadog”.

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