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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Nugget
Owner: staarbux
Pet Name: Zopher
Breed: Plushie Snarhook

About Nugget:
Hi. I’m Zopher and I’m here to talk about Nugget my petpet. He’s a plushie Snarhoo…


Ugh be quiet. I told you that I would stop this if you didn’t keep quiet. I don’t even really want to do it in the first place and if you keep interrupting I’ll tell them all about the incident with the petpet lab…Going to be quiet? Good. Anyway like I was saying, Nugget is a plushie Snarhook and all he does all day, every day is pester me. Sometimes it’s for food, sometimes to play and other times because he just doesn’t have anything better to do. In fact, most of the time it’s the latter. You might wonder then why I even bother to keep around a whining, attention seeking petpet in the first place. I ask myself that same question pretty much every day.

See when I was just a young Kiko I didn’t really want a petpet. The idea of looking after something just didn’t really appeal to me but one day as I was wandering through the Haunted Woods I heard something crying from behind a black distorted bush. At first I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it sooner – his yellow and green colouring kind of contrasted with the blackness of the ground. He had his head up in the air, nose quivering and was bawling at the top of his lungs. I was tempted to continue past him but as I turned around to go the other way I saw a giant teardrop falling from his eye. I moved closer and as I crept towards him, he stopped crying and began to smile. That was until he and I both heard that throaty cackle in the distance and the voice of an infamous green Zafara.

“Come back little Snarhook. How am I ever going to make my Glowing Amulet of Jetsam Transforming without my number one ingredient?”

Edna. Not a very nice Zafara; even by my standards. The little Snarhook was too scared to run and just kept shuffling back and forward behind the rock, hoping to keep himself hidden. He stopped crying, almost as if he was worried it would give himself away, and just began to sniffle to himself pathetically. Even then I was pretty tempted to just leave him, I mean Edna wasn’t particularly pleasant, but then who is in the Haunted Woods? Apparently the little petpet could read my mind because at that point he jumped right up from behind his rock and hid under me. At that moment I smelled something bad. Something really rotten. Just as I was about to spin around and walk away, the witch herself appeared right in front of my nose with an evil smile on her grubby face.

“Going somewhere?”

I didn’t even bother to answer her but just nodded and began to wander in the opposite direction with the little Snarhook trailing under me – trying desperately to hide. Apparently this answer wasn’t good enough for Edna because she disappeared from behind me and appeared right at my nose in a puff of mouldy smelling green smoke.

“I think you have something that belongs to me…”

I told her I had no idea what she was talking about, but it was obvious she didn’t believe me. Her smile grew wider and she pressed her nose up against mine.

“Maybe we can make a little exchange. What do you have in your pockets?”

My face fell when I heard her say that because both she and I knew that I had only one item in my pocket: my coveted Darkest Faerie Plushie. Worth slightly more than a snivelling plushie Snarhook, depending on how you look at it. If I’m being honest I didn’t even really think about saying no. I’m mean, but not quite that mean. She kept right on smiling as I fumbled around and grudgingly handed her the plushie. Without so much as a thank you she puffed away in a cloud of hazy smoke and the petpet and myself were left in the middle of the woods, alone. He peeked out from under me and smiled thankfully. I didn’t bother to say anything but instead kept going in the opposite direction with the little Snarhook following behind me as fast as his little legs would carry him. And I couldn’t exactly turn him away now could I?

After all, I paid top price for the little rascal.

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